Do Trump supporters actually believe Donald is a good person?

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My answer to Do Trump supporters actually believe Donald is a good person?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Donald Trump cared enough about all the people of America to put himself through ‘Presidential Campaign Hell’. That makes him a good man.

Trump is a business man not a Politician. He will never be a Politician – he cannot stand them. Trump will always want a win win – that means he will be prepared to shove aside the Washington Hawks who only have one solution to the Middle East – power at any cost.

Does this make him a good man? Anybody who brings an end to the use of civilians as cannon fooder is a good man and I believe that Trump will try to do that.

Clinton who is a Hawk never once considered that a prolonged civil war would cause a significant loss of live to children, women and men.

One of Clinton’s leaked emails states “the best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.”

Clinton Email: We Must Destroy Syria For Israel

Leaked Hillary Clinton emails show U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar supported ISIS

There is a difference between bringing a conflcit to an end purely for the purposes of saving civilians lives and that of prolonging a conflict to gain strategic superiority.

Clinton has displayed a complete lack of judgment when considering the long-term implications of military and financial intervention.

Trump I believe will consider all sides in a conflcit and seek to stop any war so that children, woman and men can no longer be killed, butchered and live in fear.

I believe Donald Trump views the current situation in the Middle East as one that has been a terrible loss of life – for everybody.

I also have listened to his wife Melaine. She is sincere and honest. Melaine would not be his partner if he was a bad man.

Donald Trump wants to rid Washington of the swamp of corruption and false ideals it has become. That also makes him a good man.

Why else am I able to think he is a good man? Because Donald Trump will not close the door to new ideas. That is his business – new ideas. His door will always be open to new ideas.

Whereas in nine years of writing both Hillary Clinton and Obama have ignored every communication I have sent to Washington with new ideas for World Peace. My ideas on World Peace will save lives.

Good luck Donald I hope you make it. The World needs change.

Do Trump supporters actually believe Donald is a good person?

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