What are some of the best food truck items you’ve eaten?

My answer to What are some of the best food truck items you've eaten?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Pies. At Matilda’s in Sydney, where I was the General Manager, we used to buy in up to 4000~ pies a day. But in order to differentiate from our competitors I decided we should make our own premium pie.

Pies are a favorite food in Australia, and in many other parts of the world, particularly at morning tea.

Making them is not without its problems as I found out. The Cook and his moods being a major element.

However we did well. The margins are good and our customers did not mind paying for a premium product. We even had a Roast dinner pie with roast potatoes and roast beef.

My advise is to view such products as ‘margin plus’ products that enhance but do not replace your base products.

Waste is always a problem on Food Trucks as you have to have choice for the last call. Premium products should be on a ‘made to order’ basis or the waste cost will be too high.

What are some of the best food truck items you've eaten?

Author: Desmond Last

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