What company is the best manufacturer of power boats?

My answer to What company is the best manufacturer of power boats?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I spent 5 days in the manufacturing plant. I was allowed access to everywhere. You could have eaten your dinner from the factory floor. I know engineering and theirs is the best. If you want power, style, reliability and above all superb handling then this is a boat you must put on your wish list.

I was the owner and boat broker of Sydney Boat Sales on Sydney harbor for 12 years. I sold new Cranchi Power Boats. I also sold used Yachts and Powerboats.

This is why I have nominated the Cranchi as my choice,

Whenever I sold a used Cranchi the survey had very few defects.

The bilge in the engine room was always dry.

There was never any osmosis. The hull is stiffend with carbon-fiber.

The hatches never leaked.

There were very very few stress cracks in the gel-coat ie the outside of the boat.

The controls and electrics always worked except for poor maintenance.

Cranchi’s handle better than any power boat I have ever driven, particularly at speed.

You can take them to sea with confidence.

Cranchi are an Italian boat owned by the same family who began making then in 1870.

They are very passionate about their Cranchi’s.

The daughters of the family are the fashion experts. Interior design is very Italian and contemporary.

Spare parts are easy to get and they make a range of boats for everybody.

They are well worth a look.

Used values are good but do not pay over the odds. They are not the cheapest but if you have the money they are very good value. There is always a good demand for them.

The golden rule with Cranchi and money is to buy right. The higher new boat price is not 100 per cent pro-rata in the used market. It will very much depend on condition.

I would compare the used Cranchi to the benchmark boat which is the Sea Ray plus 15–20 per cent.

If you are going to buy a used boat use the Sea Ray as your bench-mark. They are well-made and there are plenty of them. It enables you to get a handle on used boat prices.

Extreme Number One Golden Rule. Never ever, even if Hell freezes over, buy a used boat without an out of water survey by a qualified marine surveyor, and include an engine inspection.

Cantiere Nautico – Cranchi

What company is the best manufacturer of power boats?


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