The U.S.A Intelligence Community Worldwide Threat Assessment-My assessment and Critique with valid comments and alternative perspective.

This is my contribution to the effort to maintain the security safety of the United States of America because the USA warts and all is vital to a democratic and free World. I am not an expert on this subject but I do not need to be. In fact being an expert can sometimes blind you to alternative and plausible realities that either do exist or will exist. I write this is in the spirit of all those who seek a better World through a ‘Just and humane effort. Note: I can only theorise as I have no connection with any Government(s) or Organisation(s).

My previous summaries have been the

On January 29, 2019 Daniel R Coates Director of U.S National Intelligence submitted to Senate Select Committee on Intelligence the WORLDWIDE THREAT ASSESSMENT of the US INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY

My Perspective of the WorldWide Threat Assessment.

I unlike Mr Coates am not an expert but I believe that this Perspective warrants thoughtful consideration by those who seek to ensure our World remains one which we can all enjoy. I acknowledge the courageous efforts of those who remain unmentioned in order to keep us all safe.

I could as I have done with my 2 previous perspective comparisons on American Security gone through each paragraph and highlight what I see as areas that need more consideration or have missed a vital point. I think it would be better if I just explained why I offer an addition to the assessment of Mr Coates.

What is of importance is not what Mr Coates the Director of U.S National Intelligence has written but that which he has not. Mr Coates has not referenced the term ‘ third party threat’ and its relevance to Government and Corporate accountability. Nor does he use the term ‘the accelerating rate of acceleration to the square’ in relation to climate change. He also in my opinion underates the rapid rate of quasi-military biotechnology development that began at least in 1939-1945 and possibly before and which is now I believe to be in ‘real world’ application.

Mr Coates has not highlighted the changes to military availability that Climate Change will bring.

Finally Mr Coates has not discussed the real threat of a ‘Global grab for Power’ by a well-organised and logistically covert military organisation with a potential for it to be in part ‘the enemy within’.

Mr Coates has produced a very good summary of an existing World. However it is the existing World which is masking what I perceive to be a major threat to the US and paradoxically also to Russia and China.

My Perspective.

Intelligence compromises of real and forecasted information and historical data as a datum line. Yet ‘sets’ of intelligence information in isolation cannot be used to understand why certain ‘sets of actions’ will take place such as ‘Why is x going to gain support and cause extremism from previously moderate ‘sideliners’.

I say that Philosophy is the dynamic conversion of non-systemic thought to a systemic thought. This then provides the ‘conduit’ for the process of an emergent ideology and a consequential ‘set of actions’ . Intelligence Agencies cannot ignore Philosophy if they are to counter the National Security threat of criminal/terrorist actions.

It was the thought of Sayyid Qutb that was hijacked by Osama bin Laden’ to give Al Qaeda its ideology.

I have written that ISIS have hijacked the Word of God. ISIS murderous doctrine must be met with the power of a thought which provides a World in which we can all live with each other by freedom of choice and not by a deliberate isolation of God’s will. I am highly critical of Western Security Agencies & Governments who have never provided any encouragement or support for my own writings – a New Perspective of the Word of God. In fact the opposite has been done – every effort has been made to prevent me writing. This in itself is a Security failure as force alone will not defeat terrorism. However the CIA and MI5/6 are the experts? Therefore, I will continue to comment from the sidelines.

Where is the World going? Who is steering and who is following. Most importantly why are they steering and why are they following? Can there be one philosophy guiding the World? Yes if it intends to be a dominant ideology.

I shall come back to the ‘steering and following’ after I have described the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the direction the World is heading.

Many of the threats recorded in the submission to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence are historically driven, set in stone and as pointed out continue to escalate in threat level.

What I hope to indicate is that there are several new and emerging threats that when linked to existing threats have the potential to ‘tip the world’ off its precarious peace axis and into Global conflict. A conflict that may see the U.S.A., the U.K, Russia and China as combined targets rather than individual adversaries to each other.

Third Party Government, Biotechnology, Chemical weapons and Chemical Warfare, Weapons in Space ( I add Nuclear Weapons in Space), Cyber Control, Mainstream Media manipulation and deliberate censorship, Climate Change, stage-managed conflicts and ‘key persons loyalty changes’. These are the ‘nuts and bolts’ I referred to earlier.

Third Party Government is not a very often used term. However, it is a state within Government that undermines the executive ability to implement the or a democratic mandate and in many cases it pre-determines that mandate. How does it work?

Third Party Government. In their haste to balance the books Governments have contracted out everything including the kitchen sink and borrowed billions to pay the ever-increasing costs of the contractors. What does this mean for the security of the United States. It means that it is very difficult to a) control how the money is spent and b) know where it is spent and what on.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military. It employs 220 personal and has a budget of $3.427 billion for 2019. It has ‘Third Party’ the majority of its research work. To who? Vetted by? Monitored by whom? Security Clearance given to who? Highly Classified Information kept on secure servers and checked when? Communications encrypted and checked when? Then after DARPA has contracted out, the contractor contracts out again and so on. This is ‘Third Party 2019’. The potential for ‘leakage’ exists whilst highly classified research work is contracted out to organisations and persons that have not been annually positively vetted. This represents a Security risk to the United States. This is only part of my concern.

The internal dynamics of modern Government, particularly within Western Governments, have created an isolation from those they should be seeking to serve. Government is surrounded by those who seek Government to serve their vested interests. At the International level where there is the least democracy in fact almost none at all ‘the vested interest’ thrives on is multiplicity and connectivity. Therefore, ‘Third Party’ at the International level is a concern. The level of Third Party is of particular concern when it is advising Governments and being given access to strategic and classified Agencies within Governments including Defence and the Military. Why do I say that? If you advise you must know and to know you must research and to research you must have access.

Therefore, who has been given access to United States Highly classified Information and Sites on in the basis that they are conducting research in order to advise the United States Government?

Third Party Government is also of concern with regard to Aid Budgets. Why is this a threat to the security of the United States? Is the money being spent on genuine Aid or military equipment which may be used against the United States? An example of this is the Obama administration spending $45 million dollars on a $500,000 gas station in Afghanistan. The spending is disputed but nobody can disagree that the U.S has spent billions on Afghanistan Aid yet millions of Afghans still live in absolute poverty. So where has all the money been spent? Every U.S cent of Aid and research has to accounted for. If not are those monies to be considered a potential threat to the security of the United States? Aid should be used to pay for products and services by the U.S Government in the U.S. No monies should be handed to any Government. Why is this important? If the U.S were more careful with the control of its overseas budgets then there would be less corruption and more democracy. Corruption threatens the security of the United States because those who can be corrupted by money have no allegiance to anybody – ie the current situation in Iraq.

At the International Level which as I have already stated ‘has no democracy’ persons are put into positions of responsibility with huge budgets and influence the direction the world is taking by using those budgets to change Government and Business policies. A good example is the Climate Change Fund. Who is auditing where every cent of the Fund is being spent? Why is this a potential threat to the security of the United States because a) that money can be used to influence anti-US policies and b) it can also be used to arm a military force who can be used against the U.S.

Improbable? Possibly, until however certain other factors are considered. Is Third Party Government in the U.S so embedded that is actually controlling what the Government is doing? President Trump is the Executive in Charge but who is controlling the mechanics of Government? Who is being hired? By whom? Which research groups are acting in their own interest rather than that of the United States? Are Federal Funds being misdirected to act against the United States? I shall move on.

You read earlier in this discussion that I consider the treat to the US to be a combination of Third Party Government, Biotechnology, Chemical weapons and Chemical Warfare, Weapons in Space ( I add Nuclear Weapons in Space), Cyber Control, Mainstream Media manipulation and deliberate censorship, Climate Change, stage-managed conflicts and ‘key persons loyalty changes’. The threat is I believe to be ‘platformed’ by ‘third party Government. You can read about the biotechnology threat in a previous discussion I have written. The Security concern of Climate Change is discussed in my Trojan Horse Theory.

I could continue but there is little point. For whatever reason the Media will not report my writings and the Security Services obviously ‘know it all’ and do not need my insight into US and World Security. Let us hope they are right and I am wrong.

Desmond Last 10 December 2019

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