Theresa May’s White Paper on Brexit – Alice in Wonderland.

Prime Minister Theresa May and the UKGOV have produced their ‘vision’ for the U.K and its economic relationship with the E.U post Brexit  which begins on the 29 March 2019 at 11 pm.



Theresa May has proven herself to have the hide of an alligator and the tenacity of a British Bulldog. Although May is not my favourite PM she has my reluctant admiration for making the best out of the worst situation any P.M since Sir Winston Churchill has had to face. However no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you want something to work, well sometimes you just have to walk away.

Theresa May could make a success out of the result of the vote. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister has an Achilles Heel; it is that she has a tendency to surround herself with Yes Minister sycophants who do not have the most inspiring of intellects but have it would appear the most mediocre of advice – which is perhaps to the P.M’s liking.

The Prime Minister should take the result of the Vote as a statement of Independence not a wish to commit economic suicide, understand that most people did not have a clue of what was involved in leaving the EU and the cost of doing so, hold a second referendum which will result in a ‘Stay in the E.U’.and then go back to the E.U. with the mandate to reform the E.U with those in other E.U Countries who also want reform.

Brexit is one of those such situations you have to walk away from. The White Paper produced by the UKGOV is the best advertisement for staying in the E.U that I have ever read.

It is a marvellous document for understanding how deeply entwined the UK is with the EU and that is what Theresa May has to own up to and be honest about. The Brexit vote was not an objectively informed choice – it was the result of a hurried mass of fudge, outright lies and selfish political aspiration. Cameron did not really understand the complexity of the EU and he certainly underestimated the character of the British People.

We all now know so much more about Brexit. The information before and after Brexit is chalk and cheese. I voted out so we could hold an Ace and renegotiate the E.U – instead the UK is about to commit economic suicide. I describe it like this: I can take my truckload of U.K manufactured radiators  to 27 E.U Countries and sell everyone of them. How the bloody hell am I going to get them to Mexico, Asia, Canada and Australia and why would they want radiators?

The White Paper is the outline of a Trade Agreement on the basis of all agreed goods being subject to a common rule book within a Free Trade Zone…. and that is where the EU will say – if you want a Trade Agreement then the best you will get is what Norway have otherwise stay in the E.U.

Unfortunately the UK needs the EU more than the EU needs the UK. The UK is only the fifth largest (May’s favourite phrase) in terms of GDP – turnover and the majority of it from the service industry. Even if the UK increased tariffs on EU imports the UK would still have to buy them – it will only be the UK people who will suffer.

As for all those trade agreements around the World Boris Johnson keeps talking about; well a trade agreement works 2 ways. The UK will be swamped by cheap imports which will be devastating for what is left of UK manufacturing.

The UK Car Industry? There will not be one if the U.K leave the E.U. The cost of compliance both in time and additional documentation and sourcing from inside the E.U back to the U.K will be just too much for an Industry that saves a cent to make a million dollars. I have worked in Type Approval Homologation and Legislation for Renault Trucks at Dunstable in the U.K  The paperwork involved in a single technical change is enormous. To then have do that from outside of the E.U will compound what is already  a lengthy certification process for car manufactures. It will also jeopardise voting rights on the all-important technical committees not just in the car industry but in all the industry sectors that export and import to and from the E.U.

The people of the UK stood up for Independence and sovereignty but were let down by a Government and Opposition who sadly ‘do not have a clue’.

Stay in the E.U and renegotiate the U.K terms of trade and put a cap on free movement is my advice. But good luck either way U.K.

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