The Trojan Horse Climate Change Theory ignored by the CIA. Why?

12 Years ago I began writing about Climate Change. In those somewhat personally eventful years  My Story  I have not read, seen or heard a single warning by any Government, Scientist, NASA personnel , United Nations Climate Change Group(s), research group or Media about Climate Change that I have not already written about.

Even today (10.8.19) the warnings given by the Science Community do not reflect the true accelerating rate of change to our Climate. I believe the rate of acceleration is squared ie it is the rate of acceleration that is causing the rate of acceleration and not predominantly carbon emissions – we have passed that accelerator.

Despite writing to Government and Media about the effects of Climate Change I have never even received an acknowledgement – except one. It was from the White House signed by President Trump who I actively supported in the 2016 Presidential Campaign and will do so again in 2020. 

This makes the fact that the CIA have never acknowledged my warnings somewhat bemusing.

What is also of concern is that my theory which I call the ‘Climate Change Trojan Horse Theory’ and is a potential threat to  U.S.A, Europe, Russia and China’s Global Security does appear to be of any interest to any of the Security or Military Services.

There is nothing wrong with my Mental Health and therefore my theory is in my opinion one of logic and reason.

If it is obvious to me that Climate Change has the potential to be used as a weapon by a force hostile to the established world order and in particular to the fragile peace of the United States of America, Russia and China, then it should also be  obvious to the CIA and other Security Agencies and Military Command.

But no it is not. They do not appear to show the slightest concern about the potential for Climate Change to be used as a weapon. So busy are they with the established and well-tried opposing ideologies of other Nations and Terrorist Groups they appear to have missed the potential for the possible formation of the greatest threat in the history of mankind to the World Peace that currently exists.

Of course I could be wrong.  I hope I am wrong. The consequences of what I believe will happen are too terrible to contemplate. Time will tell. Unfortunately if I am correct than time is not on our side.

What is the threat and how could a force who wish to oppose and replace the existing World Order use Climate Change to disguise their Operation(s)? Hence the use of the term Trojan Horse.

I could write of what I believe the development  of the ‘Climate Change Trojan Horse’ and how it is that its development has been planned and executed over a long period of time.

But to do so may have an adverse effect on  a particular and possibly threatening timeline. Therefore, I will contain the subject explanation to a summary of what it is I believe that the CIA et al have not been aware of or have been misdirected by other areas of security concern.

We all know our Planet is getting warmer. There can be no disagreement about that fact.

What if a well-trained and embedded force hostile to the established World Order were to use Climate Change as a weapon? What would be the possible scenarios and would the United States of America, China and Russia be able to withstand such a force using Climate Change as a Weapon?

The obvious question to my Theory is how is it possible for Climate Change to be harnessed as a weapon? Surely Climate Change is uncontrollable, cannot be directed and targeted on say New York or Moscow. How could Climate Change be used as a weapon to defeat the Military might of China?

We can begin by all agreeing that Climate Change is a source of energy and of such a magnitude that if used as a weapon and directed at say New York it would destroy the entire City.

It is possible to direct and intensify the weather and when that weather becomes a Climate Disaster than any direction given to its force can be described as ‘an available weapon’.

That’s it then.  Obviously there is a lot more. However, seeing as the CIA is not interested, nor GCHQ or the Russian Chinese and American Military  then it must not be worth telling the World of the probable dangers ahead to the current World Order. The CIA obviously know it all.

Remember when it all goes pear-shaped – I tried to warn the World but the CIA were not interested.

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