The Music of Desmond Last

My music is Copyright Protected. If you would like to use it you will have to contact me with details etc at

I write Original Philosophy, Systems and Music for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer at Liverpool Hospital, Sydney

You can play and download my Music from SpotifyITunesApple Music , YouTubeAmazon Music and other major platforms. It is all original music. Copyright registered. Commercial use royalties to me Desmond Last only do apply.

I have no political affiliations. I am not associated with any person, group or groups commercial or non-commercial with the exception of TuneCore who have the non-exclusive distribution rights to the copyright music I assign to them. TuneCore distribute to SpotifyITunesApple Music , YouTubeAmazon Music and other major music platforms. I also promote through Facebook and Google Ads. I can be contacted via Distrokid, Tunecore or at or You cannot use my music without my written consent.

Me Desmond Last at work Liverpool Hospital Sydney as a Security Officer
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