The Majesty of The Lion Desmond Last

The Music is my original and copyright production to highlight the probable extinction of Lions by 2050. There are only 20,000 Lions left in the World.

What can we do?

  • Campaign for military protection of Lions.
  • Boycott the exports of goods and services from any Country which allows Lions to be hunted and does not have active actions in place to stop the poaching of Lions
  • Do not go on holiday to any Country which does not have a practical and workable policy to prevent Lions from becoming extinct.
  • Do not vote for any political party which does not have a Policy to prevent the Lions from extinction.
  • Our Planet is under threat. Unless we take positive actions to prevent the consequences of policies which do not mitigate that threat not just to Lions but to all creatures great and small and ourselves we will not have a sustainable environment to live in.

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