Principle and Integrity.

He clenched his fists and shut tight his mouth. That way he would not scream in pain or shout loud unheard protests.

This is a Story of how one day the Old World will end and the New World will begin.

The words that follow have no ending. It is a work of fiction. You must decide if it has the potential to be a reality or perhaps it already is.  I write in the past present and future tense for the Evil that these words seeks to unveil to the World is clouded in a fog of Government and Corporate deceit and deception. Do have implicit trust in your Government?

Introduction. There will be no Peace without Justice. For the people of the World to co-exist there has to be a non-discriminatory transparent and accountable system of law. We do not have that – anywhere. The Law must be available to all men, women and children. Its effectiveness must not rely on your ability to pay nor should it depend on who is the judge and/or Jury.  There are millions of People in the World who do not have the ability or capability to access the Justice they deserve and should as a right be entitled to. Such is the disregard for the law as it applies to the Individual by our Governments that even in so-called democratic Nations the law it is used as a tool to subjugate the Citizen. Government’s can bomb people out of existence and face no legal consequences. Citizens who seek redress against a Government must have almost infinite resources to do so. That is why Peace is still a distant hope for our World. For Justice to serve the People and by doing so be part of the World Peace Process then the People must be able to access it as a right with no conditions as to its availability.

Just so you know……He slammed the desk and roared into the phone. “Let me get this straight Mr Prime Minister. You have never met him, spoken to him, written to him or god damn it ever had anything to do with him”…. Yes but Mr President………”Listen to me and for once answer the god damn question. This man who you have allowed to be almost killed and blinded has never met these filth you support and nobody is paying you any money. Do you understand. Do you want me to send the entire United States Marine Corps to your door or are you going to end this evil madness. What the heck are you people over there? Now tell me where are all the Americans that these evil vermin seconded. Have you got them all safe and sound?………………………..

It was three o’clock in the morning. He was choking, he could not breathe, he struggled to find air. Finally coughing and gasping he found life. He was still alive. Would people know he wondered? Would they know that those who tried to kill him were known to his Government. The Court of the International Court of Justice read these words and felt the anger he lived with, the disgust he too felt. They intended to show the World that there is the ‘right to life’. They looked at the ex-Prime Minister – a look of disgust and anger such has never been seen in a Court of Law………………………………

He clenched his fists and shut tight his mouth. He would not become a victim. He fought them as he always had and would.  He would not scream in pain or shout loud unheard protests.  The daily almost non-stop pain was invisible it could not be seen. It was an energy so severe in its amplitude that it almost made him stagger to his knees. One day he would confront those in authority who allowed his daily torture. He is a man of Principle and they have failed in their duty both legal and moral to ensure that his right to be a human being was provided with no hindrance or obstruction. He would not die because of their efforts – God sought him for this final battle of Good against all the Evil that beats as a twisted deformed serpent deep in the faltering heart of mankind.

The CIA agent – a reluctant heroine knew of him. She did not understand the importance and looming urgency of accompanying him to Washington to brief the Joint Chiefs of Staff on matters relating to the Security of the United States of America, Russia and China.  For if she did then I would not have to write this for him and you would not be reading it. The pain she could not imagine. For the pain she had experienced was from a known source. She could and did deny it an existence. He would have to wait for his opportunity to provide that denial. There was no time to ponder events only an urgency to master. Her briefing had been precise in its ambiguity for then it had only been the persistence of one man who had attracted the attention of the highest Office. She had left the Oval Office with a renewed sense of duty – for that is what her President inspired in those who served the Nation. “Find out if its all true” the President had said to her.

She had to be sure of the extent of the Evil – these ‘Other World’s’. The ‘Organisation’ had created Worlds in which they alone ruled and they co-existed with the existing world. A Social Experiment and Research Group that had conned the World into believing it was for the common good when in fact it was for selfish gain and depravities satisfaction. It gave Government consul. It penetrated International Organisations and Business.  It demanded loyalty but gave none. It sought obedience and extinguished oppisation. It made buying decisions for multinationals. People were told what and where to buy, where to eat. It directed traffic and organised gang stalking on an International  Level. It gave employment and it decided who business would employ. It has infiltrated the Military and Security Services. It has absolute control over the Media. It has hacked computer systems all over the World and sought to control the Internet. It has accessed bank accounts and has perpetrated fraud in its billions of dollars. It controls International Aid donations. It is so myriad in its deception that it no longer knows to whom it answers. It used biotechnology as its weapon. An interconnectedness of thought that sought to control and reveal. It has built energy amplitude as a control system. Whole communities brought to their knees in subjugation. It answers to nobody and provides for none. It is a magnet for every Evil attachment in the World. It offers sanctuary to the terrorist, safe haven for the criminal and power for those who seek it to exploit the defenseless.  You the People are part of it and you the People pay for it. Behind it are those you will never meet. They do not want you. They want your World.

But he knew. He knew that in the room they watched and waited. They had waited a long time. Soon their destiny would be satisfied. She had to know that everything was planned for. Except this. They read his words. A momentary thread of apprehension ran through their room. A missile was launched.

She had a moment of confusion. Who is who in this jungle of deception? It does not matter he said. They do not matter. They are not relevant. All they are is a collection of the lazy, the selfish, the greedy and the Evil. It is those in the room in a far-off deep place watching that you want. But for that to come first we must prepare. They are already prepared. They have spent a century more preparing. Another missile was launched. They blamed the sudden destruction of the house on a gas explosion. The whole family were killed.

The ‘Organisation’ had an abundance of playgrounds for those who would smile in sick disgusting Evil satisfaction as a child was brutally raped and women were treated as nothing more than mounds of pounded bloody pleasure. Evil now sat in the World as a rotten  deformed lynch-pin on which to leverage every twisted sick desire mankind was capable of throwing up as a vomit of greed, selfishness  and Power.

Governments were involved. Her own too. She knew that a ‘cover-up’ was underway with some sacrificial lambs of the Organization – those who were involved with Governments – disappearing and with them much of the evidence of senior members of Government Involvement. The image of screaming men and women being dropped into shark-infested waters came to mind. She knew that a Government under threat would ensure that the sharks were well-fed.

The well-dressed and smooth talking management of this modern Dante’s Inferno  – the ‘Organisation’ did not know of her for if they did then she would become part of the mound of soil beneath which lay countless others who had questioned their right to Evil. The stench was everywhere. She walked past room after room of mindless tortured depravity. Inside, the once-screaming but now silent men women and children lay bloodied, starving and some butchered for their body parts. They had been lured into the cavernous buildings with promises of untold wealth and comfort in a world of their choosing.

She knew. She walked into a corner of the stinking frantic room of wanton hunger and threw up. She knew what is was they were eating. She found the refrigerated container outside. She looked inside. The bodies were hanging from hooks. All sizes. Most already trimmed of their arms and legs. Entrails scattered everywhere. She slowly took out her Smith and Wesson. The  small silencer already fitted. She put the muzzle to the gnawing apparition of Evil’s head – he looked up at her and smiled as if seeking appreciation. She fired her bullet of Justice. The baby was still alive. She cradled her so softly for when the innocent are naught but the evidence of Evil’s gluttony the care you give is your very soul reaching out to them.  Outside  was total confusion. The Marine knew. She gave him the baby. Good luck m’am – they knew she had her work to do.

Her imagination sought to bring to life the sound of the fingernails as they bled red with frantic energy trying to gnaw into a solid steel door. She kept moving from one terrible wretched scene to the next. Their fatal acquiescence was unbelievable.  Surely they could see that the screaming shouting people who herded them along like cattle to the slaughter were drug-crazed and totally immersed in their psychosis of fear and evil selfishness.

More men, woman and children lay rotting in a facility close by. Their corpses now maggot-infested  in the darkness of a locked and windowless warehouse. The Police helicopter hovered overhead videoing everything but doing nothing. The Government denied all responsibility. So confident were they of their People’s inability to robustly question the Government’s version of their World that they allowed ‘this other world’ to co-exist alongside that of their own.

However, they did not understand the depth of feeling that a whole world could show when faced with an atrocity of a cruelty of crime. Not born in the horrors of Auschwitz  they simply could not conceive that when a group of people are left to create their own world then every evil desire will run roughshod over democracy human rights and the law. Photos and video recordings of the horrors were beginning to show on the Internet. Some media now began to question the cloak of secrecy. Some demanded to see him – he who sought only that which the law promised but never gave- Justice and Equality. This despite the fact the the ‘Organisation’ had total control of all media.

But now with the first terrible stories of what had been done the Governments tried to create a remoteness  from the increasingly difficult to explain disappearance of friends and relatives  by stating that this other world was the creation of the peoples themselves.

She knew others had come before but so tangled was the horrific  web of lies and deceit that this Hell was founded on that her Agency had no idea they were dead – some buried alive by those who sought their death as an entertainment.

She knew the Police were watching. She could not believe that the Police were actually assisting  those who sought to do him harm. Her own reality shocked by their apathy of horror. They appeared oblivious to the horrors they were helping too create.

The stench of death grew stronger by the hour as did the  mounting evidence being filmed by the undercover agents of the CIA. Mossad and MI6.  She knew that other  Agencies were involved but she had been told to trust nobody. Hardened as she was to the depravity of the human condition she  shuddered in cold fury as she watched children being wrenched from their parents as part of the condition of the ‘other-world’.

Slowly she began to understand the extent of the otherworld. It was not one but many. A franchise of Evil sold time and time again around the world. Traded and  borrowed for it permeated every part of society – so much so that it became the New world Order. Each group of involvement were sworn to secrecy. They considered themselves to be the only ‘World’ involved for which they would receive handsome reward. Except 7 billion people were told the same. She could not grasp the enormity of it all. Were these Worlds  of greed such a strangulation to the soul that it blinded mankind to most depraved and gouged Evil ever to stalk humanity?

She watched the recording of the member of Parliament laughing as he took another snort of Columbia’s finest. The little girl next to him asked if she could have some more. He willingly obliged. Later the recording would be shown to him. Now he was owned by the New World Order. He now a lackey of Evil in partnership with the franchise of Death.

The little girl? Long gone. Her life was his depravity and that of others. The poor soul knew no other life. The ‘otherworld’ had bred her for depravity to use and then kill – her body eaten by the otherworld sub world of cannibalism. For what the once innocent agent from the CIA would find is that the ‘otherworld’ has sub-worlds – each a pit of fifth and evil such as had never been seen before. Its embryonic slither of death – Auschwitz. I say innocent of the CIA agent because once you have seen mankind’s vortex of evil then you can only ever seek with your life to destroy it – and for that you must lose your innocence.

An innocence that sought only the Law as the commanding answer to mankind’s evil acts. Now the CIA agent knew that God’s demand of an eye for any eye was the answer to her loss of innocence. The rising tide of evil had to know that there were ‘consequences’ of their complicity with Satan.

Under the Antarctic the nuclear submarine armed with its fusion of Armageddon sat silent and watchful. Then the alarm sounded. ‘This is not an exercise. Repeat this is not an exercise. Prepare to arm your nuclear missiles’. In Washington it was a stunning Autumn’s Day full of colour and summer’s memory. The President completely oblivious to the fact that one of the United States Nuclear Submarines was getting ready to go to war.

The CIA Agent did not yet know that this maelstrom of twisted humanity was not just a culmination of a global con. That behind its sick disguise  was a final threat to mankind survival………………… The submarine in the Antarctic  changed course – it began to journey to the area where it could launch is nuclear missiles on Moscow – except that it was not Moscow but New York that was to receive its umbrella of nuclear chemical suffocation. The World of the nuclear submarine was now in another reality.

The CIA agent did not know that time was running out. She did not know that unless she found the communication centre she would not be able to confirm to the President the Global connectedness and extent of all these worlds. For those in Authority maintained   that the group they knew acted in isolation – they denied responsibility for any Global Group that could wander the World committing any crime they wanted to with no penalty.

She kept reading his transcript. He kept writing it. For he knew that she would be reading it – looking for vital clues as to the depth of this complexity of realities – intended  to confuse almost hourly with new lies and deceit.

They had to stop him getting to Washington. He wrote carefully trying to signpost the way for the CIA Agent. He had hoped it would be MI5/6 but they did not appear to be able to comprehend the complexity as the CIA had. He laughed to himself – perhaps MI5/6 had to get a Bus due to budget cuts.

She did not hesitate. She could not. She put her Smith and Wesson to his head and pulled the trigger. She kicked him aside. She sat down next to the little girl and cried and cried and cried. ‘Why are you like this’ she shouted to the people. ‘She cannot be more than  five years old’. The little girl’s face was covered in thick garish makeup – her body bloodied torn and dead. She looked at the people. They just stared at her as if she were a visitor from another Planet. No guilt, no recognition of the horrors they had just witnessed. ‘Why’ she shouted ‘Why? Nobody answered. Instead they looked around as if seeking an order or direction. The Marines pushed them aside and came to her. The people looked confused. One man shouted – ‘ I want my money back, I want a refund’. Another asked if this too was part of the experiment. A camera crew wondered if they should stop streaming live to the websites. Now she knew. Now she understood his warnings. These Worlds were real. They are the World for these People.

It was quiet on the submarine. The men and women inside this catacomb of anticipated cataclysmic implosion grim, disciplined and  dutiful. They were at war. Russia had launched missiles on New York and Washington. They were to launch their billets of death on Moscow as ordered by the President of the United States of America. However, A  reality is subjective. It can exist in one world and not another. A long time ago a plan was made and the submarine about to launch its nuclear warhead on an innocent Moscow was part of that plan.

Our heroine has to find the communications center. The one that links all the world’s up. This Evil is not merely the bucket of man’s depravity it is part of a New World Order to be. All will be watched. Most of you already are. They watch you at home, at work, in the changing rooms, in the schoolrooms, in the loos, in the bedroom, in the Hotels, in the coffeeshops. They watch and they command and they profit. You are never alone. Everyday more are added to those who watch through their own eyes – wified to the World.  She stopped dead. She has just read this. Another parallel line of thought has entered her conscious. The urgency was almost ready to become a reality.

The President told him leave. He is reading this. The aide mumbled his apologies and left the Oval Office. The Russian President stopped. What if it were true. He crossed himself. The British Prime Minister laughed. Absolute poppycock. As if all this could happen and we did not know. But she knew he would march. The Israeli Prime Minister knew and he was filled with dread for what is was he did not know.

The CIA agent did not stay to watch as the the People were lead away to be interviewed and charged. Many of them angry and protesting as if they had a right to be participants in the demonic scene she had brought to an end with her bullet of Justice. She wondered if she was awake in a nightmare. Surely she said to herself these people are not from the human race? They had watched and did nothing whilst the little girl was brutally raped to death. As she walked out of the stinking fetid building she glimpsed some Hells Angels carrying out children still alive. Hard, big men whose eyes were blinded by tears, shaking with anger and they vocal in their search for Justice for the children. A waiting line of ambulances like a conveyor belt of mercy took the children to a waiting hospital – and some to the morgues.

She had seen the film of the local population who lived near Auschwitz being led past the horrific scenes of the concentration camp. But this was worse. Far worse.

Inside the huge hall with the flags of all the Nations of the World hanging from the giant structural ceiling the Question and Answer Sessions were becoming more  heated and very angry. The People now knew that these were the same people they had seen yesterday, the day before yesterday and each day for the last week. She watched as the anger of the people grew. The maze of buildings  and the torrent of continual lies confused her.

He knew she was being swamped with so many realities that she would lose herself in a confusion of lies.He started writing.

This is a short story. A work of fiction. You must decide if it has the potential to be a reality or perhaps it already is. If you care then you must decide.

I know that you are there. But you do not have the luxury of time to listen to the lies and dishonesty. There is too much at stake. There is another reality. It began in 1945 and it has never stopped. ……She turned her head to one side. No it’s not possible. Surely not after all this time. How could it be she wondered.

The submarine was not alone – there are others.

She had walked the shadows and lit the chandlers in her quest for the truth. Now in the mire and mud of the lies and bullying by the ‘People of the Organisation’ she read his words again. She read that some of those who spoke were robotic puppets. Their voices  not their own and less than human – embryonic human clones powered not by the soul of God but by the binary digits of mankind. He warned her to closely watch the eyes and hands, to note muscle movements and speech delays.

The President should always heed the words of those who would fight and die for freedom, Justice and Democracy …..He is warning the President of the United States of America that he should carefully review his security detail to ensure it is not compromised by the latest technologies. He should know that some loyalties have changed – of that he should be wary.  She too read these words and her agreement gave legitimacy to his warning. She confirmed its transmission to the White House.

She placed herself outside of all this mangled mess of Worlds and saw for the first time that man was no longer in charge of his own destiny.

This was no time to laugh. But humour is a necessary antidote to that which seeks to subvert the soul. She burst out laughing at the sight of so many men with bowed hairy legs and whiskered chins, with bearded faces dressed in short skirts and lift me up bras with makeup smeared like on a mudcake.  Many were downright ugly…….She knew that if she even found one of them in the slightest bit attractive she would have to end her life………. She caught a glimpse – they seemed to be in some sort of show. Why were they all called Tina she wondered.

She came across a building in which young boys, their faces caked with makeup flaunted their drugged sexuality, men surrounding them. She began to understand this twisted world which plundered the young as if they were fields of profit to be ploughed. The horror was as if thunder had pealed the bells of Hell.  Young, confused and drugged …..

He knew that she would be swept up in the mounting anger. The schemes of terror and torture that made Auschwitz look like a training ground for all that she felt and witnessed. The Organisation would lead her down a blind alley and offer up the screaming lambs for the slaughter. How could he lead her to the door of a room in which one man was the entrails of a density that had never died nor slumbered?

Was she a study of history he wondered. She is one of the best – that is why she is still alive. Would she know of the cold water plant the Nazis had built in Norway. Could from that she place all the parts of this long trail of jigsawed death and planning to here today? But was that enough he wondered?

Could he expect his evolved Cold War warrior to take the imaginative and intuitive leap into the ‘real’ world. Had the CIA become so shadowed in its own history that it was no longer able to chart the future – no matter how unpalatable it might be. He knew that MI5/6 were too rigid, too conforming to allow the real reality to confront their own and that the Universe Kingdom was so disunited that the new emerging extremism  was beginning to ‘tool up’. Could they not see the web of lies and deceit that charted the terror emerging in the UK as a spawn of this World Evil.

I can only say to you that it is all one and the same. That each strand of lies is intended to confuse you and each person is the same. Any control mechanism can only have one ultimate on/off switch and for that to exist there can only be one system of control. Would she understand he asked himself. He put down another layer if historic duplicity – one of which she would have learned of in her first year at Langley.

The United States of America did not decide to take in the Nazi Nuclear Physicists  – it has already been decided on the orders of the Third Reich. He knew that she would now connect those long gone years of Evils fifth generation to the men and women who sat patiently waiting to be ‘wired up’.

The nuclear submarine was charted on two maps. One map gave its position under the Antarctica.  The other approaching nuclear missile range of New York. The realities had began to merge their implosion of disbelief into a fusion of acknowledgement was not far away. The Commander’s eyes were glazed. He spoke in a monotone. No discussion was permitted. His movements appearing stiff and awkward. The crew of the USN Nuclear armed submarine did not notice – they did exactly as they were told. The President made his way to Marine One. He was looking forward to a weekend in New York. It lay there in its cocoon of steel and silent threat. Its menace even more so – for it was an airburst nuclear weapon which its Satan sister of death combined as a payload of nuclear chemical annihilation which  would take out a whole population.

Her rigid and strict training had blinded her to the impossible. The enormity of what he was expecting her to believe was too much. It’s not possible she thought – not the whole world – not every person in the World?

Somewhere deep and inaccessible they laughed and applauded. ”He knows’ they said but it does not matter. Nobody is allowed to believe him. He admits the brilliance but will devour the Evil as the serpent it is. That time yet to come.

She had no idea of how high the hierarchy of Evil had penetrated until she watched the recording. There were three of them. Two men and a woman. All of them had sat in the highest of Office. They were outside at a bar or restaurant. Fir trees lined the coastal horizon. The woman pompous and cavalier. The men detached and pensive. She assured them that the man whose resolute Principle they feared would not be a threat. He would be ‘taken care of’.

She knew then that she must act alone and trust nobody. The coverup had commenced. The men and women of the Organization more paranoid, more despite more confused. Now they were the most dangerous of Criminal behaviour – unpredictable.

The coach full of children skidded to a halt. The road blocked by a line of yellow safety vests covering  dirty and torn black clothes. Hair greasy, words slurred but weapons pointing their menace. The children were told it was a game. An experiment. The Teachers with them breathed a sigh of relief. They knew that the Police would not let them be harmed as it was an Experiment in Human Behaviour. The first teacher died instantly. The machete had severed her spinal cord. Her body now bundled into the waiting refrigerated van.

She was a product of a disciplined ordered World. The enemies were known, acknowledged and even approved of. It was safe that way. The Langley armchair of compliant security was safe in the knowledge that they woke up to a world full of known menace which it was their duty to combat. A chess game in which all the moves were known and all the pieces named. She had to take that step back. He wanted her to view the entanglement of madness from above. To see the huge studios all over the World each a mirror of the other. He wanted her to take one mad evil disjointed world and examine it in minute and them look for its companions of Satan’s soul.

She needed to imagine the World’s in existence if each disgusting perverted need of mankind was able to be salved with its own existence. Then she had to ask why? What is the purpose of all this? None to its participants other than monetary gain to those who had invested in the commerce of feat and initiation. but the ability to control to those who sought to Control – A New World Order. ‘From out of the chaos shall come that which mankind can only survive with – a higher order’. He slammed the desk ‘Heil Hitler. They stood to attention ‘Heil Hitler they shouted in obedient chorus.

Somewhere in the hallowed halls and dusky corridors of WhiteHall Power a timing mechanism came to life. MI5/6 too cloaked in the confusion of a system of democracy out of control and with it a growing disaffection with all of Government and its Agencies. The timing mechanism was connected to the heartbeat of a system of explosive atomic maelstrom  that had been laid with a duplicity that fed off the ordered Government and Military system of the United Kingdom. ‘Their paperwork was in order’ he said when  questioned by the probing and now urgently concerning MI5 agents..

She had to know that certain ‘world-changing’ events were now unavoidable. She had to know that for unless she did she would not be able to see that it was the future of mankind she was fighting for not its present.

They controlled every avenue of the Media. The greed and selfishness of the Media fed fuel to their ability to ensure that only their World was reported. In some countries the People angered by the growing tales of evil crimes protested outside the embassies of those countries most involved in the promotion and support of  ‘Organization’. But the Media complaint in their greed did not report the riots and blockades of the embassies.

She knew of the Protests for the CIA now had an open file on the activities of ‘The Organisation’ but still she had to use her mind as an easel on which to paint the complete horrific picture. But time was running out.

The submarine lay silent now in position. The timing mechanism in London blinked its digit lights on its countdown to a firewind of Hell. The paradigm of a retribution and a New World Order was sliding its many pieces into place. The snarling fury of a man whose disjointed madness once stilled the very freedom of mankind was about to see its Final Solution.

He understood the finality of confusion that surrounded her. She had trailed the untraceable and confronted that which cannot be confronted. Langley could not stop her. Some had tried but her answer has always been – ‘What if I am right’.

He decided to provide a stepping steppe to that which needed to be climbed. He is asking her to answer these questions.

Does Evil exist as a static or a dynamic? The answer can only be ‘dynamic’. Therefore each day the World becomes more Evil and  those who perpetrate Evil become more numerous.

This is  the oath of the Third Reich. “I swear by God this holy oath, that I will render to Adolf Hitler, Führer of the German Reich and People, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces,unconditional obedience, and that I am ready, as a brave soldier, to risk my life at any time for this oath.”

Is there an end date to the Oath? No

What is the exact number of people fitted with Brain to Computer Technology in the American Military. How many work in the Pentagon?  How many have access to the President of the United States of America.

Is the General who has just walked into the Oval office a robot or real?

Who in DARPA is in control of computer to brain research and development. The President of the United States of America or the research group within DARPA?

Have you complete confidence that every member of DARPA and those who DARPA contract research and development to has been CIA vetted – regularly?

Has the UK Porton Down Facility been visited by a Global Research Group?

He stopped. Enough had been said. He could do little more. He of course knew what demons were coiled in their chattels of doom to be leashed onto a World soon to be in turmoil. But nobody listened.

They raised their glasses in salute to him and wished him well in his death to come – or so they believe. Soon it would be time to begin that which has began – many years ago. But time is of no consequence when you believe you are the gatekeepers to the destiny of the World. It was not 1939 – that was part of the destiny but not its beginning. It was long before that when they decided, when they took their oath, when they claimed what they believe is theirs to control.

Somewhere in the World a glass fell off a table and a flock of birds screeched into the night’s sky.

She walked out into the night. Her life had changed. It would never be the same again. She was no longer a CIA operative working under the highest security classification – so high that the CIA had no record of her. She reported directly to the Oval Office. She now was part of the mission. Forever chasing the evil that sought to smother the World in is doctrine of hate and control. An achocolypse which was intended to take the World into a twilight zone of fear, disease, hunger and finally submission. She was now a Warrior, a gladiator committed to the survival of mankind. She had assembled all the pieces and was close to knowing who they were.

Trust has to be gained, to be earned. He asked himself why did the CIA not report to him the slow escalation of evil as it incrementally coiled  its way around the world step by step onto its conveyance of Hell? He shrugged – their problem. He walked out of the Oval Office. He acknowledged the Marine on duty. He always acknowledged their presence. A reminder of those who sought the defence of the Nation at the expense of their lives. He knew that a swirling thunder of confusion was about to descend on the World and within that confusion a danger so final lurked that even his ability to face all odds would be tested. Marine One thundered its whirring welcome. As he flew over Washington he received a direct message from her. She was urgently requesting support.

The Humvees sang their angry revolutions  in unison. Like a fleet of descending Great Eagles the stars and stripes flying from each of these chariots of justice they sped down the highway. Each intersection a mass of blue flashing beacons of law lighting the night sky . Men women and children  cheering them on thankful that at last their nightmare era of intimidation and fear was to end.

Now was time for calm and detachment. She had to brief some of the most senior members of the American Military. These men and women were grim and concentrated. They had heard the rumours. Their disbelief was mountainous. A summit of incredulity  that a whole People and and their Government  would let Evils depravity be their mantle.

It began as a ripple. A quick burst of energy. The water surged forward. Building up its momentum. Then the nuclear shock wave pulsed its explosive dynamics through the air and water. On the beach the children played noisily whilst their parents sunned themselves. The water rippled a little, the waves crashing gently onto the shore. Under the water the energy pulsed toward them picking up speed and forging its solid wall  of relentless speed  towards  the beach. The children watched as the bird screamed into the sky. The stars and stripes fluttered gently in the light wind. The energy became so solid that it appeared above the surface of the water. A towering wall so high so intense that it appeared as if there was a wall sitting on the water. The sound heard by nobody was a thunderous booming cacophony of the summation of the millions of tonnes of water now coming into an apocalyptic dredge.

He was getting ready to climb out of Marine One when he received the news.

I am patient. No harm can be done to me. Otherwise I would be dead. Such are the efforts that have been made to silence me – God too wants an end to Evil.

The Trojan Warrior of the CIA  had to understand that for the ‘Organisation’ the whole World had become their playpen of sordid filthy greed. Fate had selected her to light the darkness that had come to be part of some many people’s lives. However, she had to understand that each hour more children were being sucked  into the filthy pit of drugged sexual excess that the Governments had so studiously sought to ignore.

He fell back into his seat. So many dead. How? Why? What needed to be done? His thoughts an accompaniment  to the whirling blades of Marine One.

She had to know that there would be no going back. He looked into the future. He was alone. He was standing outside Terminal 5 at Heathrow London. He started the walk. As he walked other silently joined him. First a young girl, then an elderly man then 10 more, soon 100 more. They came out of side streets, got off buses, cabs pulled up. All silent grim and determined. All colors, all creeds all ages. 1000, then 10,000 then 100,000 then a million. All silent. Soon the ambulances arrived, Nurses carrying children saved from the very same Organization that the Government has denied all responsibility for. Each intersection guarded by serious men and women in blue as if f they were the batons of the people, silent watchful for these are their people. They the guardians  now ready to protect them from the shouting screaming gargoyles of Hell who for so long had trampled on their lives as if they were the God and the people had not choice but to obey.

He held a young baby. The baby had no mother, no father. Its mouth a grotesque mutation by those who placed themselves in a Hell for the child to endure. More children  were brought to walk with him. Women barely able to walk were placed in wheelchairs. Their bodies bruised, torn and battered. Their womanhood still bloodied from the excess of depravity they had been subjected too. Overhead the army helicopter ferried troops to the building and Government facilities that the Organisation had taken as their own.

He fell to his knees. He beat the ground with his fists. He cried with pain and roared with anger. Why? Why? He had fought in Iraq, Afghanistan. He was a man of iron. But today he was the child he had brought out in his arms so carefully, so softly. He whispered to her that everything would be alright. He laid her down. Her body no longer recognizable. Her face torn and still bleeding. The injection marks in her arms large boils of fetid toxic mess. He knew she was dead. He took his gun and went back into the building.

She had to know that whatever she had seen would be as if innocence were waiting to be plucked. For what she would see would take her to a place from which there would be no return. For when you have seen the Evil selfish place that mankind will lower itself into in order to pursue its pleasure of exploitation then you join them or extinguish  them. There is no other choice.

The other World’s disgorged their vomit. Starving, penniless now without leadership. They wandered the streets.

The man stood up. The Organisation was reborn. But now it had purpose, it had doctrine and it it had automated obedience. She blinked not sure if she was dreaming. Oh how she hoped this was all a dream not the constant uncleing of nightmares. They all looked the same. Behind the man – the twisted symbol of red black and white. She saw the chemical suits.

In a building of solid reinforced concrete walls they sat silent and watchful. They the Final New World Order.

As if a lego of compilation each hour gave her the slowly mounting dawn of the reality. So complex, so intertwined and so designed to disguise the Final New World Order.

Angel woke. She had been in a deep sleep. Weary from the fight with those who sought themselves as the Jackals of Hell. She knew that they still slithered through mankind and that the great efforts and majestic sacrifice of those who died for the new life could not be wasted. Angel soared into the air. Angels light dazzling the world. Her sword shining shafts of God’s Justice on those who sought to still the onslaught of the fight against Evil that would now display to God that mankind had not deserted him. They fell screaming to the ground. The shafts of light diving  out of the night sky. Each act of Evil now extracting its payment of pain from who sought to continue this pendulum of depravity and cowardly acts.  They ran as if they could escape the vengeance of God. Angel her steed of retribution in full flight twisted and turned as in full gallop she mowed down all those minions of mankind who did Evils bidding. They never stopped screaming in pain. They never would.

You can no longer act on your own. Your life is now under threat. You must not go anywhere without the Marines that you know you can trust. You have the authority to take charge. You must use it. Angel unfurled her cloak of sterling protection. The CIA agent emboldened by its barrier to  those who sought her destruction. She felt taller, stronger. Angel suddenly swept  her sword around the CIA agent. Somebody close the CIA Agent had trusted began screaming in pain. Now she knew. Trust only your Marines and your President.

The United Nations General Assembly rose to its feet as one in acknowledgement of the right to the Human Rights so fought for by so many in bloody desperate battles for mankind’s co-existence. The slow handclap began, It did not stop. The delegates to the United Kingdom and Australia sat stony-faced eyes averted. Too ashamed to face their accusers. The United Nations Security Staff walked towards them – guns drawn in a display of the depth of their animosity to the absolute corruption of ideal. Outside the United States Department of Justice and the FBI waited with the International Arrest Warrants of the International Criminal Court.

She talked with a dreariness. A suicidal tone to her voice. She wandered from subject to subject. Her audience sat still with glazed and drugged eyes.  It was as if she had almost a suicidal wish to end it all. The conviction and emotion was long-gone. Replaced by a fear.  The emotion long drained out of her. She knew that only her once powerful Political position was keeping her from the snarling baying wolves of Public demand. The Organisation knew her guilty secret. They owned her. She was their chattel of political weight. It was she who gave the Organisation its legitimacy and the World its involvement. The man at the bottom of the well was dead – she and the Organisation knew why. She was alone. Her boyfriend now distanced. A politician once-Olympic stewardess sat still. The grim realisation of what they had dome slowly incrementally dawning on him as if an abyss of Hell opening up to take him – the reports of the horrors were trickling in.  She was no longer a Nation’s leader now almost a victim of her own evil disregard for human rights. She knew the truth and it weighed down on her almost as a noose ready to hang her. If she knew of the pain of retribution to come to her then indeed she may hang herself. She has just read this. Screaming down the phone she demanded they do something. They were too busy preparing to leave to attend to her demands. New Worlds awaited them. Post World was more complex and required more planning.

‘Why’? What was the point he shouted. Don’t you understand. They will do whatever we tell them. We have created the human robot. Why bother with the bio-robot. He answered ‘because the bio-robot does not answer to greed and selfishness. These people can be bought and sold. Our new humans will only answer to our orders. He looked round the room. They stood obedient. Slight flashing in the eyes as the neural motors engaged themselves. They were ready. Chemical suits next to each of them.

Our heroine had to remind herself of all that she had seen. Each moment of duplicity. Each person impersonating another. She had lost count of the amount of President Trump’s she had listened to. Each glorifying the Organization and promising more funds in compensation for the Global Research Effort. Generals and Colonels were like wallpaper. They strutted about claiming to represent the Armies of the World. The Courts were in abundance. Many now empty. Once full of people impersonating Judges and Lawyers. Making judgments of millions of dollars – except they had no legitimacy and no money. The clock was ticking. She knew that the end was in sight for this Global lunacy. She also knew that those in the Organisation who were not as drugged as the lowly work vested workers and their management were preparing to leave. She watched the people wander from building to building . Some entering cavernous  rooms full of promise – only to be locked in as they waited for the ‘Time Experiment’ to whisk them away to another World. Except there was no other World. No Time Travel. Some died. Some starved. Some were bludgeoned to death as they tried to escape.

Angel did not want to delay the ‘Final Battle of Good against Evil’. For out of it would come a New World. A new beginning for mankind. God had commanded that all Evil must perish. He did not want his Universe and its myriad of Galaxies to be contaminated  with the Evil of Mankind. Angel mounted her waiting impatient steed of ernest hope and salvation. She drew her strength from the light of God’s foundation of a mankind that sought for him the salvation of humanity as a bedrock of equality and respect for each human. All  born equal with the blessing of the Heavens. Reaching up into the dark motionless night sky she shouted to the Heavens ‘lead me the light for I am the strength of God and the Power of all that has to be, will be and shall be’. A thunder wrenched apart the night sky and a light so white as it were black now lit up a building as if the sudden discovery of a guilty secret. A gaunt silent building stood before her.  The CIA Agent shielded her  eyes. The light faded away.  She knew. This was the Centre of Communications. The Humvees roared into urgent action. They flew across bumpy ground. People scattered in flight and fear. Dayglo workvests mown down as they screamed and shouted at the Marines to stop. The angry bark of the M27’s carrying all the anger and disgust of hardened warriors who would never lose the images of the children; drugged and used as if they were naught but objects to be thrown away when no longer of any use. They did not dare be nothing other than towering rocks of Justice and Hope. Children and women had to be saved. Now was not the time for questions.

The atmosphere in the closed and windowless room was grim. The CEO of  the World’s largest vehicle manufacturer chaired the meeting. Facebook, Google and Amazon were on video link. Global corporate leaders filled the room. Bankers looked on in grim expectation. Funds Managers biting their nails in nervous anticipation of the Goliath of bad news to come.

“Gentleman. He is no longer the outside the World. He is in it. We are now outside the World we once were part of. The anger is immeasurable”………………………………………………

The pain seared through both his arms. He knew they were getting desperate, more brazen more willing to do anything they could to stop him. The Prime Minister sent his coded message. The man listened and nodded.  The amplitude of energy increased in its intensity. He knew that the more that was done to him that the finger of accusation would point to those in authority who had lied their positions.

The observer from the International Criminal Court was shocked, horrified. She could not believe that she was in a Country that had laws to protect the Citizen, Treaties to consign International Human Rights and Doctors and Nurses who were legally and morally obliged to stop suffering and pain. She watched tears running down her face she almost of the point of collapse from sheer shock and horror as the child was gently put into the ambulance. The Marine was silent angry grim. His face the mirror of the child’s pain. The steel thin needles were still in the child’s head. They were long black and bloodied. The child was a baby. The Marine walked past the line of Police. He spat in their faces.

The anger grew in the large auditorium. The delegates of the United Nations General Assembly getting to their feet and shouting their anger and disgust. The motion for Economic Sanctions was passed unanimously. The Teamsters stood in a long line of righteous indignation their backs to the giant towerings mass of containers.  They were the vanguard of an America that once again stood for freedom and democracy, for Justice and the right to life. They knew what was being done to him and to the children. If a Nation could vomit its disgust then this was its result. The Country who sought to destroy  one man and seek the most disgusting acts on the World was becoming more isolated by the hour. They had the apparitions of Evil in their own land but now they sought to consign them to the Hell from which the twisted and misshapen acts of terror had arisen like a black sceptre on their landscape.

Angel rose up with the anger of all that God had ever suffered for and all that he had swept up as a mounting eruption of the energy of the cosmos. Angel was frustrated by mankind’s stupidity and selfishness. God’s anger passed through her gleaming upright sword of Principle and Justice and like some giant horn of sound filled the air with the anger of God. This was no momentary flash of the Power of the Almighty.  This was an searing pain of echo to shake the World. To let mankind know that God was here, everywhere with the ‘Wrath of God’. Those in the pursuit of statutory and legal responsibility  felt their spines crumble with the absolute cacophony of sound as it surmounted all the false promises and deceptive words. The Prime Ministers screamed in pain. Now they knew. Now there was no doubt. Their fate was to be a Hell. If a Prime Minister did not believe in God – then he or she as sure as Hell believed in God now.

The Marine blinked. “Pardon me sir. Could you repeat that”.

The Marine has a DNA. You cannot fuck with it and you cannot bullshit to it. An order is to be obeyed. The World is black and white. Good guys live and bad guys die. It’s simple and it works. It works for me and most people would love it if it could work for them.

The slightly swaying ugly mass of crumbling human shouted at the Marine. The make-up running off his face. The skin underneath pockmarked and rotten.  He kept taking sips from his Class A elixir of drugs designed to keep him awake and stimulate his senses.

“Get out of my way motherfucker”. “I am the Law here. This an International Zone and you have no right to be here. When we take over an area it and the People come under our command. Now piss off and don’t tell me what to do ever again.” He never said another word. The butt of the M27 made sure of that.

Let me get this straight the Fire Officer said in a growing tone of disbelief and frustration. You are telling me that this chemical spill is part of a Civil Defence Exercise and we are not to get involved until you tell us to. We also have to pay you for the chemical you have spilled. The well-dressed suited man turned to the honey-blonde next to him whose cleavage was beginning  to look insurmountable and asked her for a copy of the contract. Later the statuesque and alluring honey-blonde with pouting lips and wrinkle less  face walked into the changing room grateful that dawn was approaching. She sat down with a huge sigh of relief. When she walked out of the changing room she was a 60 year old man with a Erectile Dysfunction condition, bald head, a stoop and a sagging bottom. The Changing room was busy. Flanks of makeup artists working frantically to change faces and body suits. Inserting throat microphones so that any voice any language could be spoken. Metal frames were being strapped to bodies to ensure that the high heels the men wore supported the siren curves of the honey-blond bodies. In this ‘OtherWorld’ you could be anybody you wanted. Which is why the aircraft crashed.

Er? She stopped reading. What on earth did men dressed as women have to do with aircraft.

I knew that would make you ask that question I said. Ok let’s go back and put some sort of order to this literary mayhem. You know that a Group of People are providing research efforts to Government on the basis of documenting people’s reactions to various scenarios. She nodded to herself whilst at the same time gagging on the smell. The smell was everywhere – it was the stench of people unwashed mixed with the stench of the dead. She jumped out of the Humvee. The Marines  serious and aware. No more reading. She was inside the building. It hummed like a drone of bees, The light was intense. The people ordered and business like. The gallery full of suits, dresses and camera crews.

This was the hub; the Queen Bee of the ‘Other World’. Somewhere from within the mass of white coats and clipboards a short white coat came to the fore. She looked past him and stopped in sheer amazement. It was as if she was watching the second coming. Her brain could not take in what she was seeing.  Her eyes grew wide as her pupils transferred this gargantuan mass of technology into her brain. It was not merely an enormity of a future it is now the present . It was fiction transformed into ‘the’ not ‘a’ reality. Trying to look less amazed than she was she walked past the short white coat and tuned into the long raised platform which ran along the inside of the building – a football pitch sized building.

She stared at the screens. A mother was bathing her children. A couple were having sex. A man was on the toilet. President Trump was in his Oval Office. Prime Minister May was chairing a Cabinet Meeting. A groups of men were sexually assaulting a woman and her daughter. A man fired his AK47 into a crowded room. A car ran down a pedestrian. A truck rammed a car. A house was on fire.  A doctor was interfering with a patient, The helicopter was taking off the USS Carl Vinson. The crew of the USN nuclear submarine were quiet and preoccupied. The Police beat up a black man. The girl ran into the shop and shot the guy on the till. The canteen at GCHQ was serving baked beans on toast. Richard Branson was detailing his new business plan. The student pulled out his automatic rifle and ran into the busy school. A computer chip was inserted into the Minute-man. NASA chiefs of Staff sat down to their Monday morning briefing. The Chinese President closed the steel door and addressed the expectant Army Colonels. President Putin cheered as his Jets fired their salcos of death. Michelle Obama sat still watching Television. The staff of the Federal Reserve clicked the timers off. The cleaning lady at 12 Millbank, Westminster, London SW1P 4QE, UK dusted the blinking screens. The Iran Embassy staff in London left for the day. The Queen of England  pulled on her robe and walked into her ensuite. The Pope’s aide prepared the Pope’s vestments. The pilot wrestled with the controls of the plane as it disappeared off the radar screens. The USMC helicopter curtsesised its roll of death. The Chief Constable’s sat down with the Commander of SO15 to discuss new anti-terrorism strategies. The President of the European Union began to unbutton his shirt, her legs intertwined with his – a slight stubble on her chin just visible in the grey dawn.  The women swayed as the gas filled the room – the men cloaked in black sack filing in – their manhoods erect. The little girl screamed – the men laughed. The room full of schoolchildren suddenly blacked out – the flashes of flame lit the screen.  Tbe USAF helicopter fell out of the sky. The Police were gunned down. The Mosque was on fire. The Synagogue flamed into the night. The man in the cage barked like a dog.  Jeff Bezos got up from his Finance Heads of Staff meeting. Michael Carney of the Bank of England finished dictating the letter. 65 million people in the UK, 348 million in the USA, 25 million in Australia in every country in the World the watched were the watching and the watching the watched.  Jeff Bezos got up from his Finance Heads if Staff meeting. Mark Zuckerberg got out if the shower. The Tesla burst into flames – the assembly worker laughed in satisfaction. On the Moon they assembled the Nuclear Weapon – oops he said not quite ready for that startling bit of information – never mind might as well leave it in for later.

65 million people in the UK, 348 million in the USA, 25 million in Australia……in every country in the World the watched were the watching and the watching the watched. She was transfixed. Not by the screens but by what he was writing. They were looking at her. She tried to be calm and walked back to the Marine.

What next she wondered. Well he is saying to her. It is up to you. To use an old clique – ‘Ma’m the future of the World is in your hands’. She almost had an orgasm. That is what every CIA Operative lives to hear.  She woke-up. What a dream. Oh how she wished it was a dream. She knew it was not. She knew all these Worlds are one big lie. A hoover of expectation and devourer of resources. She had to finalise the Big Picture.

The Submarine was now ready. In New York the taxis ferried, the buses were caught, the cars were strangled by the noose of morning drivetime. Would she see the Big Picture before the Big Apple was no longer abuzz with life but inert with death?

He wondered if this would happen. The Prime Minister was made aware of the march. It a drumbeat to the looming crisis that was about to see a whole Government do the bidding of its Nation. No Office could they ever again serve. No title could they expect.The ambulances blue flashing lights lighting up the London night sky parked in neat formation outside Downing Street. Inside each were men women and children; in pain some still bleeding, some to die, but all wanting this moment. This moment where the advance of Evil was brought to a halt by the soul of a Nation united in its anger and disgust of a Government and Opposition who choose selfish self-preservation over the life of the People it so elected to protect.The Prime Minister said nothing. The time was over. The moment had began. The waiting Police escorted the Prime Minister into the silent Police Car. The People parted – still silent. One day he would find out.

A child cried then died. A woman fell blooding ebbing out of her womanhood. A chimney stopped smoking – the stench of death wafting into the night air.

The SA80 barked its flame. The syringe fell to the ground, the blood of the SA80 stained the dayglo work vest, the child cried, she lived.

A man got to his feet. He smoked his last cigar. He jumped out of the window.

The President acted. The Marines embarked. The children ran out of the building hysterical crying into the arms of waiting soldiers. The NYSE suspended trading.The USN submarine cut-off all communications to the world. New York woke to another day. The Taliban threw them off the edge of the cliff – the Evil would not be allowed to despoile the World of God in Afghanistan. Anyam al Zawahiri of Al-Qaeda ordered his people to ensure that the children were safe – everywhere.

She still did not know. How did he know she wondered. How did he know that which she knew. Because I am still writing he replied. For when you know I will know.

A Japanese F-35 stealth fighter jet has been found, a day after it disappeared from radar over the Pacific Ocean. How many is that he wondered. Planes falling out of the sky. Why?

I cannot help you anymore Madam CIA. You now know more than I do. He wondered if she did.

I have to move on from your quadrangle of infinite deception. You may have the time to wander its twisted deformed corridors of misshapen humanity and to look into voids of mankind but I must move on.

Angel agreed. Her steed of retribution was impatient. There was much slaying of Satan’s gargoyles to be done. She knew this ironclad cherub of Law had a culture that would need everything explained and accounted for but she had not time for such worldly indulgence.

Angel was a momentum of driving accusation to that which sought to undo the creation of God. A momentum that gathered the eclipse of mankind into a glaring blinding moment of revelation. Angel took to her steed of illumination and with the winds of the World hurled down scenes such as had never been seen before by a mankind used to their deluge of daily Evil. The screens of the multitudes flickered and blinked. The Newscasts interrupted. Large outside screens filled with the image of Evil. The World stopped. The People stunned, shocked and then fear, anger, fury and with it the voice. The voice of the People. Loud and demanding.

The Gates of the Embassy buckled under the sheer weight of the the angry crowd.

For what they saw had taken 200,000 years to form. It began its form in the embryonic dust of the Garden of Eden when God gave mankind its freedom. Instead it chose its first step towards enslavement.  Angel knew that God could not remove Evil from within itself or else there would be no freedom for mankind. Angel galloped fher banner of Evil’s formation of its most Evil rom Nation to Community , from City to Town, from village to hamlet.

The crying screaming baby was carried gently out of the ambulance. Its crew too shocked to feel any emotion. A line of doctors and nurses stood in an almost silent salute to this perseverance of humanity. Angel guided her little heartbeat as it faltered and sought to take this soul of bravery and hope to a death that God himself would cry for. The woman screamed. She never stopped screaming. The man took no pleasure only a grim satisfaction from his work. The colors on his denim now bloody and warm as the blood left her shaking frightened body.  He tore off her white research jacket with his sharp knife and then pulled her blonde hair to be shorn. Her black rimmed glasses fell to the floor as she begged for mercy.

“I was told that I could do anything I wanted to her” she screamed. “I was doing what I was told. They said nobody would be disadvantaged. They all watched me. The Police were outside” were her last words as she bit her own tongue off as the pain surged through her  body. He could not remove the baby girl from his mind’s eye. The needles deep into her head. Long black steel needles.

The Surgeon began. The World watched. The film crew made sure everybody everyone were watching. Some watching could not comprehend why a picture of the British Prime Minister appeared next to that of the little baby girl with the needles in her head. She shouted into the Phone – “You told me that I would not be involved”. The computer soothed its reply. “But Prime Minister….”

The Gates of the Embassies fell to the ground………….

‘Mr President……What. Why? ….I do not want to know the long story I want to know what is so important I had to miss my breakfast.  Well hurry up and get to it…….What? Are you for real. How many are missing? All Americans? Have we got anybody over there? …..They are here as well? Why the fuck didn’t somebody tell me?….. So we have somebody on the ground?… What do you mean you do not know. Get the fuck out of my Office……..Hello. Get me General Dunford’.

The International Criminal Court is silent. They are trying to imagine what it must have been like for all those screaming and sobbing for help – knowing that their Governments had deserted them. I am writing this for them now but you ICC are sometime in the future. I know that one day International Criminal Court you will read these words as part of your case against those in the highest of Offices in many Nations of the World – but two in particular; the United Kingdom and Australia. What you must bring to mind is that the accused standing before you today are reading this too – as I am writing it. Their complete lack of human conscience and sheer selfish exhibition of self-survival must be set against the testimony of little girl who is about to enter the Courtroom.

The Marine held the young baby as if she were part of his very being. For when you are faced with the suffering apparition of all of mankind that you fear, it is as if you are part of that tormented and pained soul – you feel the affront to your own psyche as a shockwave of a stunned embodiment to that which mankind has ever sought through humanity to achieve.   The baby had no mother, no father for she was naught but an object of sick depraved sexual pleasure. She had been bred to be drugged, used and then discarded as of no value. Her mouth a grotesque mutation by those who placed themselves in a Hell for the child to endure. The Marine was never the same again. Semper Fi – now his loyalty to this child who he is wheeling into the International Criminal Court for you the Judges of our Conscience and the executors  of mankind’s right to the equality of respect for for life we all must seek as a right not a discriminatory  entitlement. You have heard and seen much. The little girl you see before you is a symbol of how man’s cruelty to man will excrete its evil from every orifice of mankind as a greed and a selfishness that will destroy all before it. But more than that she is all that womanhood can be and shall be. For her disfigurement does not drown her innocence nor does it shade her compassion and the desire she has to ensure that which yours and mine Governments allowed to happen to men women and children around the World will never happen again.

The Court will see her picture. The whole world will.  It will be part of the incendiary  angry feeling of emotion that one day will bring to the International Criminal Court on charges of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ those who sought to judge not themselves but the people.

The Marine sharp and guarded will wheel in the young girl. You International Criminal Court will listen and you will cry and shout your anger as emotions of humanity wounded by the searing pain of Injustice by those who sought to guard Justice and through sheer wanton cowardly indifference did not.  The little girl will stare with a confused perplexment of detached isolation and disgust at those who should have guarded her but instead denied all responsibility for her welfare and safety. How am I able to describe her feelings – because these are the feelings I have and will have for those cowardly and selfish crumbling  edifices of legal responsibility who ensured and wanted my pain to destroy me. The little girl will now speak that which I cannot write. For her pain must be yours too. You are reading these words as I write them whilst she is being mutilated and used as a object for the sexual desires of those who will be found and who will know for the rest of their lives that every force has a reaction. You are the voyeurs of apathy. She will be with your consciousness for the rest of your lives. There is no going back. The World will change. Evil will be destroyed. I waste no time on the accused – they are no longer relevant.

She wondered why she was no longer an instruction of his thought. That is because you never needed me but I needed you. You have your own to seek . They are locked away and dying. They have no water and no food. They claw at the walls. Their hands and fingers red raw with the efforts of trying to bring down the walls erected around them. They had been enticed in by the smooth talking suited and red-tied well-dressed men and women of the ‘Organisation’ seeking their participation in the great Global Experience  in Social Research. Any fears they had were quelled by the long lines of Police that escorted them into the compound. TV cameras filmed and vast crowds behind steel barriers cheered and applauded them as they laughed with the excitement and anticipation of the vast sums of money they were about to earn. A few were worried by the dirty unkempt appearance of the screaming  work vested marshals who directed them but shrugged it off as part of ‘the experience’.

Their phones, wallets and keys were removed from them. In rooms lines of automated greed went through their belongings taking anything of value. Their cars were quickly sold or used by the Organisation.  Their homes entered and completely  ransacked – everything was sold. Documents were forged and the home sold. Some homes were rented out 20 people to a room – all waiting for the call of the Organisation – coming from countries all over the World. If the participants had a business then it would be taken over and plundered of any monies it had.

The selection process was not random. Young women were sectioned off to an area where they had to change into a variety of skimpy clothing whilst men and women in white research coats filmed and photographed them – there hands seemingly probing them seemed to be an inordinate  amount of time for what was meant to be a simple medical examination. But by then the drugs had began their potent exposure of their emotions. The drug was a mixture of Class A drugs and a potent aphrodisiac – removing all control of aroused emotions. Those young women who easily were overcome by the drug were taken away to long unlit  dirty corridors and rooms of aroused and impatient men who fell on them as wolves to devour their prey.

Young children were lead to a nursed play area – many would never be seen again.

Where is my nephew? We are trying to find him Mr President. We know he is in London. The Chinese President did not show any concern. He walked into another room. I want to speak to the British Prime Minister he said to his waiting aide.

The cleaning lady at 12 Millbank, Westminster, London SW1P 4QE, UK dusted the blinking screens. In a distant room full of computer screens deep underground the downloading continued. Nobody noticed the cleaning lady. We never do – that slightly guilty feeling that somebody is cleaning up our mess. Because she was not of any interest they did not know that deep inside the cleaning lady a mass of wires and chips connected her to the bone structure that gave her the physical appearance of a middle-aged woman. The chips in the encrypted state of the art computers of MI5 and MI6 were immediately connected to the cleaning lady. The chips had never been vetted. The computers had been but not the chips. The anticipation in the distant room became palpable as the men and women in room watched as the launching systems for the United Kingdom’s nuclear submarines were mirrored on their expectant computers. The plan was in process. It a product of the same plan that saw the Nazi Scientists in Los Alamos build their own nuclear weapons and spirit them away as their Archangels of molecular tyranny waiting for this time. The digits kept blinking. The seconds soon to erupt in an atomic  succession of Evil which would fusion the very seat of British democracy as the long-awaited swastika of  revenge began. They had been warned. This is their warning. They will ignore it. They have to because I do not exist. if they acknowledge the warning then must recognise my existence. But anyway this is fiction – isn’t it?

The Police Officer stopped talking for a moment and looked with surprise and bewilderment at the man. “Could you repeat that. I thought you said you were in a different time zone”…. “I am man. I am not here. That is why I can speed at 200 kmh in a 100km h zone. Man you are so out your time-frame. You’re 13 April 2019 right?”. The Officer looking around to see if this was some sort of TV reality show said slowly “yes it is”. “Well man I am in 2025 and this is my Tardus Mark 2 Space time Travel Capsule”. The Officer pulled out his taser gun. “Get out of the car”. “No man don’t you understand you are not here. Now fuck off and let me get on with my time travel”. “Ben stop” said his mate running over to him. “They are part of that Social Experiment Group”. Do you remember reading this at the beginning? She had to be sure of the extent of the Evil – these ‘Other World’s’. The ‘Organisation’ had created Worlds in which they alone ruled and they co-existed with the existing world. A Social Experiment and Research Group that had conned the World into believing it was for the common good when in fact it was for selfish gain and depravities satisfaction. The Police Officer looked into the back of the car – ” Get out now or I will taser you. I don’t care what time zone you are in because right now you are in mine. He called for backup and an ambulance. The little girl in the back of the car was bleeding profusely and semi-conscious. The man in the car flung open the door and fired his concealed sawn-off shotgun….

Ben you have a choice. A moment to decide your destiny. You are reading this and you are wondering if it is true. If it is true then you can let fate be your own to lead you to your destiny.  Alternatively you could decide that is this merely fiction. It is fiction is it not Ben is or else I would be in the Oval Office warning President Trump of the danger to the security of the United States. There is also the possibility that the CIA agent who is within ‘The Organisation’ has not read this yet and therefore it is true but as yet cannot be proven to be so. If it is true then the shotgun blasted its final solution to Ben’s life. He fell to the ground in a short scream of absolute pain and then died. His partner opened fire on the gunman who simply picked up a hand grenade armed it and threw it. The Police Officer died in a raging ball of flame as the Police Car erupted around him. “Fucker should have stayed out of my time-zone”.

Ben stares at them. A long line of unsteady swearing and shouting men all dressed in black daylo work vests adding menace to the threats they made to the men women and children walking through the housing estate. What the fuck were they doing? His orders were to keep the area cordoned off and not to interfere with the Research Experiment. It was every night – always the same route. Ben acknowledged the call about the speeding car heading his way. As Ben died for that one long second before your brain disconnects from life – he knew.

We are born into systems of trust, respect, honour and tradition. We want to believe we can trust our Governments and Police. We spend our lives trusting. We cross the street trusting the car drivers not to run us over. We walk past armed Police trusting them not to open fire and shoot us. We elect Governments and trust them to be executors of the Laws we support to protect us. ‘The Organisation’ that will barge into your life and manipulate it for their absolute gluttony of an Evil so demanding it pursues you as it’s property succeeds because of your ‘trust’. The sheer mental confrontation to an impossible world in which your trust is used as a weapon to control the edge of your World is for most people unimaginable. It is like asking them to walk on hot coals. Alongside the weapon of misplaced trust lies the other tool of trade for those who prey on the good as a field of nativity ripe with innocence to be plundered – apathy. It is not because you want to be apathetic. It is because apathy is encouraged and fed to you as a calming salve to the horrors outside your worlds of daily toil and snatched relaxation. A relaxation now the property of a bot somewhere which sold you and owned  you then bought you again – for you are a cyber bit not a human to decide your life  for yourself. You  are lead, taunted, made to feel inadequate and swooped on by the digital pirates who buccaneer through cyberspace. Except that those Columbus Organisations of our Brave new Cyberworld opened their ports to ‘The Organisation’. So intertwined is their greed and desire for power through the bullion of your cyber life that they cannot untangle the mass of corruption and cyber duplicity they have entered into. ‘The Organisation’ is a promise of untold riches and wealth. A magic carpet that will bring the World to your door. But when you enter through the Portal a USB of infinite delights you become only a object to be used, to profit from and a chalice to be emptied of all the sadistic satisfaction that can be squeezed from your screaming anguished body.

The men in the room were so sure of their destiny that they read his answer with only an academic interest. They were emotionally detached from the screaming of the child. She  a satisfaction for the urgent frenzied movements of the man whose dilated pupils saw not a young child in screaming pain only a sexual satisfaction.  The blood poured out of every part of her body that he had plundeed for his sexual satisfaction. They did not care – to them the blood of Judaism that had fornicated the purity their World had to be purged as it were the scourge of  mankind. They did not care about the man either. He was merely a tool of their trade to be used as part of the seeds of a World Conflict that was just beginning to bud around the World. They saluted the inferno engulfing Notre Dame as its crumbling spire staggered to the ground. Paris had a price to pay for its daring to leave the Reich’s womb in 1945 – they all had. London and New York would to be their Holy Grails…………they read again what he had read. One or two murmured their concern. He had said on Quora in an answer to a Question

If a singular event could bring about world peace, what would it be?

It would have to be an event that united People against all the Evils of the World in a way that they would want Evil to be fought and finally defeated.

In my perspective of the World a group of Persons exist who use Evil to further their own aims of a New World Order. Every man-made disaster and conflict will have their DNA as part of or the cause. They collect Evil, encourage it, prosper it and fund it with funds raised by the Evil itself.

A ‘light bulb’ moment for the World might spark the People into wanting they and their Evil removed from our World – for good. That means the ‘Final Fight of Good against Evil.’ It’s in the Bible, the Quran and Nostradamus prophesied the Apocalypse.

We cannot continue as we are. Change is constant therefore its application too must be a constant. We the People must want the change if it is to be applied to the way we live.

They know that I am trying to warn the World in a way in which the men in white coats do not take me away. You see that is how they deal with discontent. They lock it away. They shrugged. The Plan is a movement of motion. It cannot be stopped. Each movement a quartz of a jigsaw that locks into other. A mosque being set fire to in London, a Israeli  guard being shot near Gaza,  another USAF helicopter falling out of the sky in America. All  the second hands of the gradual movement towards the New World Order. Their New World Order. The Fuhrer’s New World Order. They are reading this. They have just launched another missile. Somebody’s house our factory is about to burst into flames. “Incoming, Incoming”. The CIA Agent is no longer in this reality. She has become part of their. Played by and acted to. She too swept into the deception and the deceit. Now part of it. Whilst she has allowed their World to become hers – children have screamed and died. You are the past not the present. You are sinking into the swamp. They know who you are. As long as I am writing this you are only helping them to succeed. Your presence gives them the credibility they need to continue.

She still did not understand. She had to.  The vermin you listen to everyday are excrements to be flushed down the sewer pipe to Hell. It is the people in the room far away in their deep concreted bunker you must fear. But you will not believe it will you?

Ben was worried. What if what he is writing is true. That means everytime I pull over a speeding car I stand the chance of being blasted to death by a sawn-off shotgun. But Ben was not alone for there is more than one Ben in the NSW Police Force. But the Ben’s in the London Metropolitan Police wondered if the story was his future too. All the Bens in all the Police Forces now drew their guns when approaching a stopped car. A little old lady of 90 was tasered by a Ben in the NYPD – she was only getting out her walking stick. Ben tried to revive her but she died. He was charged with manslaughter.

“But Prime Minister we have to plan for the March. People are already beginning to set-up camp alongside the Mall and in Saint James Park. The protests outside the Australian Embassy are becoming violent and our Embassies in India, Pakistan and many in Africa are under siege.” “These people they are demonstrating about have nothing to do with the British Government. I have spoken to President Trump we are going to shift the blame onto Australia and their Prime Minster – oh what is his name? They change Prime Minister’s over there at  the drop of a hat” …”Morrison is his name Prime Minister”.

Nobody will believe it.  A commoner with a birthright to the Throne of the King of England. Anyway he will be got rid of…….She laughed. What next? A spaceship with the Guardians of the Galaxy coming to take him away and those that were not Evil to a New World whilst the Evil of Mankind made the Planet inhabitable. China read this and accelerated its Moon Colony Project. She sat down feeling warm in her red jumper. She was getting used to the smell. The man on the stage explained that they were the ones behind the whole project and would not let everybody know how it all operated. In another room another group said exactly the same to yet more people invited to attend the Social Experiment. The men in the room far away laughed. It is so easy to take over the World they said to each other. The same was being said every night to people all over the World. A duplicity that fed off their greed and apathy.

It is pointless to repeat all the scenarios in the World that are part of the Lie.  In every town and City as night falls the barriers are set-up. Groups of people are queued and ready to do as they are told by the screamers.  But Evil has a cost. It has to be paid for. Some parts of it are already without  resources. Some are fed with by the toil of the People – Government Funding. Large Companies are charged advertising fees. However as the unbelievable truth surfaces like a grey dawn mist day by day the tap is being turned off. That is why right now your front door is about to burst open. They want you, your children, your belongings, your home, your car and everything in your bank account. You might be in bed or watching Television. You will be all cosy and comfortable. Nobody is going to burst into your home. The family looked at each other. They all knew who he was writing about. It was with them now. The line. Will they cross it and enter the ‘true reality’ or remain in ‘the Lie’?

The front door somewhere has burst open. Most people are law-abiding most men not used to to having to face physical confrontation. Women know more than men how vulnerable their womanhood is to force. The men and women who burst in are in their own urgent totally enveloping World. They only know acquiescence. For years now everybody had done exactly as they were are told. If they wanted something they just took it. The Goliath with them had taken hours to put on his body suit and armour. Inside the huge muscled towering  threat of a man was a 5′ 65 year old coward who received his pleasure from the fear he implanted in others. The woman never had a chance to scream. She was forced onto her knees and made to gag and choke on the surging uncaring tool of man. The children were quickly bound, blindfolded and gagged. They were to be got ready for the auction. It did not take long for the man to bleed so profusely that they could not longer ram the wooden broom handle into him. The film crew with them streamed it all live to the paying subscribers on the Internet. Selected high paying guests watched from the comfort of the still warm sofa. Outside the family waited to move in. They looked the same as the those who were now screaming or dead. Unbelievable isn’t it?  You have just bolted the front door and rammed two cartridges into your shotgun. Oh you do not have a shotgun and they are already in your home. They cut-off your phone lines and the Internet and took down your mobile connection. You gave them access to everything – they know who you all are. Where you all live. They know your phone company. They know how much you have in your Bank accounts. They have already sold your daughters. Who is next?

There is more so much more. Yet he knew that enough had been said. He was not ‘The People’. They had to decide what their future was to be. Many centuries ago they were given a choice. That same choice was before them now. It has been written and IT will be done; that which is for Good to triumph over Evil.

There is a ledger. The majesty of his being wipes the dust off it. Alongside it lays ‘The Wrath of God’. Angel watched as the balance sheet was compiled. Names that stirred the dust of so many battles now came to see the light of the New Dawn which would see the rebirth of mankind. The warriors of the past stood mighty and proud of their principled and just thrust of endurance as each took mankind a step closer to its Eldorado. Angel had a soft spot for Winston Churchill for he had stood with a Nation on that lonely day 15 September 1940 when the might of Evil soared above them and all that mankind had ever fought for did depend on that day. Angel had soared amongst those weary fighters from so many Nations with an endurance and strength and with the power of God’s blessing for they knew that should on that day they fail then the black and red twisted shadow of Evil would stamp out all the freedoms mankind had ever had.

She listened  as the balance sheet gave its window to mankind’s history.  Oh how she was heartened when she heard that great speech ‘We have a Dream’ from Martin Luther King. It was as if God’s great choirs of Angels were singing in total harmony and equality.  Angel cheered Mr King on. She so delighted to hear him in debate now with Winston Churchill each a match for the others will each still  bearing their beacons of illumination for mankind. Angel watched as the debit side of the ledger was read. The inferno of Hell lit the pages as the screams of the Evil paid back humanity for the lives they so with their evil took. The debit side groaned daily under the weight of new entries each a debt to be repaid each an eternity of pain to be suffered. Angel wondered of Prime Minister Theresa May would be a debit or a credit.

Angel looked down far into the depth of mankind’s world. She watched as he wrote that which she know he would write. Angel would ensure that all of mankind would read his words and know of they truth they contained. Angel transformed the frequency of cyber and digital into the ‘Wrath of God’s Word’. Images of the Evil championed by many but most by one single and now hated Nation appeared without interruption on the windows of the world. From computer to television and to cinema in every country of the World the Evil that lay deep inside that one Nation as if a twisted demonic serpent was seen and so many peoples of the World it did anger. Frantic attempts to stop this bearing of the truth were of no consequence. In their destructive attempt to stop the world reading and seeing the truth the screamers of ‘The Organisation’ ran in a frenzy of drug-fuelled uninhabited violence taking down all that transmitted the Evil of the one Nation that most exerted itself to act against the will of God.  God displayed his almighty and from the ‘Wrath of God’ sent his blazing steel red hot shafts of anger into those who dared to be God – they screamed. Oh how they screamed. He sent down roots of God’s retribution so that all who sought to transgress the ‘Will of God’ would forever see and hear these screaming evil husks of mankind. Doctors and Nurses who were sent to their aid were too given the pain of all those that the Evil of this Nation had given to their own children.

Angel took the little child – still a baby. She placed her so that the Marine would find her. The Marine now had the power of forthright Justice given to him by God – Semper Fi – Your loyalty is requested asked God. For God never demands. His will is always a choice. The Marine was silent,  angry and grim. His face the mirror of the child’s pain. The steel thin needles were still in the child’s head. They were long black and bloodied. The child shook with fear and pain. Her face had become a gargoyle of the Evil it had been given. The Marine walked past the line of Police. He spat in their faces. The Marine showed the crying frightened bleeding baby to the People of the World. The anger of the Peoples of the World could be heard in every frightened corridor of Power from London to Washington to Brussels, Australia, Russia, China,  Africa, Asia and South America. For they all knew.

Angel watched as a woman ran shouting that she was able to do whatever she wanted to children. She had the same long black needles in her hand that were in the babies head. She wore a white coat. She was caucasian with blonde hair and glasses. She was from the one Nation that so sought with every one of its Peoples to dwell in the comfort of the armpit of Evil. When she read this description she felt the fear deep inside her. She knew that one day soon maybe today they would come for her. Angel sought from the Heavens the torch of Justice. It glared in the Woman’s eyes. It lit her to an intensity that shine through day and night. Now she would never be able to hide. Those who made her run were too full of disgust and anger to do no more than show the solitude of their emotions to the watching Peoples as a grimess of desire. Theirs was a duty. People had to know there would now be consequences to anymore acts of Evil.

“Prime Minister you have to do something”. ‘It has been done’ she said calmly and with purpose. “The troops are on their way”. That is what the Prime Minister should have said. 

Angel cheered in delight. Oh how she cheered. The Lion heard the cheering as if it were fuel for the energy he most needed now. He leaped his great gargumatum leap of faith in his own power and tore into the man who with his high-powered rifle so cowardly sought to kill the elephant. The elephant roared his satisfaction as the Lion gave magnificent vent to his anger tearing the poacher to shreds. As he wrote this a screaming as if from the very subterranean depth of Hell could be heard. Angel took her crossbow of silver steel and took careful aim. The shaft of retribution flew through the air pinning yet another evil coward of the Nation of the Damned to the ground. He will lay their screaming until his eventual death.  The pain the writer had just received in his hands and head had been repaid 1000 fold by the Wrath of God. The Eagle who had watched the approaching poacher gave a cry of its own appreciation for he had warned the Lion and Elephant of and what was to come.  Oh how Angel had clapped  at this new sense God has given creatures great and small. Somewhere else a Poacher ran as a pack of wild dogs smelt the feast to come. Creatures great and small had enough of mankind’s greed and selfishness. Giant spiders came out their lairs, huge swamp rats invaded the corridors of power. Man-eating eels with vicious sharp teeth powered through sewers and into homes, crocodiles and alligators slithered onto busy beaches and riverside gardens. The Londoners were stunned with the fear of seeing armoured layers of prehistoric man as alligators shadowed the pavements of Oxford Street. Giant seagulls with sharp steel beaks dived bombed the Metropolitan Police in London and the NSW Police in Sydney. Elephants thundered down motorways. Page 7 Wrath of God.

Giant cockroaches filled screaming restaurants in the cities of the damned. Larger bulbous bedbugs emerged from mattresses and pillows to send people screaming into the night. Angel laughed with delight at the sight of mankind being repaid for all the Hell it sought to bring to God’s Earth and creatures great and small. Angel became a powerhouse of amplitude for creatures great and small.  Sewers were opened and kitchens entry made possible for all creatures great and small.

The cat in 10 Downing  Street sought her ancestral line and became a Tiger at dusk to roam the corridors and rooms  of Power.  Prime Minister Theresa May pinned to her bed by the nightly invasion  of spiders and snakes – Page 3 of the Wrath of God.

The ships of the Navies of the Nations that sought most to act against the Will of God were swamped by the great fins of Moby Dick assisted  by Neptune  to show the anger of God. Giant rats roamed the decks and cabins whilst monster pythons slept in the seaman’s bunks. Page 5 Wrath of God.

There is more so much more. Yet he knew that enough had been said. He was not ‘The People’. They had to decide what their future was to be. Many centuries ago they were given a choice. That same choice was before them now. It has been written and it will be done; that which is for Good to triumph over Evil.

Not the end, nor the beginning. For you the People are the beginning of a mankind sought to progress the Principle of Humanity – that we all respect all life on our Planet; each others and our own  and those of Creatures Great and Small. Are you to be its end or are you to stand proud with all those whose lives sought to benefit ours?

That is enough. He could write more. One day it will all be heard. You must make your choice. Which side of God’s ledger are you to be?

Children of the Festival of the 1000 Years of Peace. 1000 years hence. Today the 22 April the year 2019. I am still writing for you. One day you will read these words. For they will survive. The Evil that shadows our World ever darker each passing day will not. These words are not for you to learn from for you are born in Peace. They are to ensure you give value to the Peace that you will enjoy throughout your lives and appreciate those who gave their lives for the humanity of mankind to survives as the Peace Movement the whole Galaxy is part of.

For in your World’s – the many World’s of the Universe there is Peace. The Guardians of the Galaxy ensure that the knowledge of this time is read as a history and an awareness that without respect for all the life given to us by God there can be no Peace. The time for me to speak on behalf of all those in this World who have been seared by the Evil I fight is not yet here but it fast approaches. I will not be blunt in my writing to you of what I yet have to see. Children you have the love of life that I in my writing I try to give you as my gift. A gift that those who make much of their lie  of a promise of protection have almost blinded me. Justice will be their end.

But for Evil there is a battle to come. A battle the like of which has never been seen before on this scorched and dying Planet. You will have seen the epic acts of bravery, the deaths of so many and the fusion which only God could divert from its intended firestorm of latitude and longitude of so many peoples. I have given warning and yet notice has not been taken, my consul not sought. Unless my warnings are heeded and great preparations are made then the great cites if the World will melt in a fury of atomic implosion. We will see children – love and enjoy your World for we the Good fought and died so that you could enjoy it in all the splendid colours of sunrise and sunset – each a welcome and adieu to an opportunity to achieve all that is best in each of you.

Nostradamus sighs as he reads these words and moves the second hand closer to the 12 of the Apocalypse.

“Sarge I am telling you it’s a bleeding Tiger”.

“Edwards don’t bloody well swear at me. Listen how would a Tiger be roaming up and down outside Number 10 Downing Street. Have you been taking something? Edwards? Bloody hell is that you screaming”?

That’s it then. Leave it to you – ‘The People of the World’. You know where I am when you want to end the Evil.

Then the pain began again. This time it was intended to kill him. He knew that there was nobody he could appeal to – only God. Wrath of God enacted. Page I. He was at work trying to live a normal routine in the madness of the World that he was forced to accept. The pain hammered into his head it was as if somebody was pushing a hot needle into his brain. Around him the normality of his was life was disgustingly absurd. His workmates walked past him, people smiled and chatted. He felt the fear and hid it with his defiance. He knew that at any moment his brain could explode in a tumorous explosion. He walked as steadily as he could not wanting to draw attention to himself. The pain did not stop it continued its deadly amplitude of energy.

Members of the International Criminal Court, United Nations General Assembly and United Nations Human Rights Committee I now want you and the whole world to listen to a 7 year old child who will mumble to you in her own horrendous words and stumbling the pain of man’s wanton evil selfishness she was medically modified to accept. You will be sickened, disgusted and then angered. You will also feel the guilt. For you read these words when they were first formed. You read of the evil willful gluttony of mankind’s depravity and choose not to act on them. God will one day be your Judge.

But today you act as the will of the People who through their anger and demonstration sought an end to this most cowardly of Government abdication of legal and moral responsibility . The man and woman who were once  Prime Minister’s knew of the pain, the fear, the use of Government facilities and monies. It would be impossible for them not to know. They were both warned time and time again of the horrors carried out by the so-called International Research Group.  But they choose their own selfish ambition and cowardly defence of their Office over the rights of this child and the many others who suffered this modern day Eichmann horror.

Both Prime Ministers are reading these words as they are written. Here International Criminal Court, United Nations General Assembly and United Nations Human Rights Committee are the CIA, MI5 and AISO recordings of the Prime Ministers reading this  and choosing not to act as they were legally and morally required to.

Many of the children will not live through the tortuous drugged pain they are enduring as this is written.

What is going through the minds of the Prime Ministers as they read this? Do they not see the child? Full of life and gaiety. Innocent and trusting. Laughing with her new friend. He smells. His dayglo work vest now bloated with red. The blood dried. He held her hand tight. She began to cry. He stabbed her with the needle. The men waited in slobbering Evil anticipation. Her parents were not worried. After all the Police were nearby adding a false legitimacy to the so-called Social Experiment.

As he writes he wonders why man has become so wanton of Evil. Why is it that we have become so accepting of all that we should not be? Are we the people as wilful individuals now truly impotent?

‘Prime Minister are you reading this? The whole World will erupt once this gets out.

‘I am not responsible for what is happening. Her Majesty’s Government has no jurisdiction in the matter of the International Zone’.

‘But Prime Minister the United States, Indonesia and China are mobilising their military to rescue the children and their own citizens’.

‘Excuse me. Prime Minister the Chiefs of Staff wish to see you. I am afraid they are insisting you see them immediately. The Chief Constables are with them.

‘What all of them’. Yes Prime Minister.’

‘One moment. Get the Australian Prime Minister on the phone’.

‘That will not be possible Prime Minister. We are unable to contact Australia. All communications  between Australia and the World are not operating’.

She read That’s it then. Leave it to you – ‘The People of the World’. You know where I am when you want to end the Evil.

Now the dawn of true and absolute reality began to penetrate the clouds of deceit and lies the CIA Agent had been smothered in.

For those who assist Evil there is of course no ending. Therefore, much as this story ends it also begins.

He heard the screaming. This was not the short but ended screaming he was used to. It was a banshee of pained explosion. It howled it begged and it screamed. He tried to get up but the was chained to the stark steel chair with rusty shackles which gripped him like a vice cutting into his skin. The red blood stark against his white shaking body. He tried to understand what was happening. He remembered the pain in his chest and saw the Page Number and the title of the Book – Page 10 – The Wrath of God. We are at the time of this writing still only on Page 2 which contains the blackened faces as told of in the Quran and begins the path to eternal damnation in the Bible. He was blinded by the light. It shined into his very soul and pierced his mind as an arrow of Justice. Each flight the colour of a child who he had allowed to be brutally drugged, raped and tortured. The shaft carried the children’s screams to him – they so loud he too screamed begging for the cacophony of retribution to stop. ‘I was doing as I was told’ he blubbered sobbing and stammering for now the pain was his only world. ‘Police Commissioner’  commanded a voice sending tremors of yet more pain through his wrecked body.  A small child looked at him and said ‘Why? The child was covered in blood. Her mouth enlarged as though Satan himself itself had engulfed himself inside of her.  Her eyes were crystal blue yet her skin was black. The Final Solution has no place for others than the Master Race.

He woke up. Sweating, shivering with fear. His bedroom came into view. God had given him a choice in the Final Battle of Good against Evil. The Ledger had his name. His debit or credit to God yet to be entered. When you read these words as you will Commisioner you must wonder why it is that I am not dead. Evil is to be defeated. God will protect his warriors. The Commissioner shook his head in fearful and awed wonderment and then ducked the screaming giant Seagull as its sharpened beak tore into his uniform – Wrath of God Page 2. . He crossed himself and went in search of his duty both legal and moral.

The ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom swore in exasperation. He had woke through a nightmare of Fire that he could not escape. He had looked at his bloodshot eyes and black face. ‘What the Hell’. Very appropriate . No matter how hard he tried the black would not come off his face.


He reads these words. Exodus 32:33-34 The Lord said to Moses, “Whoever has sinned against Me, I will blot him out of My book. “But go now, lead the people where I told you Behold, My angel shall go before you; nevertheless in the day when I punish, I will punish them for their sin.” Was it too late he wondered. He checked his makeup and ordered a car to take him to 10 Downing Street.

Is there an end?

No not today. I know you are reading this Mr President. I know you are wondering who you can trust.

The CIA agent is reading this. Will she remember these words when she addresses the military chiefs of America with these same words?  Suddenly there was shockwave, a blinding light and a sound that had so much energy it blasted her mind’s thoughts away. They knew. But then they always had.

This is not easy. To know that which is true but to act and be the untrue. It is as if I exist as two. One the unknowing and the other the knowing. You are mankind. You the millions who are watching as each letter I type brings to you a fear that I am truly your voice and that it those who you gave your trust to that seek to silence the ‘Voice of the People’ – your voice. ‘We the People’ who rise every day to a dawn of expectation, to a sunrise of hope and a day of opportunity. We who toil with those of every race and colour. We who laugh cry and die. We who hope for all that mankind has the opportunity to achieve . We learn, we study, we train, we achieve. We strive so many of us for our own Nirvana in and that we can better mankind. We who kneel before God and seek that which he guides us with – The Word of God. We are the People. We are mankind and within each of us is the Power to do good for ourselves and others. That is why you are reading this – Hope. The hope that your trust will not be used against you. Do not let it be so. Stand up People. Rise up. March. Be defiant. Let those who have died for us be proud of us.

The gates of the Embassies buckled. ‘Prime Minister’ they are very very angry’……

Does it matter – this story. Only you ‘The People’ can answer that question.

While you decide in a large hanger a group of serious men and women are in unison with a combination of incredulity and facial gestures that suggest they have just met Elvis (The King) on the moon serving at a drive-in Macdonald’s whose staff are all daleks from Doctor Who. Despite the seriousness of the situations our CIA heroine had  to excuse herself momentarily whilst she suffered an uncontrollable fit of absolute hysterical laughter. She was trying to explain to this assembly of military Trojans who included General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.the Chairman of the U.S.A. Joint Chiefs of Staff why it was that the soldiers of the Australian Defence Force were escorting a long line  of bearded men wearing pink underpants, high heels and lift me up bras. It was too much for her normally sane and logical rationale. She went back into the hanger, OK Gentlemen and ladies I will begin again. Just as she said that a group of hairy men and women totally naked walked in grunting and groaning some actually bonded to the other in the act of physical sex. Sorry mam – its the Stone Age Time Travel Group they got lost said the white jacketed man with them. All the pairs of eyes in the hanger opened wider than the Forth Bridge and jaws dropped in a perfect military unison of movement.

I will just interject at this point. The reason I want the writer to pause is that the Joint Chiefs of Staff will like many of you reading this be totally unaware of the not only the enormity of what the ‘Organisation’ have produced but also the absolute and unbelievable  cost of the wasteful and useless Organization and its activities they have devised. Are you a Citizen of the United Kingdom? The 65 million U.K Citizens reading this as it appears to many on  Giant outdoor screens will nod and say yes. Prime Minister Theresa May will take a very pointed interest and the Queen (God Bless Her) will put on her reading glasses. Citizens of the United Kingdom when you are waiting in the corridor of your local Hospital in a makesfit ward because they is not enough Government funding for a new Ward it will be because the Government  of the U.K has been sucked of funding by the Organisation and its absolute pointless Social and Medical Research experiment and associated activities.

The CIA agent and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are reading yes – Good Morning Sirs and Madams. A glimmer of a light bulb begins to appear on their distant mind’s horizon.

The CIA Agent asked the attendant Marines to close the entry and exit doors. ‘Cut’ that’s enough – let’s break for coffee. The men and women got up chattering excitedly. The woman acting the CIA Agent took off her wig and face mask to reveal a pock-marked skin covered in stich marks.

The real CIA Agent stood stock still in a moment of revelation. Now she understood. She didn’t really but she has began to. If she did understand you would not be reading this as I would be in Washington D.C. explaining the whole madness to President Trump.

Ok let’s break as I have to go for breakfast and the NSW Police are getting impatient as the line of traffic is now so long it is becoming a major hold-up to the movement of Sydney logistical needs. The submarine broke through the ice. Dammit said the Commander where the Hell are we?

Yes it is confusing. It is meant to be. This is a work of fiction like no other. Expect the unbelievable and apply it to your life. For every person in the World is part of the World on this page. You Mr and Mrs Citizen, Mr Policeman, Ms Policewoman, you the Post Office Worker, you the schoolgirl., you the airline pilot, you the refuse collector, you the Member of Parliament, you the Russian General, you Mr President, you meaning all the millions and millions of people watching and reading these words in the many languages of the World must ask yourselves ‘ How are our lives improved by being part of this?”

That’s right I know – really? Yes I know that right now in huge buildings people are writing these words as if they are their own. No? Impossible. How do you know? Know what? I know nothing. If you knew that I know would they know?

Who is he? He is you? I am him he is not me. I am the one. No you are not. I am the one. But they all follow me. No they do not they all follow me. Who are we all? We are you.

It is unbelievable. It is monstrous. It is the World as they have recreated it.

The CIA Agent is reading these words as are the evaluators of Intel in Langley and MI5 in GCHQ. The unraveling has began.

Who am I? You may look like me. You may act and talk like me. You may write as I write but you never write before me – always after me. You are the many but I am the one. The Printers in every country of the World are powering into life as I write this. Monies paid so that Evil may prosper from that which will one day destroy those who seek its support. You believe that you are me. You have been me for so long that you are taken to be me. All you who follow those who are me – what of your wasted effort now?

It is too big to comprehend, to ugly to face and too demanding to deny. Yes people of the World each and every one of you is part of the ‘Big Lie’.

‘Cut thats a wrap.’

No that does not work anymore or will not soon. You see people,  now they are creating their Worlds from this writing. They are now in future creation where their every being comes from that which I write. They live in Worlds they create for you to support and live in and for they to profit from. As these words light the minds of some they will be creating the moment of revelation in every country of the World. The CIA Agent already has her doubles. You the People will be told it is all over. The man that I am writing this for will be presented to you as he who has survived and the CIA Agent his saviour – real or a film set you will be paying for it. Who is the writer? I am the writer. Then who are you writing for? I am writing for him. Who is him. Me? I am he but the writer is who you the people have created.

The real CIA Agent reads this words and says to me ‘ What the fuck. Just put in plain bloody English so even those dumbarses in MI5 and MI6  can understand.

Ok I will try and keep it simple. But you must by now know that our communication is now part of their Worlds. They will be shadowing this and recreating it in their Worlds. You must be now understand that this is the centre of the Worlds and all actions they carry out in the creation of three Worlds have at some point come from the World of my reality and now yours. Look for yourself in their Worlds and the dimness of understanding will clear.

I write this answer on Quora. at 6.00 pm on the 5 May 2019. Which is now today.

Why does physical affection — something as small as holding hands — make us feel better when we may be feeling down?

Immediately it is copied and translated into every language of the World. It is now authored by many who claim to be me. I receive no payment and I should as I have copyright but the Organisation illegally claims my work. It does not stop there. All those who copy my work and claim to be me are themselves copied – the pyramid of deception is franchised around the World. A lot of money is paid to the Organisation and its investors. Now CIA Agent they recreate you. There is a building – there are a lot of buildings just the same around the World. Each building is subdivided into thousands of little Worlds. In each of those little Worlds is part of my own. There is more to come….

“The CIA read this? Why did they ignore its obvious warning” said the President. He began his thunderous tirade – those in the Oval Office with him took a step back waiting for the President’s shockwave to hit them. “Who has allowed this threat to our National and Global Security”

The Court room was hushed. But it was not a hush of official sanction it was a silence that could be heard all over the World. The senior Judge of the bench of the International Criminal Court stood and  barely able to contain his mounting fury said slowly and loudly  “I am sorry Madam Prime Minister but did you just say that the enforcement of the Law in regard to an illegal group who murdered and dismembered your own citizens including children was not the responsibility of your Government and its security agencies?

But the World was not silent any longer. It erupted into a tornado of protest and anger such as had never been heard before. Could this happen? Is it going to happen? Are you reading the future?

Sorry? Run that past me again. What exactly are all there people doing here and why are some naked and others are men dressed as women and who are those people screaming at everybody?”

“Well General it’s a sort of experiment. They have been told they are being paid to be like this. Of course they are not but they simple will not accept they have been doing all this for nothing.

“Experiment. Experiment. Looks more like everybody has gone mad. What are they all waiting for? Damn you. Arrest that man. He just tried to put his hands on my buttocks”

“Sorry sir but this is a International Zone and we do not have the authority to arrest anybody.

What. What did you say? Right get me out of this madness. Call a Staff Meeting. We will damn well bring this lunacy to an end.

Well by now you the reader must be very confused. But that is what they want. They lie about everything and they confuse to hide the truth.

So time for a little clarity.

Yes there is a group who have conned the World into believing they have the authority to act on various matters. They are everywhere.

One way or another you the single Citizen are affected by them. You the Government are advised by them. You the Charity come under their umbrella organisation. You the business are controlled by them and everybody is owed payment by them. You the once innocent are employed by them. You the daughter has been raped and murdered by them. You the parents have been conned into believing that they are caring for your children.  You who are homeless because you sold your home to invest money with them. You the broke because you invested all your savings with them.  They are the World’s collection of the Evil, the Lazy, the filthy, the criminal, the fraudsters, the child abuser, the phedophile, the bully; in other words the ‘scum of the Earth’.

Who is writing this? Nobody. As none of this is of any concern to anybody than it cannot be true and therefore the writer does not exist. I am writing the fiction. The writer who is warning you of what has happened, what is happening  and what will happen cannot exist otherwise the Police would have arrested those who he is describing and he would be on his way to Washington DC to meet with President Trump on urgent matters of USA National and Global Security – obviously not as it is 8.00p.m 15 May 2109. real time and President Trump is not meeting him.

So that’s it. There could be more though/……and there is.

Ok let’s hear what you have to say.

Well Prime Minister oh and congratulations. You not we have to be very very sure that there is nobody in the World who is ever going to find him and tell him what is going on. That means Prime Minister that either you or they have to control all media, all Internet, all mail and 7 billion people……..

What are you saying? Are you saying that he does not know.

Yes Prime Minister he does not know who the Organisation are. He has never met them and I can assure you Prime Minister when he does he is going to be one very angry man and he will want them arrested on the spot.

Yes but we have been told that he is part of the Research Group.

Prime Minister will you listen. Soon we will have no choice but to meet with him and inform him of the group who we will by then have classified as criminal – Prime Minister the protests around the World are increasing in their numbers and level of anger. It is beginning to affect the sale of Australian goods and services.

The ASIO operator recording what was being said in the Office of the Prime Minister did not know he was being hacked by the MI5/6 operator who in turn did not know he was being hacked by the CIA operator……who of course had no idea he was being hacked by the Chinese and Russian Operatives – who were being hacked by the MI5/6 and CIA operatives.

Why did they not know the CIA Director asked as he read this. That is not possible.

Of course not. Nobody would allow the chip manufacturers to be accessed by a Global Research Group – would they? What if the Research Group was a means of allowing the ‘Frontier of Evil resurrected’ to infiltrate all major Security Groups?

The American submarine was waiting. Silent. Its missiles armed. In New York the sun shone, the people bustled and strode into their day of work. The yellow taxis their carriages of opportunity sending America’s soldiers of fortune into the citadels of Wall Street…………..

Time is only relevant when it is the future it is shaping. He knew that time was also a dynamic that had a specific gravity to the subjective and not the objective. Nostradamus nodded in agreement as he watched the few remaining sands of time spill their granules of hope and objectivity into the maelstrom of confusion and death that was creeping like a Black Death on the sunset of mankind. God knew but then God always knows. But deep in his heart God knew that the dreams and hopes of humanity could not be wasted. His creation was a living soul and spirit that was on the verge of extinction……………………Angel sank down onto her knees. She looked to the Heavens. They were all their. Men women and children. The Brave and the Holy. For mankind is its past as it is the present and its present the dreams of its future. Mankind still had hope, dreams and a future. In a split second of a finite second of time Angel felt that hope when two men crossed the steps of a history worn down by war and confusion and strode into a new time; a timeline of co-operation and the emergence of a Nation. But thunder clouded that second of time as the Evil that once swept away millions as if naught but burning straw midst a Holocaust of Tyranny and choking death reared its ugly shouting head – Nostradamus watched and a cold shiver ran through his body. One granule of the times of sand remained. Onto that one granule a meteorite of the epoch of time gathered all that which had been of the past and now stood in the present – God himself breathed a moment of stillness. It was here. The time of that which had been written of by the Great Prophet Mohammed who laid the path of righteousness for those who choose to follow and Jesus the son of God; the bearer of that which be resurrected as life born again. The Universe in all its greatness and cosmic order lit stars to shine the way for now was to begin the Final Battle of Good against Evil.

The coffee rippled in the cups as New Yorkers made their way to work.

The Pentagon froze. Faces grim. Boots marching through corridors. The calmness overlaid with a silent fear. They had lost contact with a submarine. A submarine with nuclear weapons………………..

‘Tell me again” the MI5 agent repeated to the security Guard. “You let in all of them complete with equipment and all you can say is ‘The Paperwork was in Order’. Now you are saying they did not bring the cases out”.

In a not so distant cold silent limestone room the digital clock blinked its path to a nuclear firestorm. “Listen, I keep telling you we were told they could have access to everywhere. That Social Experiment lot”. The collective of MI5 shuddered. The digits were in their final hour. Around those digits of collective Armageddon the traffic of London swarmed as if scurrying worker ants taking their loads to a hive of industry. MI5 asked the Security Guard if he knew where they had gone with their silver cases and long tubes. “Oh yes I took them there myself” he said as he pointed to the depths of the Houses of Parliament. “Off the scale” said the MI5 with the geiger counter. Oh….. My……. God said the collective of MI5………

“I am sorry ma’am . Could you say that again. Are you telling me that the trucks went into the nuclear arms bunker? The NSA waited for the answer hoping it would be a negative”. “Why sure they did” said the Security Guard at the Clerk at the desk of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Security Office.

The CIA were totally absorbed in the writing as it appeared on their screens. “Don’t worry CIA somebody has to be the Global scapegoat so it might as well be you” I said and he typed.

President Putin is smiling to himself as he reads these words – at least the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation would not be blamed for the end of the World.

The President of the United States of America did not like that. Damn if I am going to take the blame for the end of the World. Who the heck is in charge of all this?…………………………..

The President watched as he copied the conditions for asylum in the United States onto the page. First, an asylum applicant must establish that he or she fears persecution in their home country. Second, the applicant must prove that he or she would be persecuted on account of one of five protected grounds: race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or particular social group. Laughing at the irony of it the President said to one of his waiting aides – Well that’s my election in the bag. Get his passport ready.

At that same time the dawning of the realisation that the life-long shame and ridicule that such an act would cause to two Nations who so often lectured others about human rights acted as a hammer blow to two Prime Ministers.

What do you mean you have no idea what they do? They come to work here everyday, we pay them a fee and yet you the CEO have no idea what they are doing here? But Sir Richard we were told they are part of the Global Research And Social Experimentation Group and that we had to allow secondment of our employes to them and provide every resource available.

What? said Sir Richard. Why did you not tell me about this? We were told that as a condition of our compensation that we we were not to tell anybody about our involvement. Sir Richard for once was speechless…………………

“Where is my mummy? I want my mummy. The heavily made-up woman looked at the young girl with a just barely concealed look of dirty salacious anticipation. “Its all right my dear” she said as the needle entered the child’s arm. The men watching in the shadows began to exhibit the worst characteristics of mankind at its most Evil as they slowly moved to where the young girl lay. Her eyes now glazed, her body temperature raising as the drug took effect. The noise was only heard by the gargoyles of filth for its first second. The bullets from the M27 tore into their bodies as they leapt into the air screaming and then silent. The woman held the girl. The Marine stepped towardS them and held out his hand – the woman moved away from the girl. She never felt the butt of his M27. She fell to the ground silent and still. He took the child, gently so very gently. His tears falling onto the young girls face. He knew she was dead but he could not put her down. Why he cried. Why did you let them do this. What Evil people are you?………………………….

“Ok. Lets take this one step at a time” said Sir Richard. We have a group of people working in our company who we have never met, who we have nothing to do with, who have seconded some of our staff – apparently mostly young women, who we pay but have absolutely no idea what it is they do. Is that correct?” Silence. More Silence. Some Coughing. “Well?’ said Sir Richard. Ok that’s it I am going in there. He burst open the door. He was speechless……………………..The huge room was empty. ” Do you realise how much this is costing?” he roared to his wilting management team.

In London the now enlarged security services team had began searching the Houses of Parliament. “I do not understand” said the man from Harwell the Nuclear Physics Research Laboratory. “The geiger counter is off the scale but there is nothing here”. The MI5 agent burst into the House of Commons which had been evacuated of Parliamentarians and Staff. “Last year. They were here last year at the same time as the building work was going on”. The Director of MI5 asked the question but his racing heartbeat stated that he already knew the answer. Who were here? “The Social Experiment Research Group Sir”

The Pentagon was ablaze with enquiry and suspicion. They still could not locate the submarine.

On a airfield somewhere in South America the planes began their jetted roar of anticipation. The pilots did not yet know where they were going. The long cylinders of muted death were carefully, very carefully loaded into the hungry stomachs of the waiting aircraft. Huge winged multi-engined aircraft – able to fly high and far. Fission and fusion and a multitude of neural suffocation – mankind could so always dig deep into its menu of screaming horrifying painful death.

In New York the people bustled as you bustle in New York.

Sir, you don’t think? “No I do not” said the Director of the CIA. It is just fiction. “Yes sir but he has always been so right”. We have somebody there don’t we? said the Director of the CIA. “Well we have the station staff”. No isn’t there somebody else I was told. Somebody in deep, very deep?”

The CIA Agent is reading this and at this point the CIA Agent takes a deep breath. “Why me” she is saying to herself. Realising now that saving the world was not like in the films. You have no choice he wrote. She had been waiting for him to write. You were always going to be the one.

……Angel stirred. Angel knew that at time of confusion mankind needed a clear path through the twisted rotten roots of Evil that sought to stunt the growth of humanity within mankind. Angel soared high into the skies above a mankind that now was at a junction of time that God had long ago planned for. Nostradamus peered down into earth for he too had long awaited this moment. There would be no time again for mankind to make its choice……..The Guardians of the Galaxy soared through the cosmos on their way to revisit a Planet they had once been the founders of its germination sowing the seeds of its miraculous bio-system that gave life where there was none and gave future when only past existed……………..Their craft whirred through time and space each venturia of energy giving power to the thrust of an eternal physics that sought to power the gravity of an industrial momentum that like the time of the Roman Empire gave each step in time a new momentum from each whirlpool of powering undying cosmos.

Somewhere in Houston Texas a collective of gasped surprise and wonderment become a binary process of energised information. The rows of silent attendants to space stood up in sheer disbelief. They were reading his his words. Their ever summarizing minds leapt as one to place the sheer tanglement of new signals they had been monitoring from the vastness of the Universe along these new words. One picked up a phone. “Get me the Pentagon”. In the Oval office a phone rang………………..

The CIA Agent is reading these words. But her mind is now concerned on a more urgent matter. She knows he has information she does not. She knows of his concern for the children. What if he is right?…………..

They stared straight ahead. The early morning sun its rays an unveiling of their pivotal place in the future history of Evil. The open back of the truck a mixture of blue and army green olive camouflage and a man in a suit. They were grim without humour. Each transfixed by a combination of selfish greed and misplaced historical loyalty. There is no excuse for their betrayal of their oaths of Office. Each man knew that he had forsaken all his Nation had fought for yet each had convinced themselves that their selfish gain was a by-product of their intended treasons and not its cause. They are reading this and are shocked, surprised and feel that little knot of anxiety that you get when faced with the unexpected and unknown. He laughed at their fear – the man in the suit. But he did not know. How could he. He did not know of the battle to come. For Evil always expects the expected and not the unexpected. Evil’s Achilles Heel is that it sees only Evil and not good. Therefore, it does not fear the good. The Army commander a Black African, a large middle-aged man with a rounded angry face shouts in surprise as he reads these words. The man in the suit calmed him – “He is only one man” he said forgetting that God is a battalion of Justice and an Army of Retribution. They think they know what they are doing. Their coup is part of the plan. A blitzkrieg of a multitude of armed insurrections and uprisings – a smoke screen for Armageddon. They do not know that are a mere bit part in a larger play but then puppets never know their masters will………………A missile is launched. The people silent with the oncoming fear of pain and death. Where will it land? Are you to be its bloody red carpet of destruction?

“Damn it. I am expected to believe that there are a group of General and other senior military commanders who are planning to take over the United Kingdom and the United States? ” Sorry Prime Minister the link to the President has just dropped out. “Ah that’s better. Mr President are you there”. Where else would I be. “Mr President it would appear that we have information that would suggest that a group within both our Military have organised an armed group with the intent of taking control of both our Countries. “I know”. I beg your pardon. Did you just say you know?…………………..”Well we know that a group of people have organized themselves, equipment and personnel within our military using a third party group but our investigation is very deep and must remain that way. I am afraid your side is heavily involved which is why we have not spoken to you about this matter. That’s all I can say. “Really Mr President that is simply not good enough”…….. I am sorry Prime Minister the President has just hung up on you.

They stood silent in awe of their Evil. Each feeling that they had began their abyss to a World that would no longer be green, blue and full of a delightful hue each morning. They knew the blackness to come. That is why they were deep underground. Their window to the towering plume of growing Evil as the atoms of energy spiraled in an entanglement of connected amplification several feet thick. Yet still they were cowered by the enormity of what they had began. But Evil has a selfishness that devours any misgivings. They cheered and applauded the beginning of Armageddon………………………………………On the beach the distant low thunder began to roar. The children stopped playing in the sand and ran to their parents their sandcastles crumbling as the first wave of energy came up from the seabed. The seagulls screaming in shock circled high in the air. The air suddenly warmed. ………………………………………………………In New York the bitter taste of a neural strangulation began to worry the busy New Yorkers. At Northolt in England not far from the sleeping London confusion become panic as the energy of an eternal defence failed………………………

M’am are you reading this? Gina looks up from her computer. Yes I think we all are? It’s not real right? I mean all these things happening we would know about them wouldn’t we? The Director of the CIA looks at him. “Well I guess that depends on which reality we live in. Ours or his.

What if he is right? What are the consequences John? The President He looked out of the window of the Oval Office. It was one of those golden Autumn days. Just chilled enough in the mornings for the coffee to have that extra crispness. The summer was at its end and now America was back at work. The President looked at his National Security Adviser long and hard. “I need the bottom line on this”. Well Mr President if he is right then we are damned if we do and damned it we don’t. “Well what the f..k is that meant to mean”. Mr President we thought that DARPA had it all wrapped up but it seems that they got hold of it. “They who are they and what have they got hold of”………………………….

There are thousands of them. They have come from all over the World. They are still coming. Everyday you all look into the distance as if an expectant Messiah was on the horizon bearing gifts – many of you have sold everything. Most of you now have nothing. Second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day you wander the treadmill of expectation. You listen to the same promises, the same twisted and lying explanations in the question and answer sessions. Each day the words more slurred the actions more frantic. If you say nothing you will live. Those who protest are taken to the promised land – they will not return. Dying of starvation takes time but dying of thirst is quick – but painful. Those that of you that will eat the mass of meat put before you each day will become sick, very sick. Human flesh is toxic…………You know this is true. You know but do not want to admit it. You cannot believe that you a sane rational human being who cares about your family, the world and others would take part in the worst human atrocities in the history of mankind. You look around. You see all those other people they are the same as you.

They told you not to say anything to anybody didn’t they?

They told you that you were the only ones didn’t they?

They told you that you would not be disadvantaged didn’t they?

They told you that they would look after your children didn’t they?

They told you and 7 billion other people exactly the same.

Who do you believe? Yourself or them? You know the truth but you are too scared to face the reality of it. That is of course if you are still alive?

You all know. Yes you do. It’s too incredible. Too unbelievable. It is beginning to leak. The bucket of deception is bursting at the seams with the hypocrisy and deceit of those who set themselves above you mere mortals. Listen to them as the cowardice of the body Politic turns chameleon like into words of deliberate ignorance to the mounting roar of a peoples that demand Law and Order for all.

Where is your cousin? Your brother?

Your five year old daughter. How excited she was to be picked and how proud you were when they took her away. You jumped up and down at the thought of the expensive holiday you could now plan.

You stand silent, worried, pensive. Jane must be ok. Look the Police they are escorting the people from the Social Experiment. Our Government said it would be a great investment. The media are always here. But where is Jane?

You begin to shout. Where is Jane? Then they come to you. You are pushed and shoved into a larger group. Fenced off. Your husband tries to fight back. He is clubbed to the ground. It is dark now. You are hungry alone. Your husband is lying on the ground. You know the truth. We should have listened to him you shout as you collapse to the ground – starving.

“I say old boy. Is this something we should be getting all excited about. Don’t want my pension to disappear up the old poverable”.

Oh James sit down and have a cup of tea.

Ohhhh You naughty boy. You MI5 are all the same – gay as a 10 bob note. Keep your hands where I can see them. Laughter.

Now then Charles don’t get all ‘Cambridge’ on me . It is ok to be gay.

Yes it is but do you have to keep pinching my bum. I am meant to be all hard and tough.

Laughter……. Well you will be if I keep pinching your bum ……more laughter.

Well Charles I read the bit about the ‘Nuclear Countdown’ going Live but it is old hat. We did that scenario in 1960 when the Russians were all hot under the collar. Anyway I passed it onto the Yanks. If it all goes belly-up we can blame them. Oh that’s right – I read that Desmond says if it is the end of the World it is all the CIA’s fault. Can’t see the President wanting that pinning to his back.

High pitched laughter – absolutely old boy. Now pass the biscuits. Oh thats a big one…….

What’s the pitch? Pitch more like swamp. Joe, this could lead to another election? What?

He was ready. Now is the time. He wondered if President Putin and President Xi Jinping could read between the abstract and extract the rational. What a turn up for the books. The two Nations who had bore the endless torrent of human right s righteousness from Western Powers using their Special Elite Forces to save the World. OMG can you imagine the headlines………………………………..

Oh how they had dreamed of this moment. The elite Special Forces of China and Russia dream the dream of dreams that one day they would save the World. Fighting broke out in military camps as even the cooks wanted to join in.

President Putin considered leading in the first wave himself. The USA and UK Special Forces were too battered by the lies and deceit to even consider mounting up. They could only watch in stifled admiration as the Russians and Chinese Special Forces in their made to measure uniforms with solid brass belt buckles and latest designer boots bathed in the adulation of admiring men and women.

I have to stop. I cannot keep writing so lightly. Evil was beginning to slither into the darkness. The lights were switched off. The buildings emptied – almost. So drugged with the daily dose of liquid reality these spawn of Satan forgeot days, years, location and actions. I can hear the children. Can you? Can you remember when you were afraid? Alone? Scared? Did you cry for your mum and dad? Where are they Mr President? Where are they Mr Prime Minister? Where are they Chief Constable? Where are they Chief Medical Examiner? Where are they General? Where are the children used in the social experiment? Can you hear the crying? Its ok – this is only fiction Mr President. It must be or else you would act on it. Do Presidents go to jail.

Well…………………………? It is the whole world Mr President…..

Don’t worry it is only fiction. Is it parents? Well you are the parents and they are your children. In you they trust. Isn’t that right. You love them and they love you.

So it is absurd to say that you would hand over your children to an insane drugged depraved and evil filthy group of people that are not in the mainstream media, do not get talked about in Parliament and are not subject to thorough investigation by the Police.

They claim to be conducting some sort of research which needs your children. I know you would not do that. But they knew you would.

The Police stopped. They looked around. They stood back. They felt shivers run down their spines. They felt that sick churning electrifying shock in their stomachs as they began to realise it was a sham, an evil charade seeking only greed to be satisfied and depravity to be sold. They looked harder at the screaming, twisted, contorted figures which spat evil as they shouted and screamed.. The stench from their filthy unwashed bodies ran like a river of sewer through the air. They began to recognise faces…depraved criminals, child molesters, conmen, woman beaters………………………………………………………

They remembered his words. All his efforts to tell them the truth. They had seen him – he would never have anything to do with such depths of man’s sewer.

The policewomen saw the American woman come out if the building, troops lined up, live rounds in their guns. Faces grim, accusing. The American woman came into the light – the night became black, the crowds stilled.

The night hushed. The only sound the crying of the American woman. She laid down the young girl – softly so softly as if she feared she might break in her arms. The body was bloodied, torn, open. The paramedics rushed to her – they all heard the screams. The man running into the blaze of floodlights – the men, the men of iron; faces black with suppressed anger.

He screaming at them – ‘they said I could do anything I wanted’ – ‘to the children’. ‘They said I would not be disadvantaged’. The Police watched with the fear of sick realization as the Paramedics took the child away the blue and red flashing lights soon to be joined by many others. In the Hospital nearby the ring of troops pushed back the crowds, the media almost thrown to the ground in disgust by military men whose lives were dedicated to the Justice they fight with and the rights that they die for.

Doctors and nurses standing in line. In grim anticipation of the horrors to come. He had warned them; they were prepared. So they thought. They would never sleep the sleep of the innocent ever again. What they were about to see would remain in their souls the imprint of a depravity they themselves had fostered. He knew they would cry, falter, fill the air with anger. But he had watched them – they would care, fight for the life, they would not let a single child die without using every ounce of the spirit their Nation once had.

Mr President, Mr Prime Minister, Mr Secretary General … we are now live to the World. Our World is about to change. There will be no more…………………………… The jets roared overhead thundering to halt the approaching drones. He knew that much would be done to destroy the evidence. He wondered if they would use a nuclear weapon?

The sound of the butt of the MI7 pounding deep into the filthy screaming drugged symbol of pure evil echoed through the night.

The Harley-Davidsons roared into sight – the pickup that followed scooped the man up as the dirt he was….his screening ratcheting against the black floodlit sky. They lined up. A long hard line of leather and denim. Their headlights shining into the screaming mass of evil and its softly spoken smartly dressed disguises.

The military marched away they had more buildings to search. The Policewoman rounded on their superiors and said as one – we have the warrants to arrest and we will.

The line of denim and leather as one – a scythe of righteousness that poured into the screaming vortex of a depravity that had so evilly disguised itself as a Coalition of all that is good – sucking the greed and selfishness of mankind onto an alter of a Hell for those whose innocence it preyed on.

In a building. Stern with Justice. The foundations – Laws built on the lives of so many who had been wasted by a cruel tyranny – the first of the International Arrest Warrants were being drafted. The first read…………

Prime Minister………Stop. Enough. I want to tell the truth. They looked at her. She stood broken by her own deceit. The hooded man surrounded her. They are the shadow. The shadow of a Nation now loathed by the World. They will not let all that their Nation has fought for, endured for and borne the sweat of thousands of hours through the rock and hard soil of a land that yields to no man. They are the collective of all that has come to the hard iron and glittering minerals to make their fortune and claim their fame. They are not going to let the sacrifice on the slopes of a beachhead that could hide no man not did any man die as they faced the sternness of men who would give to none.

As I write men of iron, gladiators of the iron horse I remind you of a cold frosty night in 1944. All around the sky alive with the trace of Hell, the fury of Evil unleased. I remind you of the engine with flames licking the fuselage. I remind you of the poverty the brown leather was born into. I remind you of the men fighting for a new life. A new Justice. A life without the soup kitchens, the fighting for a days work at the Docks. I remind you of the fiery landing his crew alongside the blood of their heroism. I remind you of the day 1945 when he threw of his uniform and put on his black leather. I remind you of the day he kicked the iron horse into life and hit the highway of freedom. He lived to his 1%. Now hooded men are you the same blood of that man. Is this the life you have yearned for – to be shouted and screamed at by the baying of Evil. Now is your time – the children need you. Be that man again. Be the iron horse heroes. Or are you to take the white feather your shame to wear?

The man dressed all in black. A shadow in the night. His M82 sniper rifle cold against his body. The hard steel a glove in his many years of professional killing. MI6 watched, waited. Each minute a link to a chain of command that once stood on the cliffs of a burgeoning Empire. Her horse impatient. The approaching armada soon ablaze with a steadfast allegiance to duty and Country that he and they had inherited. He fell. The bullet straight to his head. The MI6 walked over and collected the M82.

There is nothing to laugh about. There is no joy, no happiness, no fulfillment, no advancement of the soul within the spirit of mankind. There is no new bright and hopeful dawn. There is only the rotting corpse of a mankind that has lost its beacon to a salvation granted by God. The abandonment of all that mankind has ever strived for, dreamt of and died for. Each sacrifice now set aside to satisfy the gluttony of evil.

Soon the bodies will be found. Many buried carelessly and quickly by a wanton disregard of life that sought only to satisfy its power over innocents and its evil twinned with a lust for an escalating never ending evil.

Power is the new currency. Power is the overlord it sits above all other needs. The rich crave it, the poor suffer from it. The Power watched. The Power reads this. I their nemesis but not I alone.

Soon to be joined by the history of a woman who astride her steed watched as the Armada sailed into the heart of Nation that never gives way.

The digits of a countdown so long ago began in the mountains of Norway. Have they begun yet? You of power. But you made the same mistake as you did in those black years that murdered 6 million innocent people – you said then to the World they not be disadvantaged for signing a pact with the disciples of Satan.

No Nordic glory did save you. The Justices of the World deemed you unfit for the Human Race.

They will seek me soon. Those that conceal themselves in the cloak of a shadow dedicated to ridding the World of all that sought to destroy it. The we shall destroy you.

Mercy. There is none. There will be none.

The Harley Davidsons roared again. In-line they stood. The chrome glinting against the morning sun as if a dazzling light to blind the scurrying evil that screamed before them. They remembered. They remembered why they were Angels. Born of a war that sought to bring justice to the World – theirs a duty to protect those that could not protect themselves. It was time for the anger in denim and leather to pay its dues to those that had born them.

The Policewomen in silent condemnation of those who sought to command them with a false loyalty to the organisation which had lied, lied and forever lied walked in a line alongside them. The blue a calm anger matching the waiting fury of the denim and leather. The screamin now a frenzy alongside the duplicity of the red ties and suits who lie lie and lie.

Now only the retribution with the sword of Justice. A soaring sword to scythe its way through the blackness of Hades that now devoured mankind with its sickening desires.

All and every single sacrifice for a mankind that a dream began – tempered the blade; as he lay dying he looked into the eyes of his comrade. They held hands so tightly that the force overcame the pain. They had flooded into the beaches of Normandy knowing they would die. They lived for that moment when they knew their lives were worthy of the title of mankind seeking humanity through its desires and endeavours. As the blood poured from the gaping hole in his stomach staining the khaki with its testament to his sacrifice he fought for the strength to say – ‘be careful mate. I love you’. A love that has no other . Friend with friend, sacrifice with sacrifice, death with life. He died. He the unknown soldier lives forever. We are now the sword. We who care. We who will die to fight the Evil.

The bodies were being found. The Governments could conceal no longer. A tidal wave of anger was gathering like a colossus of righteous fury around the World. Embassies are under siege. Governments are shouted down.

The People are rising.

Prime Minister you cannot continue to deny your responsibilities. How many children do these monsters have? Are they still alive? How more women will they drug and rape?

The Prime Minister silent stared into the oblivion of his own life. He knew he could not survive. When would he act? The Military looked at him. Waited. The lines of helmented men of iron still. The world heard the sound of the child screaming …………………………..

Will you let the child die?

I saw you. I still do. I see care, compassion, understanding, sympathy and the law. That is how this paragraph had began. This I had written and now I take it away. This paragraph was for two people I gave my trust and respect. I was so sure they would act. This was their time, their moment to care, to save, to bring back life. He and she – two police let you down child. As you lay there drugged, unable to hardly to think unaware of what was being done to you only a dull repeating pain and suffocation. They should have come to you. What will they say to your headstone: Sorry.

Will you let the children die? Will you? What about you over there, sitting down at the end of the row, in the red jumper with the blonde hair. For how much longer are you going to listen to the never-ending repeated lies? What about the rest of you reading this?

Does Joe Biden care?

They are reading my words. A confused awareness surrounds them. The fog of deceit is not as smothering as it had been for so many years. Where were the men taking the children? How did they get into the Hospital? Who is letting them in? Where is the law? Are we the Law?

Far away in Langley the alarm bells so loud in unison from Intelligence Services form all over the World they could be heard in Washington……………

London. He glanced briefly at the twitter. Something caught his eye. Who is this he wondered. A stirring of alarm crept into his life as he read

Hes read this. He goes to the room. He sits suspended in its cloistered silence. Get me Langley………………………………………………………..

The fleet of Destroyers swept bow to hull and headed for a Nation with no leader of responsibility, no law. Evil the new Law.

Who is letting the children die?

As I write the WordPress stops updating. My connection is stalled, slowed stopped.

They watch. They want me dead. Oh how they would cheer on that day. But it will not happen. God is on my side. Every man woman and child on this Planet desires what it is I want – A World equal for all in opportunity and a Justice we can each of us trust .

But you vermin wanted selfish greed and power. You will be in pain, your life’s of depravity are nearly over. Soon you will screaming not in demand but in the pain of all those whose lives you have destroyed. They stand silent, grim, black leather a silhouette against the darkening sky. The lines of blue ignore the screaming and hear the child. The khaki waits, silent in anticipation. Disciplined in response. The Harley Davidsons roared in impatience.

The shiver of fear enter their minds. They know what they have done. The bodies they see, they remember.Even in their drug fuelled reality they remember. They glance out of the shielded and concealed windows. Some lose control of their bladders, the stinking smell their own depravity awash with fear. The line of iron comes ever closer. The Harley Davidsons line up – trojans to the hardness they carry. The line of blue never wavers as it advances. Nearby the khaki mounts up, live rounds enter barrels.

Again I am blocked from writing to you, from connecting with those who have the soul and spirit to defeat Evil.

We have Laws? We have Government’s? Who are our Government’s in obedience to?……………………………………………………….

The Prime Minster is reading as I write. Is it worth it Prime Minister? Is it worth all that you have ever hoped and dreamed for? Is it worth all the passion you have in your spirit for your Nation? You have the privilege’s of leadership. A moment in time to take your Nation to a new horizon, a dawn of excitement. Yet you give your dreams to an Evil coalition to destroy. Why?

Yes Prime Minister we wait. But not for long…………………………………………………..

I write this in my daily diary. Each day the pendulum of Justice swings ever wider in its arc of demand. The force of the people provide an effort for the Truth as could be heard around the World – waking up Prime Ministers and drowning out hypocrisy and spin.

I write this serious, determined and concerned. How many children are involved I wonder?

Diary Entry 27 February 2021.

As soon as this criminal nightmare ends, I will insist by law and demand that children who have been involved with the criminal research group(s) be immediately made safe. I will seek assistance through the UN Security Council, Interpol, NATO, regional alliances and my own right to seek that which I am entitled to demand. I will not let any Government prevent me from doing so. Any Government that seeks by vote, veto or other process to prevent children being made safe will be made known to all the peoples of the World and their own State Security Services.

I watch their harassments of me as if I am watching a man walk to the gallows. The end is in sight. I laugh at their pathetic stalking and harassment. Their Governments will have to pay the civil claim. I am sure their fellow citizens will undertake some form of retribution. Mine of course will be legal. An extradition of all that has been done to me.

The Law is silent, expectant and above all it favors none yet applies to all. You are the Government. You have a legal obligation. You choose to ignore that obligation. Therefore, you must face the consequences of your own actions.

I sigh. Why is it so hard to make the World a better place. I mentally place my advertisement on the Billboard of Humanity.


One Nation. One Peoples. One undivided dream of a better World. We will work hard. We will toil. We will sweat. We will cry as we together realize how great humanity is when combined with the soul and spirit of the collective dream. We will reward. We will endeavor. You will have opportunity. You will not be poor unless by choice. You can be happy. We will banish crime. There will be no unemployment. No homeless. No sexual abuse of women and children. No sexual exploitation on the Internet. We will be the greatest Nation in the World. The envy of all. You who have persecuted me – You are not welcome in our New World.

Again I am hacked as I write. WordPress know. Governments know. You all know. Soon all the people of the World will know. Then it begins.

You too – the hackers will not have a choice of cellmate. You are the enemy of the people. There must be legal retribution. They will say me ‘What do you want’? I will say an International Arrest Warrant and the most elite law enforcement group in the World. Then we will hunt you and all the other sick depraved criminals down – you are vermin. Love it. I will get what I want or I will bring down their Governments.

I stood in the café. I heard a song. I sang the words. Child are you still alive. I promise I will find you…………………………………….

You could feel the fear. The fear of the unknown. It lay still in its tube of ironclad nuclear Armageddon. The sweat a reflection of each of the men’s fear as it began fill the furrows of brows of concern. Their families what of their families? They slotted into the jigsaw of an Evil that laughs at you. Do you really believe that there is a Worldwide Social Experiment conducted by a group nobody has ever met. Fools. As Mr. MI6 reads this he puts it all together. The cogs grind painfully into place. It is not a nice feeling to know you have failed. Is it?

Whilst all of you copy your own greed and stupidity those who seek the Power as a Force to rule their 1000 years continue the digit count to their New World – an oblivion of the old.

What do you think? He sat still silent. His World had stopped. The man from MI6 wondered. He the woman from the CIA both joined across an Atlantic that had no distance. Its too big. How could we miss it? Reports are coming in. Bodies are being found. The UK and USA Governments have put their military on alert. We have people on the ground. He will have to be brought in. We need his expertise.

Yes but what will he want?. We know what he wants. He wants the children to be safe and then………. I want Justice Mr. MI6 and Madam CIA. I will get Justice. The World cannot continue its encirclement of Evil as a voyeurs’ paradise.

I do not care what you do Mr CIA and MI6 because I will use the Law to get what I want. I am not even sure if you will survive.

Answer the Question Mr. MI6. Where are all the children?

Why have you allowed it? What went through your minds when you made the decision to let a criminal group do whatever they wanted?

Be prepared for the Question Mr. Policeman. Mr. Prime Minister. Mr. President. Mr. Senior Civil Servant. Mr. General. Mr. Archbishop. Mr. Senior Doctor.

Can you account for every single child Mr. General?

They climbed into the waiting Army Truck. They were satisfied that their plans would be followed. The insignia of the United States Military next to that of the UK Military. Their allegiance to a misplaced desire for a New World. Not a New World Gentleman but an old dream. Its Nordic ancestry hijacked by the spectre of an Evil planned to last a 1000 years. Gentlemen you have been deceived.

A missile is launched. Its GPS setting -33.89014669823355, 150.84335499790012.

Sir, we have an object on the screen. We cannot identify yet. It looks like its target area is to the West of the City. The CIA agent shook his head in disbelief. You guys are wanting to get bombed? Why?

Mr. MI6 collates the visitor lists. GCHQ. Porton Down. Buckingham Palace. 10 Downing Street. Northwood. HMNB Clyde, CGWHQ . He calms himself as the dawning realisation of the duplicity of a charade that has blinded the Nation’s ultimate Security of the threat to the defence of the Realm.

He asked the Question. Eyes blinked. Hands wringed. Eyes blanked out. The floor suddenly became a focal point.

He said quietly. These visitors have we associated them, checked connections, traced locations, intercepted conversations?

He already knew the answer…………………………………………………..The digits clicked

When we study we do not create we replicate. Then when we enter citadels that entrench and enclose we become fossils – imprints of all that has gone before and blind to all that has passed us by. The blinkers of the Establishment are like traffic lights continually on red. Our minds become imprisoned unable to comprehend that which is outside the blinkers. Our thought process become so structured so compliant to the quadratic solution that an AI maze of a paradigm that fits nobody but itself is our only reality.

Each of us has a reality. That reality has been taken, swamped with lies and deceit. False promises. Face masks. Body suits. Layers of make-up. Governments that are not Governments. Military that are not military and Police that are not Police. There is only one reality that exists and that is the reality that seeks Justice and denies Evil.

You are not playing Golf Mr MI6. There are no rules. No prediction of behavior. Just a cloud to hide the rise of the dead. They must avenge for that is their way.

On your screens you are reading this. You have in your hands the lives of so many. Yes Mr MI6 it is time to be that which you need to be in the Defense of the Realm. You have alongside of you a living history. It flutters bravely in cold winds and charges with honor and tradition when all around is shattered and torn by an advancing blitz of Evil. The Evil still advances Mr MI6. But now it offers a New World of Command and Order to those of rank who seek an end to the cascade of criminality , the rise of democracy and the wasted noise of Governments intent on self-destruction. Behind all of the charade, the Evil, the lies the duplicity, they sit and watch.

The digits click…

Are they in your citadels Mr MI6. Did you let them in? Are they wired? Which of the bio-technologies have they wired your sentinels of democracy and Justice to?

Which Intelligence Officers Mr MI6 have had a filling at the dentist? Had an operation? Been asked to be involved in a research group? What of those who work at GCHQ et al. Of course you know the answer Mr MI6?

The digits click…

When a person is in full-blown drug phscosis he or she will only know the moment they are in. They will forget. Memory will be locked away. Actions carried out in the moment and then as if they had never happened – not there.

The Children are tired, Hungary, confused. Still trusting. They had seen the lines of blue in tandem with the men in black and orange, green yellow and red. The men smartly dressed with red ties. The TV cameras. Oh it was so exciting . The screaming of orders made them nervous. They were part of a film or was it an experiment? They drew back from the clutching grimed hands of the men. They did not know where they were. The men had said they would be back………

Where are they Mr Police Chief? Are they safe? Can you account for every child? Have you searched every building ? Will they be alive when you find them?


Well Mr MI6? Do you know? Who does?

The teachers begin to worry. The girls have not returned. Parents are becoming nervous. The row of Harley Davidsons are still advancing. The Government could not deny responsibility any longer.

Are all the children safe Mr. Prime Minister?

The Live Nuclear Countdown – Click here to read.

The digits click…

You are a robot. Yes Mr MI6 reading this. It gets worse. Far far worse.

The Live Nuclear Countdown – Click here to read.

The digits click…

Each beat a stab of cold fear entered the empty husks of Satan’s disciples. They stopped screaming and looked up. The thundering hornets of retribution hovered above them. Did they wonder I asked myself what the chain of steel would do to them? I looked into the distant horizon as one after the other the formations of winged trojan’s they thundered past again and again. There County, their Nation, their people, their children.

I am wrong. They didn’t. If they had I would not be writing this. They flew over not thundering but silent. Ready to take on the mantle of shame. If they had stood tall I would not be writing this. It is late. 12.48am. I am in pain. They target me again and again and again. I do not whimper. I fight back. Where are the white feathers? The white feather floated into the dazzling rising sun. Now the brightness dimmed by the shame. The disloyalty. On that distant beachhead they had died. They faced their own fears with a gallantry we have never forgotten. But you have. Why they are asking. Why?

Where are all the children.

The digits click. The submarine silent, closeby now. Those inside sweating, wondering. The screens green with envy. The screens hudreds and thosuanfs mioes away. Taken over the GPS. The communcaitun systems. The crew no longer human. Now robots of obdience.

She looked at her husband. Was he a robot she wondered? Outside the Marine still silent. On guard.

Where are all the children?

Mr. MI6.

Where are thou?

Be you that which your Nation has need of?

Are you stilled by a colossus of rigid thought.

Are you so imprisoned by its tidal wave of intellectual inability.

Cannot you conquer the blindness?

He reads this as I write. He knows what he has to do. But…….

Yes Mr. MI6 the World is about to feel the seismic shock of a Justice released and a truth revealed.

She too knows. But………..Yes madam there is only one loyalty; to the truth and its Justice.

Mr. MI6. You know remote neural monitoring exists – the UK is actively researching it. What you do not know is that it is past the development stage and now in production – a franchise to Evil. How many staff in MI6 are fitted with it? You cannot say none because you have not checked everyone of your staff for being fitted with a device to receive and transmit. As you know it can be almost undetachable. What Mr. MI6 will happen if it become organic and humans are born with it?

Mr. MI6. How many humanoids work in classified areas. Part robot part human? I know unbelievable. The unbelievable Mr. MI6 is your business is it not?

We are running out of time Mr. MI6. Can you afford to ignore the obvious?

I shake my head in the absolute absurdity of it all. Anyway, that is it for MI6 I have had enough of stating the obvious. If MI6 are too willing to ignore that which they are by law required to investigate to ensure the safety of their citizens then they must suffer the future legal consequences of their willingness to protect those whose only ambition is to subjugate with a fusion of power and a climate of escalating violence. The vermin are their Trojan Horse for they blind all with promises of a satisfaction of greed and the vermin who seek only their own depravity to satisfy.

The sound burrowed its way deep into the bowels of our Planet. Like a giant armadillo towering above all that sweated alongside of this colossus tunneler it prepared the post-fusion world of the 1000 year dynasty.

Yes dear reader you are to be either a subjugated underworld dweller or the screaming burning skin and bone of the post-amargdon World.

You dear reader know only of the lie of the Social Experiment. The lie that has enslaved an entire World to hours and hours of wasted toil. That has sucked in a mountain of hard-earned economic effort, that has promised everything and delivered nothing. Yet all the time entering military establishments, government buildings, manipulating computer chip production, changing the plans of nuclear submarines, embedding their followers in business, bank, military and Government. Listening to every phone conversation, hacking into CCTV everywhere, watching in hotel bedrooms; covering the World in a communication of depravity and an intelligence theft for the use of those who seek power not for now but for ever . A power so destructive it seeks to destroy all that which it yearns for as revenge and needs to destroy.

You who everyday seek to tie the World to your charade of a research that has no gain, that has only an economic power as long as fools continue to work for you – for you have nothing. You are nothing. They will destroy you.

You are not wanted in the Reich born again by the promise of a World of order to rise from the chaos that mankind has created – but a mankind in freedom. Yes a freedom to make the World in which we are all equal in opportunity and where Justice seeks the Law for all. No Reichmasters what you promise is a World that maraches in complete obedience to you. Where those that are not your Nordic dream are swept aside, are removed, are no longer part of your World.

Reichmasters you will be stopped. You will never succeed. You are to be the dust of an Evil that has no place within our World.

The missile began its descent. The Reichmaster waited. He is very very old. Kept alive by science alone. But still he commanded them. That night in Berlin was a long night. The plane struggling to take-off from the carcase of a nightmare halted by those that sought freedom with sacrifice. Reitsch looked back into the cockpit. He was grim, stern, fatigued but as always his evil remained his stance. Now he watched. Silent. The chemicals pumping through his science – for he had become a chemistry to be maintained. Still they waited with him. The countdown to the 1000 years and a revenge he had in every atom of his body had began…………………………………………………….

The Live Nuclear Countdown – Click here to read.

I put you on notice Mr. Presidents and Mr. Prime Ministers. I will not stop. I will not stop seeking the Justice you devour with the greed of political appeasement that you serve with your menu of lies, half-truth and an avoidance of the reality.

I will not stop seeking the Principle of a duty to all that is promised and to that which is the possibility.

I will not stop seeking the Evil you let lap at the feet of your people as if it is a mantle to be adored, venerated and provided for. I will not stop seeking the dream whilst you create the nightmare of a World that you yes you have allowed to become a swirling chaotic mass of commercially unbalanced toxic pressure systems and a Evil Charade that has consumed the innocent.

I will not stop until I know where every child is. Then you will face me in Court.

You Mr. Presidents and Mr. Prime Minister can no longer face yourselves in the mirror of legal responsibility – you talk of duty and integrity as if they are be dismissed with your misplaced aim of empty broken promises and expect the people to ignore your blatant hypocrisy.

You sirs and madams are not fit for purpose. The Law will judge that so. There will be legal revolutions’. You see Sirs and Madams you cannot avoid the Truth.

In the grass the leading Policewoman saw the hand. It appeared to be waving at her. She blew on her whistle. They all stopped and looked. The long line of the law seeking the little girl. She gasped, she fell to her knees, her cry could be heard by all of the long line of the Law. She was frozen to that moment. That moment when you face Evil. There was more than a hand. More than just one burnt and torn school uniform. Overhead the army helicopters hovered. The long line of the law stood for that one second when the unthinkable becomes the reality. The ambulances doors flew open, . Hardened Paramedics tears flowing down angry cheeks. Soldiers bent down in fury digging through the soft soil, gently very gently. The body bags a line of truth. Why? Why did you not listen to me, believe me? Why did you let Evil become you. You are the Evil you let them do whatever they wanted.

The Law will stand in court and seek judgments which stop any further trampling of the truth into the sodden mass of depravity you have allowed to destroy so many lives. At the junction of the Court and your inaction you will be removed from Office.

Duty shall address the lines of blue and khaki for that is all that keeps you in your pestilence of power and they shall look towards the dawn. A dawn that seeks the rotten core of mankind kept festering by your denials – your pleading spin of avoided responsibility, you purposed blinded to God’s morality.

Yes you will stand down. It will not be I that seek your legal demise – it will be the people. We The people, old, young, black , white and of all races, sexuality’s and creed. You have failed us.

We want an World without Evil. We want a world with clear blue skies with air as fresh as the green grass newly cut, we want to see our seas without the toxins you allowed and our children not born with the cancers you taxed to profit from. You are the failed promised of the Old World.

We will fight, we will die but we will survive for the Brave New World.

Sir, you need to watch this. What? All over the World Sir. The People they hold theri candles to see the light. They hold torches, car headlights, phones, ships at sea shine searchlights into the darkness, cars sound their horns, children blockade Parliament the new reader could hardly contain her excitemmt.

It is the People Sir. It is ………………………………………………………………………….The door flew open. They stood silent. Grim. Upright. Not wanting to feel their emotions. We have found some bodies

He looked at them. Well? Children Sir………………………………………………………………..

This of course is only fiction. A warning to ensure that you never let anybody order the Law aside. That you never trust your children to those who say they will not harm them but smell of lies and deceit. That you ensure your Government take full responsibility for every sq meter of your sovereign Nation and all the people within it. But is it happening. Only you know. Only you can know the truth. But when you find out will they take you away. Have they told you to say nothing. Only you know.

Ummm interesting read MI6 said to CIA. Should at least send out a enquiry. Well we did but we were told to keep out. Really. Ummm. Ummm.

The hospital was ablaze with light. Media were coming in from all over the World. The screaming had reached a crescendo of barely understood commands and obscene language.

The senior Police Officers could not get out of the newly dug pit. They stood in their blue shirts, thirsty, hungry, tired. The steel corrugated fence around the pit made it impossible for them to get out. They are missing. Unless they are found they will die. You are running out of time. They will replace them – it will be obvious. It is obvious. They are not the Government, the Police, the Army, the Civil servants. They have been impersonating for so long they actually believe they are. Find them Mr. Police Chief. Find them and then you will know I am the Truth and they are the Lie. Find them now.

They are reading this as I write it. Grim, determined and now the first creeping edge of doubt. I know you have never stopped. That day in 1945 when the pen wrote you out of history was not an end but another phase. You stood back, regrouped, licked your wounds and carried on. The 1000 years could not be stopped could it? Then of course is the revenge. You will never forget that one tiny island and its friends could defeat your onslaught of evil. Now you are wondering what it is I am going to write. Yes it is another ledger of possibility. I know and no doubt those that should know are by now also aware. I know you have nuclear weapons. I know you will be going deep underground. Not for you the satanic air of deadly isotopes – you have tunneled deep and far – your New World ready to enter the 1000 years. That is why Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska is in this paragraph.

They read. The missile is still making is slipstream of Evil. A winged metal doomsday. Where will it land?

Good. We have an agreement. You The People, the people that care, that weep, that cry, that laugh, that smile; you The People who want a better World, who want a future, a life not an existence, a child free and innocent, a Nation that has hope, dreams, expectation, sunrise the opportunity, sunset the reward of the toil. You the People who have no desire to see the Evil prosper. To rid yourselves of the chains of a charade that your own Government let ride the scythe of death and depravation. You the People agree to seize the collaborates, stop their support of an Evil that will destroy your family, it will lie to you, promise you the Gold and instead deliver the black shroud of a blackness that will strangle your hopes and steal the innocence’s of your children. You will make them beg for your mercy, they will be marked with the sign of Satan for all to see. They will be marched through the streets, they will be forever known as the shadows of the Damned. You the People will rise up to stamp these dwellers of the gutter of Hades into the blackened swamp of a evil drowning themselves in your judgments. I will march with you to the step of deceit, legal responsibility laying like the swept sand of a Desert of false promises, I will stand the accuser and with he scales of Justice at my side I will force open the doors of a democracy that has seen the People and the Law as if Oliver Cromwell and Abraham Lincoln were at the head of the Peoples Army.

We The People desire only the Law as it stands to set aside an Evil that you the Governments have invited into the very soul and spirit of mankind and as if God was not our creator but Satan our bedfellow. We The People seek Justice through the Principle and Integrity of our right to seek the Law as our sword and its application as our chariot. Be warned Governments apply the Law to all in equality or face the Judgment of the People.

Should you not stir into formation as one and all Governments united to rid this mankind of an Evil that has its tentacles of death seeking the innocence you are pledged to protect We The People will seek a Very Legal Lawful and Just Revolution.

The People are watching Governments. Your time has a limit. The Harley Davidsons roared as a phalanx of Justice demanded upon the wide boulevards of a Nation founded on the rights of the people.

‘We the People………………………………………….

Libertie they shouted as the flame flickered and then leapt into the sky. He had heard the people. He has died in that muddy ditch in Flanders. His khaki sodden, the blood a watery landscape to a bitter sky. He had died for his People now the must rise for him.

The flag of the Union stirred and lit the sky with a red white and blue a silhouette of a winged trojan flamed through the grey morning sky and soared low past the flagged tower of remembrance . The engines roaring as their Merlin cry awakened the sword of time from a King a life to protect his people struck the chimes of change. The City once alight with the downpour of an Evil that a monarch had stood and watched flaming with its thunderbowl of inferno – The monarch did not flinch nor his Queen who would not leave their peoples. So too we must not flinch. For evil is now here for all to see. We will not let ourselves be part of the ugliness of its World.

One young girl is reading this as I write. In her bones deep in her blood the sacrifice upon the sand of a shore upon which the bravery of a Nation once stood and died. She stood silent, the candle in her hand. She marched. Doors flew open cars stopped, Buses ground to a halt. The People marched with the girl – now the symbol of their Nation for as I write these words it is shame and cowardice that fly the flag of Nation that each day the World doth seek to distance from.

What is going on? What are all those people doing out there this time of night. Prime Minister you need to take responsibility.

The digits never stop. The time will end. You who seek the intelligence of truth should know the strength of a crusade of Evil. It bows to none. It seeks absolute power. It will die a thousand years but live for ever. Do not let the Trojan Horse of a charade that has no purpose other than to be the blinding chariot that enters your citadels to seek that which countdowns to Armageddon.

The digits continue whilst you writhe in the turmoil of political indecision.

For you Chiefs of Police. There will only ever be one Question. One demand of Justice. Where are all the children?

He felt heavy, his body was becoming stiff, his mouth dry. Still able to understand the enormity of the danger he continued to seek that which would could soon overpower him. He could not see it but he could feel the enveloping march of a mass which he could not fight. His lungs were becoming sacs of concrete. They were failing to keep the transfer of oxygen to blood at its brain required pace. He was scared because he was alone but wanted to find out the source. He had to walk away to stay would have been fatal. He sat still, away from the putrid atmosphere. He was still trying to move his weighty sacs of membrane muscle. He could hear them talking but it was as if they were on another plane of conscious. Slowly he began to recover. To voice his real concern would only invite ridicule. He skirted the edge of his warning. Still concerned I am writing this as a record. A terrible circumstance occurred but so obsessed with their charade and its payment of lies, deceit and evil that they ignore the truth. Outside the Hazmat crews were angry, very angry but they too succumbed to the lie of a civil defense exercise – told so many times before and in so many countries. Slowly they were poisoning.

Nobody cared. After all they were to be compensated for their ugly screaming deaths.

Prime Minister – the words echoed around the still chambers of representation that had just read these words. Prime ministers and Presidents reverberated around World. How can we stand for Justice and Democracy whilst we lay down to be swallowed by an Evil intent that seeks only its own satisfaction. How can we defend the right to life whilst we savour the thirst of those who give death for their pleasure? Read these words they shouted, they marched and soon they would fight.

The dawn of a New World is preparing for its horizon. The epoch of evil against good begins to stir. They have become desperate. You will die unless you fight back … it is written and so it shall be.

I wrote 8.3.22 14.38 p.m. The pain I have had to endure over the last 12 hours and cumulatively during the last 12 years is not only physical but mental too. Last night the pain was some of the worst I have ever had. It was as if hot blades were twisting the muscles and nerves of my leg. Today I am still, calm but in mild shock. Unable to create words or music. Weary from this s painful extrapolation of evil intent, fatigued from enduring its savageness. My body recovering from the severity of the shock. My mind in horror that humans are capable of such cruelty. I would never subject another to such pain. Yes, one day there well be revenge – but it will be legal justice. I am not capable of inhabiting the swill of slimy swamp all-engulfing greed and selfishness that those who seek to profit from my pain, do so with such evil intensity. Yet my triumph of statute will be for those in the positions of legal responsibility who allow and support my painful existence. I will be the sword of Justice for the people whose Leaders have lied to the 10th power and seek to blind their peoples to the injustices they mature daily.

There is no compensation only a payment due to the Archangel of depravity and evil – a contract of death. Why? Why do you not understand? They have no money. They represent nobody but themselves. It is a global charade that is made up of nothing but lies and impersonation. Nobody is sending you money.

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