What military options are there for the US on N. Korea and will they all lead to direct conflict with China as well?

There are over 26 million North Koreans and each one has the potential to buy a product or a service from the U.S.


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The Military Options may exist on paper but it is fair more likely that they will continue to remain in their role as feasible deterrents rather than positive actions.

Kim Jong Un is not a stupid man. He knows that any conflict with the U.S.A will result in the destruction of his fragile economy. Troops need to eat and they need fuel. Neither will be available once a conflict with the U.S begins.

However, Kim Jong Un has decided to take a shortcut to the membership of the World’s SuperStates and in doing so has to ensure that at some point he sits down with President Trump.

There are over 26 million North Koreans and each one has the potential to buy a product or a service from the U.S.

America’s’ Military has never failed in their duty to the U.S and the World but it is America’s Economy that has made America great. President Trump is well aware that Peace has a Profit and War only a loss.

China has continued to ensure that it sits on the fence – as usual. Nikki Haley the American Ambassador the U.N has been right to remind all the members of the Security Council of their legal and moral responsibility in regard to North Korea. China would never get involved in a conflict with the U.S. They know President Trump would stop all exports to the U.S. They have too much to lose. However, that does not mean that they would not use a display of force should it be required.

What is needed now is for President Trump to publicly show that America is ready to engage North Korea in talks which is no doubt happening with the recent reporting of ‘diplomatic speak’.

Nobody will win in any war with North Korea. The North Koreans will fight to the death. The Pacific region needs stability and it is up to China to broker the talks between North Korea and the United States.

Kim Jong Un is on a deadline. He will not be able to use the nuclear big stick for ever – his economy is unable to support such a large military expenditure. His population needs feeding and though they are loyal they will want more than military parades and anti-America rhetoric to satisfy their growing thirst for knowledge and world involvement.

Whoever sits down with Kim Jong Un will be able to ensure the massive expansion of the North Korean Economy, which will follow any negotiated agreement, is of benefit to both sides of the negotiating table

President Trump has to ensure it will be America who benefit and not Russia or China. It could also be President Trump’s worst nightmare – Iran, who engages with North Korea in negotiations to halt his nuclear weapons expansion.

In an ideal World the U.S. Russia and China would all be involved in talks with North Korea. However, as Aleppo, Syria and Climate Change have illustrated our World Leaders are not the brightest kids on the block.

As of today, has ISIS been defeated?

The West and in particular the U.K is now at an even greater risk of terrorist attacks than when ISIS was a capable Military Invading Force.


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Unfortunately not. Nobody from ISIS signed a surrender document. ISIS’s military capability as an invading force may have been reduced but now the terrorist attacks will intensify.

The West and in particular the U.K is now at an even greater risk of terrorist attacks than when ISIS was a capable Military Invading Force.

Without the use of hard borders the European Union continues to put its citizens at risk from a new reformed ISIS.

Further destabilisation is now more certain in Northern Africa, Asia and Northern Afghanistan.

ISIS is not Al Qaeda. Their roots come from very different forms of the use of the Quran and they have both different paths to what it is they want.

ISIS is secure in the knowledge that it acts for God. ISIS continues to rewrite the Quran with no alternative available for those who seek God as a shelter for their discontent and anger with the ‘Evil of the West’. Which is why Theresa May and the U.K Security Services have put Citizens at risk by ignoring my ‘New Perspective’ of the Word of God.

The Taliban would be the West’s best hope of an eventual defeat of ISIS but the U.S in the absence of a reformed United Nations is going it alone in Afghanistan.

A proxy war in Afghanistan between Russia and the U.S looms ever closer with Russia and China both funding the Taliban.

ISIS is a cause with its own martyrs. It will now be recruiting a whole new group of supporters from within Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and the U.S. with its own page in history as its beacon.

Given time ISIS will be even more militarily capable than it was in Iraq and Syria.

If we are to defeat ISIS than Russia, China and the U.S must be on the same page in Afghanistan.


What is the wildest dream you hope to achieve in your life?

I would like to be able to use my imagination and intellect with the new ideas I have for the World to ensure that no child will die from Malnutrition or because of any conflict.


I would like to be able to use my imagination and intellect with the new ideas I have for the World to ensure that no child will die from Malnutrition or because of any conflict.

However, as not one Journalist in the World will report me or my work and not one member of Government including my own Prime Minister(s) Theresa May and Malcolm Turnbull have ever acknowledged my work then it may remain just a dream.

Strange as it may seem to some the White House on behalf of President Trump is the only Government Establishment to ever acknowledge my work.


Why don’t people like Donald Trump for his open and outspoken personality?

It is because President Trump will not accept that he has to conform to the view that Politics is for the Media, Government is for the Establishment, diplomacy is for deals under the table and the People are for ‘spinning’ to.


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It is because President Trump will not accept that he has to conform to the view that Politics is for the Media, Government is for the Establishment, diplomacy is for deals under the table and the People are for ‘spinning’ to.

He went to the People of America and told them what he wanted a mandate for. Now he is delivering it.

Did those who are vocal in their criticism of him think he was going to be change just because he became President? He has never been a Politician what else was he going to do other than be himself.

In 2020 they will be able to vote for somebody else until then they have every opportunity to present ideas better than President Trump’s to the People.

I would rather have a Leader who is honest with the People about his views of the World than one who tells the media what it is he or she expects the People to believe.

Isn’t Donald Trump’s loud verbal admonishment’s strong indications of Munchausen syndrome?


This is my answer to this Question on Quora.

No not at all. Speaking your mind in relation to your beliefs and views is not any indication or syndrome of any form of mental incapacity.

When Presidents Trump’s state of mind is compared to say Blair, Bush, Cameron and Obama who invaded Iraq and Libya and then walked away from any form of positive solution to a problem they were part of I would say he is acting perfectly normal.

I could of course compare his state of mind to all the World Leaders who when faced with mankind’s destructive effects to our Climate signed a non-mandatory agreement which favoured certain countres over others to give away $100 billion a year to some of which will go to corrupt governments. We need a ‘no disadvantage enforceable mandatory agreement’ if we are to save our Planet.

Even more so I could compare his state of mind to that of the U.K Government who are about to walk away from the best trading partner the U.K has or will ever have.

Angela Merkel’s state of mind must also be questioned for allowing 1 million refugees into Germany without asking her citizens if they agreed. Merkel also never prepared for those who were prepared to die in the Mediterranean to get to Germany – their watery graves a testament to her inability to understand the effects of her actions.

Or even the state of mind of the U.N Security Council which allowed children in Aleppo to die day after day after day and did nothing.

Speaking your mind is an honesty we all need. He speaks and somebody is able to object and he gets a barometer of what people are thinking. What exactly has he done other than raise debate and cause us all to question the sanity of our own Governments.


Is Donald Trump popular in the UK?

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He is with me and many others too. Why? Because he leads not follows. He will not be swayed from his vision to ensure every American has the opportunity to achieve greatness in his or her own way.

I and many others have had enough of Governments who manage their Countries through expensive International Organisations and forums with which they make countless ‘look at me’ speeches and little else.

It is time our Governments remembered why they are our Governments and that is to ensure the economic prosperity and security of each and everyone of its citizens.

Nikki Haley the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N has through the force of her own and President Trump’s commitment to World Security put the U.N on notice that they are the U.N to unite in their efforts for World Peace and Security – not disunite. Many have had enough of the U.N.’s meaningless speeches and soft options.

I will campaign in 2020 as I did in 2016 for President Trump and I hope Nikki Haley in 2024. Donald Trump has been President for nine months and in that time has not invaded any countries, has not bailed out any banks, has not signed a meaningless Climate Change Accord, has not walked away from his Election Promises and has sent me a letter thanking me for my input – something the U.K Government has never done.

President Trump will always have my support because he has given me his.


What could be done to end the War in Afghanistan?

What is needed for Peace in Afghanistan is an honesty to the reality

This is my answer to this Question on https://www.quora.com/profile/Desmond-Last

A recognition that the Taliban will never be defeated is an absolute prerequisite for an end to the Conflict in Afghanistan.

Nothing ever stays the same the only constant being a state of change and that applies to the Taliban as much as it does to anybody else.

The Taliban now control 40 per cent of Afghanistan. They have a civil justice system, schools and a health system. They even have a Climate Change Policy. They know that to be a credible Governing Body they must accept social justice in all its many forms.

They also control and have always controlled the mountains. The military Holy Grail in any battlefield is the high ground and it is a military reality that some in the Senior American Military need to remind themselves about.

Over 1.5 million civilians and military personnel have died in Afghanistan since 1979. Now another 4000 American Soldiers are on their way to a land that has given them nothing and taken everything. They will face a battle-hardened Taliban who have not stopped fighting for nearly 40 years – that is a lot of experience

Both Russia and China are talking to the Taliban. China manages to duck every hard decision instead leaving it for American Soldiers to die. China have the Taliban protecting their mineral interests in Afghanistan.

The Taliban do not want ISIS in Afghanistan and neither does President Trump. That is a common ground and one which President Trump should consider as a potential starting point for Peace negotiations.

The Taliban want Peace. If it is to be achieved it is down to one man – President Trump. That is the only way there will ever be Peace – when America accepts the reality of a Taliban who will never give up.

That does not mean giving Afghanistan to the Taliban on a plate. The Taliban cannot force their people to accept them. They too must face the reality that to be part of the World they must allow people to decide for themselves their fate. Just as God has and does.

President Trump is wrong to send more Troops to Afghanistan.

President Trump does not know enough about what is going on in Afghanistan to make a decision which will result in the deaths of more American Soldiers and Afghan Civilians.

He has been wrongly advised. We cannot beat the Taliban. Fighting the Taliban will not control the expansion of terrorism. Nor will it enable Pakistan to stop rival Taliban Groups seek their own Agenda’s. The Taliban now have a Controlling Organization – they will be needed as Allies if Terrorism is to be controlled. They are already acting as a de-facto Government and have established communications with several Governments.

The Taliban control over 40 per cent of Afghanistan. How are an extra 4000 U.S troops going to be able to counter their expansion and ‘kill terrorists’.

America’s terror attacks on its home soil have all been by American Citizens or from Nationals who have been living in America for some time.

China is actively co-operating with the Taliban and so too is Russia. The Taliban are acting as Security in Afghanistan for China’s resources investments.

Why is it that more Americans have to die so that China and Russia can supply the markets that America is ensuring do not suffer terrorist attacks?

America you have lost nearly 3000 good men. How many more?

The Taliban do not want ISIS in control of any part of Afghanistan so the U.S risks the possibility of the Taliban and ISIS working together against the U.S supported by Russia.

Putin is not only getting a free Border Guard but he also get to play his strategic power games against the U.S with the Taliban.

Everybody has their hands in the Till in Afghanistan. Most of the till is American money. Only this week the European Union poured another $100 million into Afghanistan. Where has all the money gone?

President Trump should have pulled out every U.S soldier and said to Russia and China – all yours. They would soon be wanting to work with America once they knew the U.S were leaving

Stop being everybody’s Policeman America – that is what the U.N should be for.

The Taliban are the most experienced fighters in the World. They have been fighting non-stop since 1979 when the Russians invaded Afghanistan. How many of the 4000 U.S troops going to Afghanistan have been fighting since 1979?

Nobody is going to defeat the Taliban and they have the high ground. They own the mountains. They also are the heart and soul of their people.

President Trump I am one of your supporters. But on Afghanistan you are wrong. The Taliban say they want Peace. They say they have had enough of the war. They too do not want terrorism. You should be talking to them not further engaging them in battle.

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