What is the importance of young people in your country developing a sense of national belonging, patriotism and pride? How would these values help the development of your nation?



This is my answer to the Question which is on Quora.

There can be no other example of National Pride than that which can be placed within the reach of Young People by those who set themselves up as their Peers. It leads the way for young people to set for themselves the achievements and possibilities that their Nation can make possible for them.

Yet, what do they have as examples? Weak and ineffective leadership. Corruption. Social division. A weakness in enforcing Law and Order. A hypocrisy of intervention in wars which kill children. An acceptance of homelessness. A tolerance of absolute Poverty and a World Political System that devours the democracy of the people as if their human rights did not exist.

Our World Leaders are weak, ineffective, decisive and support corruption as if it were the New Black.

Even President Trump has failed to act on stopping the cancerous growth of Evil by Global Groups who peddle filth drugs and trafficking as if it were worthy of no more than a Parking Ticket.

The Youth of today need to demand an end to corruption and seek leadership that will achieve a World where ‘Crime does not Pay’.

Unfortunately, here in the UK a weak Tory Government and and ineffective Theresa May allow crime to run rampant as if it were not their responsibility.

Cutting Police and Health resources, allowing ‘Out of Control’ cyber-hacking and acting too little too late for widely-known sexual harassment of women in Parliament is not setting young people an example of National Pride.

Neither is ensuring they are not part of a developing European Culture by peddling Brexit as the new Nirvana when in fact it will become the UK’s worst ever Economic Disaster.

A sense of National Pride for young people is vital in seeking to maximise the Social and Economic benefits of a Nation and for preventing youth crime.


Are we just a material?


This is my answer to the Question which was on Quora.

The Human Condition is evolving into something less than Human. In fact many are already at the point where it can be said that they are just a material.

Many people, particularly in the Western World, have accepted a way of interaction that has isolated them from the interaction of the human condition with those who are less fortunate.

Many are willing to accept a conditioned mediocre society as long as they are kept safe by whoever imposes conditions on their behavior and hence they become material.

However, by doing so they lose their freedom of expression and their ability to fight for the freedom of others. Life becomes ‘self-satisfied’ and a constant search for the next ‘experience high’.

Our Governments and Establishments have failed to progress Society and develop its Humanity so instead they seek to contain and control us in order to ensure our behaviour is predictable and manageable – this way they hope to contain crime and terrorism.

They ignore the root cause of crime and terrorism which is their failure to ensure fairness in mankind’s progression and instead seek to micro-manage the whole of their Societies.

We are at the end of ‘freedom of expression’. Our Governments will have to become more decronian and more controlling of our rights if Society is to continue to remain manageable.

To do that they need the ‘material condition’. The other developer of the ‘material condition’ is AI and its derivatives. This is a real threat to our Philosophical Freedom and has already been embraced by our Governments. AI can never produce Philosophy as it incapable of free thought. It is Philosophy that develops humanity and produces the actions for mankind that progress the ‘human condition’ ie civilization.

To confront a Government with your own ideas is now almost as if you are going to war with them. They simply no longer listen. They fear ideas other than their own because they do want a new Philosophy which may displace their own ideologies.

The material condition is encouraged and fostered to ensure that Citizens are too afraid to seek other than their own material satisfaction.

The United Kingdom and Theresa May are the leading examples in the Western World of how the ‘material society’ is progressing. May is at the forefront of imposing new controls on the Internet that will only seek to increase the divide between the State and its People.

The acceptance of the failure of our Governments to manage our Economies fairly is at the root cause of the emergence of the ‘material condition’.

Terrorism and Crime thrive on Economic Mismanagement which is a symptom of modern Governments inability to accept new ideas – the vicious circle of the Ivory Tower.

Hence the ‘Protection of the Material’ and its embryonic human condition ‘the need to be selfish’ so that there is no need to concern yourself with the actions of your Governments on Human Rights.