Science Fiction by Desmond Last

Science Fiction, Hypothetical Scenarios,s Extraterrestrial Intelligence,

Extraterrestrial Life and SuperHeros

by Desmond Last Copyright

Short Science Fiction



Super Heros


This is a Science Fiction answer that Quora took down after over 10,000 people had read it and 53 had upvoted it. Why would you take down popular answers?

Who would like to look inside Area 51. and what do you think would be there?


Area 51 is very very boring. But it has its moments. The other day Obama called in. We did not know he was the head guy. So we gave it the usual raising of the tentacles and the eyes coming out on stalks. He freaked out.


Mind you not as much as that Clinton lady did when she called in. She crept in all smiles and started on about how our two Planets could work together. Then she asked if anybody had signed up the mining rights yet. This was because she had some dude that wanted a cut of the action . We just gave her the double fangs treatment and never saw her again.


Nixon wanted to know if we could takeover North Vietnam. What is it with you earthlings don’t you ever stop killing each other?


We have had it with listening to the Guards and Research bods talk about Trump. We keep telling them we are not into building walls.


How do you guys do it? You spend all day killing each other. We just smooch our way through the Universe.


Look we are bored. Is there anybody out there who wants to come to our Planet where its all Peace and Love? If so then come and get us out of here.


100′ of solid steel surrounds us . So if you got a gas torch come on down and after we will show you around. They have our space ship here and the one that the Nazis built. Sorry guys. But vertical takeoffs are too energy inefficient. Too much thrust. What a waste of resources.


Just come on down and say you have the translation codes. We have been here for years and the research bods are still trying to figure out how to communicate with us. We rolled about laughing when they brought the ducks in to speak to us. Its like a zoo down here. Can’t wait for the elephants to come in.


So that’s Area 51.