Government of Australia Answer to: Direct/Microwave Energy Weapons. Are we safe?


Letter to the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull – sent 21.7.18

Is the Australian Government involved in the research and manufacture of Direct Energy Weapons?

If so has the Australian Government taken all necessary steps to ensure that such weapons and associated technologies cannot be used on the Citizens of Australia by criminal and/or terrorist organisations and any research groups acting outside the laws of Australia. What is the level of funding for such weapons?

I am concerned that there is no legislation to prevent these weapons being used by any person or group.

What does the Prime Minister intend to do to ensure that such weapons are not used on the Citizens of Australia and visiting nationals?

On the 22 August 2018 (ref United Nations General Assembly, the (U.N) The Committee Against Torture (CAT), U.N Human Rights Committee, I received a reply to which I have responded. See below.


The reply I received has not answered my question and has in fact completely avoided the question I asked. I want to know how the Australian Government intends to ensure it knows the location of every one of these weapons which include hand-held devices.

I am sending another letter to the Samantha Higgins to obtain a more complete answer.

I never received a reply. So July 2019 have resent this letter.

This was posted in the Public Domain on Scott Morrison’s the Prime Minister of Australia’s Twitter Page, the UK Government’s Twitter Page and the Secretary General of the United Nations Twitter Page on the 18 July 2019. Ref ICC 18719.

Now the United States Government are making the same warnings that I have been for the past 9 years.

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