President Trump signs an Executive Order on AI technology but who ensures the safety of its application?

My perspective of a Presidential Executive Order in relation to the safety of not only American Citizens but others around the World with regard to AI.

However, whilst ‘the only constant is change its damage can be permanent’. A1 is not intelligence. It is a linear progression that does not think it only performs to its programmed parameters. I am able to create from ‘my own self’ whereas AI can only create that which has been given. I am able to disobey an order with my own free will. AI has to be programmed to have free will and the actions of that free will are pre-determined. Therefore, it is important that we ensure those who are ‘creating AI’ are not misusing it and its ‘developing sister technologies’ to harm others.

AI is simple but its progression has the potential to befriend mankind or cause it terrible harm. We all know what happens with the current stone-age AI we are confronted with when we a friendly bot pops up on our computer screens and answers all our questions with ‘Good Morning and how are you today?’. This is in reply to your question ‘I am about to die and urgently need an ambulance’.

AI is all about money and at the moment not about service or value for money. Over time AI will progress to be useful. Some see it as the Messiah, the Nirvana of Profit and loss. No more call centers just lines of binary acknowledgement with you not knowing whether it is a human or a robot you are speaking to.

However, all is not well in AI. The High Priests of AI see it as a replacement for the human brain and this is where AI2 could prove to be more dangerous than nuclear weapons… be cont 19.2.2020

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