President Trump signs an Executive Order on AI technology but who ensures the safety of its application?

My perspective of a Presidential Executive Order in relation to the safety of not only American Citizens but others around the World with regard to AI.

President Trump continues to drive the technology development of the United States from the Oval Office. That is good and more leaders should follow his example but President Trump and the Media spend far too much time on ‘Twitter war’ whilst ignoring the background of change that the President is driving into the American economy.

The President himself is his own worst enemy. He gives the media and the Democrats far too much ’emotion time’ when it is the people he should be talking to and explaining how the changes he is making will improve their lives – but that is his choice . You cannot change who you are. Though you can change what you are.

However, whilst ‘the only constant is change its damage can be permanent’. A1 is not intelligence. It is a linear progression that does not think it only performs to its expected parameters. I am able to create from my own self whereas AI can only create that which has been given. Therefore, it is important that we ensure those who are ‘creating AI’ are not misusing it and its developing sister technologies to harm others.

To be cont/….