President Trump & the U.S National Strategy – My Assessment & Suggestions.

The United States National Strategy – My assessment.

President Trump’s U.S.A National Strategy

Our World could be and should be so much better. The World needs new Leadership, New Clarity and New Direction. President Trump’s National Strategy which was released on the 19th December 2017 is comprehensive and explicit. However, there are in my opinion several omissions particularly in the area of National Security.  Nevertheless it is an articulation of purpose which we should all welcome. The Strategy clearly lays out the Principles and Philosophy for America’s future in our World. It is in effect a vision of the future that President Trump and his colleagues have for America and the World.

It is also an invitation to join America in promoting an International Democracy based on a set of clear Principles which are developed from its foundation as a society formed ‘to establish justice’. America wants partners not doubters.

When I first started writing some 10 years ago I wrote that each World Leader should provide a Vision for their Nation and the World. Why? For the very reason that the White House and President Trump have stated their National Strategy – to ensure we have a baseline from which to understand each other.

We should ask of both China and Russia and other Nations that they produce similar Statements of intent. Once we have them the major Powers will be able to use them to work together for a better World. Understanding what it is we stand for and how we will defend and promote our way of life is essential if we are to progress towards a World of Peaceful Coexistence. For any negotiation to succeed each party to the negotiation must know the position of the other.

I have read the Strategy of the United States and this is my assessment, critique and my own ideas that I believe should be added.

The Introduction. President Trump begins with ‘My fellow Americans: The American people elected me to make America great again’. This is a very important statement. President Trump was elected with a clear majority not by the media but by the People. The Media with all their many vested interests have become the proxy democracy. This is not healthy for the expansion of human rights and the evolvement of Democracy. It is to the People that America’s Constitutions answers to – not the Media.

President Trump’s  introduction is clear and to the point. It is the common theme that runs through the whole Strategy – America is first and foremost for its People.

I entirely agree with President Trump. All our Governments need to look to their citizens as their first priority. Each to ensure that all their Citizens are able to work to provide a home and a future for their children and the vulnerable are cared for.


Protect the American People, the Homeland, and the American Way of Life.

The first pillar of the Strategy provides a clear understanding of what is American and how America should be seen by other Nations and their Peoples. The point is made that America has been too soft, to willing to die for its principles and its fellow Nations and to ready to accept the excess of commercial lawlessness. The direction is clear. America believes in itself and its way of life, will not compromise on its ideals and invites others to join in their vision of the World. America will no longer support those who do not support America.

The message to China and Russia is also clear. It is a World America will compete for fairly – both in Economics and strategic military placement.

However as President Trump has proven America now has clear non-negotiable red lines. This is important. President Trump is right to put a boundary around what he believes to be right and what he believes to be wrong. The U.S cruise missile salvo of Assad’s Military Airbase after chemical weapons were used on civilians in Aleppo is in sharp contrast to the inaction of Obama. Sitting on the fence causes confusion and allows others to take advantage of the vacuum caused by the lack of clarity.

So too North Korea now knows that America will not lets its peoples be under a constant threat. We must hope that a senior American Government Representative will visit North Korea with the message that North Korea will find it easier to sell the Trucks to the World than Nuclear Weapons.

Pillar 1 continues by subject to make clear statements of fact on whole range of potential threats to America.

I believe the following areas of U.S National Security should also have been covered by the National Strategy.

Third party’ Government creep is beginning to overshadow the democratic workings of the U.S and other Governments and requires immediate and urgent investigation.

No matter this subject is deliberately ignored by the Media and perhaps also by the US and other Governments I can assure you this one is not going to go away. It is a real threat to democracy and has and will undermine the workings of Government. The CIA have been unbelievably negligent in not understanding how it is infiltrating both Federal and State Governments. At some point in time both the FBI and the CIA will have to explain to President Trump why it is they have deliberately ignored what is a threat to the security of the United States.

It is despite its lack of ‘Public Domain’ possibly the biggest current threat to U.S and Global Financial Security.

Governments have not been careful about who they have contracted their Government workings out to. They have also not always applied strict positive vetting to contracted Agencies who have been given access to ‘classified information and classified facilities’. In addition they have had access to Government funding with little or no accountability as to where the funding has been spent.

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has not I believe been careful to whom it has contracted out some of its advanced bio-technics projects and this in my opinion has compromised US National Security. It may even if not verified by the CIA at source put American Global Security at risk.

What has in the past been firmly under the eye of the CIA, NSA, FBI and Homeland Security is now under a more distant and devolved scrutiny. The UK and Australia are perhaps the developed World’s leading example of ‘corruption creep’ and the lack of ‘budget accountability’.

Time and events will prove if I have overstated the dangers of ‘Third Party Government’.

Climate Change as a Trojan Horse. President Trump and his military advisers must make Climate Change and its results a much higher priority.  Your Military cannot defend New York if the bridge they have to cross to get them there has been washed away by a major Climate Disaster. So too a trained and prepared hostile force will be able to use Climate Disaster(s) as a Trojan Horse. Add nuclear weapons to our rapidly changing Environment which will be used to target areas of our Climate that will trigger a chain reaction of Climate Disasters and you have a-runaway effect. Add to that the diversion of underground water table and you have a very real Security threat. We do not know where all the nuclear weapons in the World are and judging by the CIA’s inability to assess the threat of third-party Government  I doubt if they have mapped the scenario I have just described.

The enemy might not be so obvious as they have been in the ideological past.

How much training have the US Military had on U.S home soil in Climate Disaster conditions in order to defend against a hostile force whilst a Climate Disaster is in progress?

The US Military should train in the US with State and Local Government Agencies in order to deal with Climate Disasters. Military Personnel must be on the ground for Climate Disasters not left in the Barracks. Similarly if California is unable to grow it, the Federal IR will not be able to tax it and the U.S Military will not be able to spend it.

The United States must also ensure that Nuclear Weapons sites are Climate Change and Trojan Horse Proof. Particularly in those areas of southern North America which are subject to movements of the earth’s structure as it expands with the increase in the temperature of the Planet. Man-made or not you still have to deal with rising temperatures.

The Paris Accord should be mandatory with a no-disadvantage clause. My own new system of dealing with Climate Change presents a subject time-specific table of change in priority order with constant real-time modeling and monitoring.

My urgent advice to President Trump is to find out to who and where every single $ of the One Hundred Billion a year of the Paris Accord is going to before he spends a single $ on any International Climate Agreements. This links into Third Party Government corruption and also tandems corruption in Foreign Aid Spending.

International Disaster Directorate. Also not included in the US Strategy is the US Military vulnerability at times of International Disasters. We (the World) do not have an International Disaster Directorate and we urgently need one. Why the vulnerability? Because putting American troops and resources into a situation they are not prepared for and are not fully aware of is a risk. A Climate Disaster can also be used as part of a Trojan Horse strategy. An International Disaster Directorate will prevent that. It will also ensure Climate Refugees are not used to cause civil unrest and even possibly a conflict as part of a Trojan Horse Strategy by providing secure verified means of communication between military forces of different Countries. I have written an outline of such a Directorate.

Water. This is  important. Yet the Strategy does not emphasize the importance of U.S and Global Water Securty. The U.S must carry out an urgent Inventory of its fresh water supply and real-time measure and monitor the rate of increasing salinity and the increase in toxic chemical levels. Water is a risk critical factor at times of National Emergencies. Water must be considered to be a potential target in the event of a Trojan Horse attack.  Monitoring and testing must include that which is underground and ensure it is real-time CIA verified and vetted 24/7 monitored. If there ever is an American Achilles Heel it is the water supply. Water is the New Gold and must be protected as such.

CyberSpace. Without a Global Regulatory Inspection Authority and Agreement who inspect every Space Vehicle before it is launched are we to live under the threat of being under the umbrella of Nuclear Weapons not to shield us but to be pointed at us? We also need an International Agreement to limit the use of Direct Energy and Microwave Weapons. In the wrong hands they could from an elevated position take out all the computer systems in Washington and New York including those in Hospitals.

What is the point of Russia, China and the US spending $billions on the same attack systems only to have to spend $billions on the same systems for defense? America must take the lead in ensuring that a viable Inspection regime exists  Pre-Launch. Space should be a collaborative effort and not a new Military Industrial Campaign. Space is an opportunity for all the World Powers to set aside the differences of Planet Earth and work together. Are we to see the Space as a new frontier or the same ideological battlefield?

Terrorism. The Strategy makes a bold defence against terrorism. However, as one who has an application of Philosophy and reason to combat the ideology of ISIS and Al Qaeda I believe the US is lacking in its ability to reach those who have not yet decided to support ISIS but will in the future. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to complete my own work.

The UK and Australian Governments have been particularly obstructive to the point where it is easier to read the words of ISIS than those of mine.

Read My discussion of why ISIS are incorrect when they say they speak the ‘Word of God’.

Cyber Security. I know this is one of President Trump’s key Strategy items. He is right. Our World cannot continue to be disrupted by those who seek to profit by cyber criminal efforts and so easily disrupt our daily lives. He is also correct to identify it as a Military and Financial Systems Achilles Heel. But whilst the Strategy provides an impressive list of ‘must do’ it leaves out a very important ‘do now’. What is the point of America plugging a cyber hole if its partners do not?

The UK and Australia are leaking cyber buckets. Theresa May can grandstand all she likes to Russia but the UK is a U.S cyberthreat. Its systems are out of date, underfunded and UK Cyber Criminals are ‘out of control’. Malcolm Turnbull the Australian Prime Minister too is sleep walking Australia into a cyber technology back water. The U.S must use its influence to prompt both the U.K and Australia into ensuring it has sufficient resources  available to counter cyber attacks.

President Trump must seek from the UK and Australian Governments an undertaking to ensure the Laws of both Countries and the resources of the Security Services are fully employed in preventing cybercrime and the rise of third party Government.

I am also highly critical of biotechnical research that is not monitored by the CIA, MI5 and ASIO. I consider it to be an extremely high security risk. A risk which could include GCHQ and possibly Pine Gap.

It is an area that will become increasingly security critical as AI develops and AI and BioTechnics merge. BioRobots are on the horizon and may even be at the production stage. The research has the potential to be misused. It must be carefully monitored or the CIA will be suddenly confronted with threat that will be very difficult to counter.

I suggest to President Trump that the CIA appoint a dedicated team vetted to the highest order of very secure personal to this developing threat. It has the potential to be a greater threat than nuclear weapons.

Also Read my discussion of Bio-Technology and associated research.

P I L L A R I I:

Promote American Prosperity

Pillar Two is a comprehensive outline of how America is to achieve that which in the past it has let others do. It can be summarised by saying ‘Be best buddies with your neighbour for sure but when he borrows your lawnmower make sure he brings it back and pays for the gas’. Whereas in the past America paid for the lawnmower which was not made in the US. Nobody ever gave the lawnmower back and then the borrower wanted paying for the mowing and the gas too.

It was President Obama’s administration that paid $43,000,000 for a $500,000 gas station in Afghanistan.

America has been the bottomless pit for too long. If there was a hand out America would fill it with US dollars and at the expense of the American worker. The strategy is clear. America intends to lead economic development through innovation, protection of its intellectual property rights and by increasing its manufacturing base. It will produce a tax system that will not lead to companies seeking to manufacture elsewhere.

It was a bold move to reduce the rate of Corporation Tax so that the  rich will spend it to the benefit of the poor. But Harvard and Yale where is the new Economic thought that is needed to prevent the inevitable recession?

It is not enough to reduce the Corporation Rate Tax. The liquidity that will be released must be encouraged to produce capital investment inside the American Economic System. It is a logical next step to band the Corporation Tax based on the investment level by percentage of nett post tax profit by corporate America or to introduce a new regional or State funding system with private and Government investment that provides a reduced tax rate for corporate investors. President Trump outlined the principle of this in his ‘State of the Union’ Speech but gave no specifics and neither does the US National Strategy. Why should companies who invest their post-tax earnings outside of America get the same Corporation Tax rate as those who invest in America? America also has a Wealth Distribution Gulf. Wealth Distribution can be more evenly spread by evolving a luxury Sales Tax.

America’s Drug Crisis. No matter how much money you pump into an economy if it cannot be seen to be productive then those who work hard to support it will lose heart. What is the point of Americans working hard to be able to pay taxes if their tax dollars are going to be spent in the Emergency Wards dealing with drug overdoses? There is also of course the human misery. The absolute waste of a life and all the pain that causes. There is so much more. Police and Paramedics lives at risk, increase in drug-related crime, children born with a drug dependency, lost productivity – the list is a long one.  In his ‘State of the Union’ Speech President Trump spoke of the military defeat of ISIS. But America’s real war is within its own borders. This is the outline of my developing Strategy of how to stop the ‘Drug Crisis in America.

Crime.Whilst America is ‘ambiguous on crime’ then tax dollars will continue to be spent on dealing with the results of crime rather than allocating Federal and State Funding on Community Investment and Infrastructure Projects. The Prison System is not working. Being tough on crime is just not about locking people up for as long as possible – it means catching them and then ensuring they have no reason  to commit another crime. The best crime deterrent is the Community working with Police to ensure crime is stopped. But that requires trust and example. The Law must be applied equally to all and all must have access to it.

In summary Pillar Two is comprehensive. From it a National Industrial and Economic Strategy will be able to be developed that is in synergy with President Trump’s State of the Union Speech.

Preserve Peace
Through Strength

Pillar III is no different to that which China or Russia would produce. It states quite clearly that America will maintain and increase economic independence  to protect its military hardware from being subject to other States interference. The point is also made that it considers Peace through Military Empowerment the only solution to a World not at War. However, the Statement makes no attempt to consider alternatives.

Until the United Nations is reformed to produce a United Legal Military Solution to any conflict in the World then Russia, China and the U.S.A will compete for Military dominance in order to ensure Nation-State Security. The omission is glaring and explains why it is that the World is becoming ever more closer to a cliff-edge of potential confrontation. The United Nations must be reformed if we are ever to enjoy a World at Peace. That reform must propose a World United Legal Defense of Peace in any part of the World without taking sides. In other words the ‘Conflict will be stopped’.

Nuclear Weapons continue to be part of America’s Defense Strategy. I agree. Until we have the capability to locate every nuclear weapon in the World and the material required to arm them we must continue to have a nuclear defense. Again the CIA have failed to understand how the encroachment of Third Party Government in possible collaboration with bio-technology research has put America under a greater nuclear threat than ever  before. The same can be said of China and Russia. This emerging threat cannot be understated. President Trump must ensure that the CIA are taking this new threat seriously and it may be that the CIA requires the cooperation of China and Russia in order to deal with this ‘new threat’.

Perhaps if the Government’s of Theresa May and Malcolm Turnbull had not been so studious in ignoring my writing this subject may have not become the urgent threat it has.

Pillar 3 has set out President Trump’s justification for ensuring the American Military are provided with the resources required to protect the Nation. However, the lack of co-operation with Russia and China on a possible third-party nuclear threat is in my opinion a failure of the NSA and the CIA to fully understand the National and Global implications of Third Party Government and Bio-Technology research. I make the point in more detail in a short essay Click Here to Read.

P I L L A R  I V
Advance American Influence
“Above all, we value the dignity of every human life,
protect the rights of every person, and share the hope of every soul
to live in freedom. That is who we are.”

Foreign Aid. Pillar IV makes a very important statement and one which I have been advocating for some time. Unfortunately the administrations of both Malcolm Turnbull and Theresa May have sought not to support my efforts for a Better World so it was heartening to read that the United States will ‘seek to unlock the economic potential of citizens’ and ‘shift away from a reliance on assistance based grants’.

A $ earned has more value and security attached to it than a $ given. So too Governments have used Aid money to support their own extravagant lifestyles and build up Military Power to be used in regional conflicts and against their own Citizens. Giving money to Governments who do not have the necessary background in Economics and the best interests of their Citizens at Heart in order to gain strategic influence has not worked.

The U.S is signalling that not only will it no longer handover U.S Citizens money to Governments. It now wants the money repaid and used in Project Financing for Citizen Groups. This is how it should be. Why should inept and corrupt Governments be given a single dollar only to misuse the funds and support terrorists regimes or ignore them as a threat to America?

I would go even further. I would never put a single dollar into a foreign Governments bank account. All project costs should be paid direct by the U.S Government who should oversee all projects until they produce a surplus value for the Citizens involved. Then a percentage of the surplus value should be used to assist new projects.

‘Too many hands are now in the till of foreign aid’.

Any Government who believes that Aid funding is not being corrupted needs a wake-up call from its Citizens. It is far worse than we have been lead to believe. The CIA and the State Department have not been diligent in this matter. This also links into the expansion of Third Party Government as previously mentioned.

The other point made in Pillar IV is that America wants willing partners who support the ideals of American Democracy. Those who choose not to support America are free to accept the authoritarian rule of China or Russia. America may have its faults but Leaders who do not have to be elected is not one of them. The statement in Pillar IV is clear. America will continue to support evolving democracies that in turn support America.

The Strategy
in a Regional Context

This is a round-up of America’s Future Geo-Political framework. Except it has a glaring omission. What happens when you have no water and food for you and your family? What happens when you are one of millions?

Disagree with the reason our Climate is changing for sure that is your prerogative. But when 000’s of starving and thirsty people appear on your Border what are you going to do? Nikki Halley the American Ambassador to the United Nations must start asking the Q. How many people can your country sustain? This needs to be a Global debate and one which America should be at the forefront of. When critical mass is reached in any energy system there is a rapid and accelerating release of energy. 000’s of people will produce that energy when they have no option but to look for food and water.

Those Nations and that includes Russia and China who will be at the forefront of the World’s ability to deal with huge numbers of people moving need to begin to prepare for that situation now. Unless of course they want the conflict that will result.

This will also be an opportunity for calculated Trojan Horse chaos. Russia and China may not be Americas’ emerging military threat. There are those who seek Power by any means possible – as history has shown. The potential for such a threat must not be ignored.

No mention of Peace with the Taliban in Afghanistan is made. This will only ensure that ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban continue to evolve into the first Terrorist Superpower. It is only a matter of time. The U.S must begin talks with the Taliban if the ‘New Terror Threat’ is to be avoided.

In this section no mention is made of the United Nations. It is a missed opportunity to push for the reform of the U.N that the World needs if we are all to co-exist in Peace and Harmony.

In summary the United States would appear to be wanting partners who share the burden of Regional Peace and Economic Development. No longer will the U.S be both childminder and nursemaid. It wants independent adults who are prepared to take the share of responsibility for their actions. I agree. America cannot afford to be both proxy Government and Bank for Governments who are selfish in their actions and who seek monies from whoever they can. President Trump has never said anything other than ‘America First’ and in this Strategy he has explained how that will occur.

There is nothing to add to the final statement in the Strategy.

Our Nation derives its strength from the American
people. Every American has a role to play in this
grand, national effort to implement this America
First National Security Strategy. Together, our task
is to strengthen our families, to build up our communities,
to serve our citizens, and to celebrate
American greatness as a shining example to the
world. We will leave our children and grandchildren
a Nation that is stronger, better, freer, prouder,
and greater than ever before.

The Media will not report or print my Assessment of President Trumps’ Strategy for America. Prime Minister’s Theresa May and Malcolm Turnbull will not acknowledge it.

Desmond Last. Sydney. 2 April 2018

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