Why do people dislike people who tell the truth?

Honesty is brutal. We all are guilty of hiding from the truth. To confront the unbelievable as the believable is to examine one’s own reality of the World.

We build our reality of the World around us as a cocoon to absorb the shocks and keep out that which we do not want to hear.

That is why is so hard to get real change to the way we live our lives in order to reduce the negative effects of Climate Change.

We laugh off the warnings and shrug our shoulders in careless indifference.

We all know what is coming. It will be terrible; a Hell on Earth for so many.

Do you want to know that you will be willing to sell your soul for water or have to leave behind a whole lifetime of memories as you flee the x disaster.

Nobody wants to have to consider the unthinkable. We do not like the doomsters they confront our realisms, our hopes and our dreams. I know because I am a doomster.

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The most important are ‘trust and respect ’ with their application being asserted with ‘Principle and Integrity’.

As citizens we endow our Governments and their Agencies with our ‘trust and respect’.

When they fail to ensure that they ‘listen and act’ on our needs and desires with an impartiality that ensures our democratic choice and safety is maintained then we question their ‘Principle and Integrity’.

Should our trust and respect of the State be such that we consider them to be no longer transparent and accountable civil disorder will become so prevalent that it will be the constant state.

That is what is happening around the World today and more so in the future.

In increasing numbers we no longer trust and believe our Governments and their Agencies.

The current constant state is that ‘Governments believe their own lies’ and we no longer can rely on their Principle and Integrity to safeguard our lives.

These ‘state of actions’ will lead to physical ‘things in society’ not being available and thus lead to total World chaos.

Food, water and shelter the basic components of any society will become so under threat from the extremes of Climate Change that Government will be unable to maintain its position in society without the use of force.

Energy weapons leave a trail of evidence when used continually against a person.

Energy weapons leave a trail of evidence when used continually against a person. This evidence can be used in conjunction with the United Nations Istanbul Protocol in any case against a Government or Government associated agency ot third party group who have allowed and participated in the development of energy weapons without any legislative or practical control over their manufacturing and use. This could also include any corporations who if they have allowed third party development, manufacturing and use of such weapons know that such weapons are being used to harm defenseless civilians. Any successful civil claim can lead to a criminal conviction by both National Courts and the International Criminal Court. Widespread consent which leads to mass harm by virtue of ‘Government absent legal care and enforcement of laws so intended to protect the defenseless can be said to be ‘crime against humanity’. Whilst the International Court can issue arrest warrants under the treaty of Rome for signatory heads of state it cannot do so for the heads of non-signatory states but they can be arrested when within the borders of a signatory states as ‘Crimes against Humanity have no diplomatic immunity. Governments should ensure that they have sufficient legal and practical controls in place to ensure that energy weapons are not used by any group against defenseless civilians.

What are some rules you should always follow during a survival situation?

Survival is so much more than a tin of beans and a campfire. Provided you have food, water and shelter from the elements then physically you will survive. However, if mentally you are not prepared for the isolation and the situation assault on your perspective of the reality you are in you may not survive despite having enough physical support.

If you are alone then your greatest survival enemy is yourself. If you are with others then it is your reality at odds with theirs that may cause you harm.

I was taking a 60 steel ketch into Port Stephens on the eastern coast of Australia in very stormy weather. I had the Coastguard on the radio who was guiding me in through the narrow channel. I was secure in the knowledge that I was in charge of the situation.

It was wild and windy and admittedly on the ‘scary side’. I was with a couple who were crew for me. The husband panicked because he was not in charge of the situation and had allowed the potential danger escalation to become his reality. He had taken himself out of his known world and put himself into a world he has no knowledge of. I had to be short and abrupt with him so that I could maintain my concentration.

What he had done was to let the unknown take over the known.

We were in a very seaworthy ketch. We were not taking on water and we were in communication with the Coastguard. I had inspected the vessel before we left and had sailed her down the coast with no problems. We had a life raft on board and were within sight of land.

All the ‘plus points’ he ignored and instead he was in a world that was out of control and deadly. If I had not told him to ‘shut-up’ I could have been dragged into his world and made a sailing maneuver that would have not got us into Port safely. In addition his lack of emotional control could have become the focal point of the situation rather than the ketch in a storm.

We both had the same physical knowledge of the situation but he tried to let his mental perspective overcome mine. We tied up safely and I did not mention what had happened. That too is important in a survival situation. Do not let a bad situation linger. Let it go.

To survive you must be in control of your mind and not let your fears take you into a World that will harm you with wrong and hasty badly planned decisions.


What is learned from solitude?

Solitude is the most important transition from being a digit to a person. As digits we are enumerated, categorised, accounted for, lectured to and charged to.

Vast developing AI systems cater to our physical needs and pay no attention to our need to be treated with respect. We pay for everything and we get the absolute minimum in exchange.

Solitude is the beginning of your personal revolution.

It is where you look yourself in the eye and say ‘I am not a digit to be trod into the binary highway and pimped for my data’.

‘I am a human being with the right to respect. I mean something to me and I will damn well ensure I mean something to those who trawl the cyber highway to capture my digital soul’.

You need absolute brutal honesty from that solitude. You must own up to the fact that you have become a footpath to wealth for the cyber lords and why that is so.

That is solitude – the space and time to hear yourself. A sort of personal Hong Kong Protest – you are not alone.


What is the most important thing you have done?

It is ‘standing up to the monolithic power of a Government(s)’. I have had to stand firm in the face of extreme abuse of power by UK and Australian Government Agencies who condemned my right to write of the World as I saw and see it.

It is not easy to do so when you are alone with no help. Governments are ruthless and completely non-transparent and even more so when they are able to bully a person who only has his self-respect and belief in himself as protection.

The ‘contortion of circumstance’ they manufactured in an attempt to silence me was an Oscar deserving ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Being threatened with the possibility of being put into a mental institution when there is nothing wrong with you is an absolute derogation of human rights by a system designed to scare you into silence.

I survived – and I have a letter confirming from a senior UK NHS doctor that there is nothing wrong with my mental health.

By attempting to silence me they have exposed their hypocrisy and total lack of accountability – that will change. That is what I have learned from their absolute failure in attempting to me stop me writing that they ‘must be held to account’. They are not as they believe they have become ‘God on Earth’.

It is important to me because one day I will face those Government(s) in a court of law.

On that day Government(s) will be taught a lesson. That lesson will be ‘There is only one legal system and it applies equally to all of us – including Prime Ministers and Presidents’.


Which country has the best spy agency?


Unfortunately, I do not rate any of them very highly in the fields of biotechnology and Climate Change terrorism and criminality. Yes, when it comes to tracking down obvious terrorists they no doubt achieve what is achievable in the era of challenged resources – which is doublespeak for Governments who are rapidly running out of money.

However, in the up and coming ‘new threat’ department I have to say that they or at least their hierarchy would appear to be unable to grasp the ‘big picture’.

We are entering a new era where smart means thinking now and acting yesterday.

Our Intelligence Services seem to be unaware of the threat posed by unmonitored bio-technology advancement and I believe of participation in this field by civilians and military personnel.

In addition they do not appear to understand how climate change could be used as a weapon against the USA, the U.K. Russia and China. Europe would be sidelined by the blitzkrieg effect – from both climate and WMD effects.

In summary they are in the dust of an advancing storm of biotechnology. They also do not appear to appreciate that it is highly likely Climate Change will be used as a Trojan Horse for a totalitarian New World Order with assistance from the ‘enemy within’.

They do not listen to outside warnings because they have a culture of being egocentric. That is their Achilles Heel.

What could we achieve with world peace?

We could achieve every dream that is able to give hope to the aspirations of a humanity that now lies dormant within mankind.

For we are no longer the gale of revolution that came forth from the creation of God’s own dream of the endless possibility of a universe of achievement.

Now we are the voyeur’s stilled by our own apathy as each day we sink further into the quicksand of our own selfish desires and our bottomless pit of greed.

World Peace will have to be fought for. Until evil is defeated and Justice for every man women and child is our pinnacle of aspiration there will be no peace.


What screams “I’m innocent”?


The child who a second ago died of war.

That child was innocent of murder, of rape, of massive fraud and of all criminal acts.

That child was innocent of any thought of harm to any person in the World.

That child had never hit anybody, that child had never stolen from anybody.

That child was one month old.

It died from a weapon made in X ‘civilised’ country who have laws that protect human rights and the right to life.

X country once a year with its leaders stands in silent salute for all those who gave their lives so that child would not die in a painful screaming death. It’s body splattered all over its mother and father as the shrapnel from the bomb tears into its tiny little body.

That child screamed “I am innocent”.

By continually pursuing Tommy Robinson the UK Government is giving more reason for right-wing extremism to grow and become potentially a terror threat.

By continually pursuing Tommy Robinson the UK Government is giving more reason for right-wing extremism to grow and become potentially a terror threat. The divisions caused by Brexit and the vigorous and seemingly unfair pursuit of Tommy Robinson and Britain First will be seen by a potentially extreme minority as a Government and its Establishment trying to suppress ‘a voice or voices of the People. Any penalties applied to transgressions of law by the growing right wing in the UK should not be seen as an attempt to silence them – which is how most people will view them. Terrorism does not need more UK homegrown reasons to become a real threat – but the UK Government is making it so. Right wing extremism is likely to be more ‘lone wolf’ than Islamic extremism and is difficult to identify. The Security services in the UK do not have the resources to cope with even more UK originated terrorism. Tommy Robinson and Brian Gould have a growing support base and it is time the UK establishment recognised the need to address why that support is growing. The Government of the United Kingdom is the Government of all the People not some of the People. The UK is a very divided Nation and will become more so Post Brexit. Society has to be inclusive not exclusive. Whether you support Tommy Robinson and Britain First or not, views have to be able to be discussed and exchanged – if that intercourse is not allowed then extremism will be the result. Tommy Robinson and Brian First do not condone Violence but without doubt there will be somebody somewhere in the UK who will be triggered into an act of terrorism by the way the State has ‘picked on them’. , Their Views on Islam are in my view an unnecessary and unwarranted diversion from the problems of how to cope with a Population size which has outgrown the social and physical resources to cope with the increasing population size. However their views are a direct result of the UK Government’s failure to understand the effects of a increasingly diverse population on the social cohesion of the United Kingdom.