• Silence.


  • We The People

    Philosophy is more important than ever before……

  • Ethics?


  • We The People

    We The People

    Without exception we are led by men and women who care little for ‘the dream’….

  • The Music of Desmond Last

    Click on The Risings Unite or the The Risings 2021 to listen to my latest music. You can play and download my Music from Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music , YouTube, Amazon Music and other major platforms. It is all original music. Copyright registered. I am working fulltime as at Liverpool Hospital Sydney as a Security Officer. Contact: desmondlast@topmail.com

  • My Latest Music By Desmond Last

    The Risings By Desmond Last

  • Can anything good come out of suffering?

    The faith you had that mankind was inherently good. It lies beaten gasping for air – It cannot breathe.

  • Is the mind thinking or the heart?

    Freedom will determine the answer to your question. Decisions are crossroads. Junctions where all the experiences you have of life and all the ‘must do’s and ‘don’ts’ produce an outcome.

  • What do you think about the world today?

    There are 7 billion people on this Planet and less than 500,000 have the virus. It would be obvious to any person who has completed grade 10 at school that all efforts should go into testing so we can isolate the virus and eradicate it.

  • The Winds of Change

    America you have always endured and within that endurance is your perseverance and optimism.