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Is it bad I don’t feel sorry for homeless people I see on the street?

My answer to Is it bad I don't feel sorry for homeless people I see on the street?

Answer by Desmond Last:

No. Why should you feel sorry for them? Do they feel sorry for the children who today will die in Africa of hunger and thirst?. Do I, an advocate of making sure they have a roof over their heads feel sorry for them? No. In fact the last emotion most homeless people want is your pity and sorrow. What are you to them? They want your money. So they can go and buy a meal or even a shower. The homeless live a very different life to yours. They have a lot to consider in a day. Where to get food from, how to get a shower, where to sleep that night as well as dealing with the threat of an over-zealous Policeman who just has to move them out of a warm doorway. If they have an addiction they will require that to be satisfied too. If they are young there will be those who want them for sex or even just assault them for it. if they are old they have to avoid being beaten-up. You see the problem with your question is that it would imply you think we can all handle the world and all its problems and simply carry on regardless. Some of those women you see on the street will have been forced there by violence and drug abuse. Women are always a target for those who want to get them on drugs to work for them as prostitutes. There are many women who will tell you that the nice quiet boyfriend turned into drug-dealing pimp. I had 2 homes in Sydney worth over 1.5 million dollars and a business – Sydney Boat Sales. I was illegally evicted from both of them by the ANZ Bank and was suddenly homeless. The Police officer who was part of my eviction said I could try a men's hostel for the homeless. Many people lose their homes. Look at the loans scandal in America, Steel workers in the U.K etc. Homelessness is not a crime. There are more and more people becoming homeless in the U.K many young – all prey to sexual predators to drugs and to crime. Take the U.K. It has allowed its infra-structure to be overwhelmed by those seeking work from Europe and the Commonwealth. They all need homes and they displace young English-born who form a resentment against them and the Gov and those who represent the Gov – not MP's – the Police. Good Government Policy is the champion of the Government. Bad policy is the responsibility of the Police. We are at the door of a very different World. Climate Change, Conflicts, Terrorism and the total failure  of the Capitalist System to equalise wealth through a system which should be transparent, effective ,equal and does not submit to monopolisation- but does not. There are other categories of homeless. Climate Change refugees have nowhere to live, have lost all their belongings and some will stay homeless. Economic refuges have no money and cannot get work. Refugees from conflicts who simply get fed-up of their enforced surroundings and wander to wherever they can to be better  off.  Feeling sorry for them is not going to help the homeless. But understanding why they are homeless and support  those who are trying to change the system – like me, who Obama and Cameron have done everything they can to silence will help- will. The people in the photo are homeless – from the Alberta bushfire – would you help them?

Is it bad I don't feel sorry for homeless people I see on the street?

How should we effectively reduce global population?

My answer to How should we effectively reduce global population?

Answer by Desmond Last:

First we could get rid of all the People who have made the World worse to live in rather than better. So there are say 220 countries and that makes 220 Presidents and Prime Ministers. Still about 2 billion to go. Next we get rid of all governments so at 200 say x 1000 that about 200000. Um still a fair way to go. But at least there is nobody to make a mess of our World. Right next we get rid of all Traffic Wardens say about 200 x 1000 about 200000. Still too many but at least we can all Park our cars now. Next we get rid of all those celebrities that we are forced-fed everyday and have no idea how to dress. That's about a couple of million. Now there is room in the newspapers for some decent news and we no longer have to listen to their inane crap everyday. Now the World is more Peaceful without Politicians we can get rid of the U.N. Now not only have we got more money we do not have to watch Angelina Joli do another look at me speech in Gaza then have dinner with Haig who wanted to bomb Syria. Now for some serious culling. All the morans who pick-up a gun and hold the world to ransom through terrorism crime and war. There are only about one million of them but we spend all out lives making sure they do not kill us – and the money we spend.

Next all the computer hackers – we would all love that, Next all the nasty little people who given a badge or position think they have the right to makes us feel one inch tall and call for the police as soon as you

stand up for your rights.

That's is about it. The only real solution to the growing World Population is for the Pope to promote contraception and the World to be in Peace. Why the RC Church would want Children born into disease and absolute Poverty I have no idea.

How should we effectively reduce global population?

What are the biggest risks to the global financial system?

My answer to What are the biggest risks to the global financial system?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Itself. The Global Financial System (GFS) is only a System because it is inter-connected. The supply and demand flows that provide the support to the GFS arrive in the system through no planned and calculated systemic action between labour, capital and regulation ie Government. In an ideal world we would plan production and only produce that which is needed to maximise resource efficiency and equalise wealth ownership. The GFS has no consideration for the benefits of say Nigeria making coffee for France and France making cars for Nigeria. A lack of safe productive investment opportunities and a regulatory system which does not protect the movement of capital to those who add its original production value devalues labour. It then in compensation produces  destructive free trade agreements. ie  the retained and reused value is only in the production cycle which the originator finds is reduced by the added speculative value of financial market speculation which removes his wealth generation by monopolization of capital. As Australia and the U.K have found out there is no such thing as a level playing field – ask the car workers in Melbourne and the 'bend over' Steel Workers and Coal Miners in the U.K. Should we allow currencies to be fixed to protect the production value with a global re-value every 24 months and should we use a trade-weighted system to equalise currencies rather than use the Euro and the IMF. By that I mean at the moment centralised credit supply is used to inflate currencies so that an economy which cannot buy is now able to ie the reason why the Euro is so important to Germany.  The biggest risk to the GES is thus that it will run out of customers – there will not be enough surplus value capital to be speculated and hence added to failing economies. The distortion of AID donations has also presented a problem for the GFS as so much capital has not been used for economic multiplication to enable economies' to support themselves . Military build-up due to the Security Council failure to bring Peace anywhere has removed economic multipliers – you can only use a missile once and it destroys not increases value

to the GES. Now there is little left for Climate Change and soon AID will stop due to corruption and lack of funding. What is the point on spending so much on the military if the World cannot enjoy the Peace and economic trade it is meant to bring? Unless we adopt a more rigorous and planned  approach to our GFS it will crash and burn and due to its interconnectedness it will be Global.  That does not mean the answer is communism. But it does mean country economies adding value to their product's through comparative advantage rather than an excess of production – such as the Chinese Steel dumping.

My new economic system does deal with the problems the GFS has began to experience  but David Cameron wants me in a mental Institution, so that is my fate as far as he is concerned.

What are the biggest risks to the global financial system?

Do we need weapons for global peace?

My answer to Do we need weapons for global peace?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes. The most powerful weapon on earth is the Pen and its ability to bring imagination and hope to the World. I can with my £2 pen (I am only on £107/week) bring more Peace and Security to the World than the $650 billion dollars a year that Obama and his Military shop-alcoholics and his super computers and Artificial Intelligence is able to. It is not possible to bring Peace to our world unless we first have an entry and exit strategy for any military conflict – as any U.K soldier will know, that was the key to General Montgomery’s success in WW2. We also have to have an implementation method for peace and a way of bringing it to the people. Tanks and bombs will not bring peace alone. It will need a new philosophy, a new way of thought and a new way of the people of the world living and working together. That is what I have written. When Cameron went into Libya he had not put pen to paper. He no doubt thought he was doing the right thing. But Cameron was and still is unable to think globally. But I digress. If Cameron had used my development of UN2 and my works on bringing Islam and Christianity closer together had been published, Libya would now not have three governments and ISIS. My development of the United Nations gives, for the first time, the people of the World International Democracy. We do not have that at the moment it simply does not exist. In UN2 Delegates are voted in by the people. There are two democracy chambers. One for the elected delegates the other for Global Community groups such as Aid Organisation, the Military, the Church Groups, etc. My development of the U.N stops all AID Payments. Only loans are given with strict controls. AID is a cause of conflicts. It maintains un-democratic governments and increases military spending.There is also a mandate for a Global Defense Force to bring Peace should a conflict not be resolved. It consists of highly-trained troops who teach peace-keeping strategies to to the regional troops of the world – ie Africa would have its regional troops made up of each country group. That way it would not need the costly funding of a separate military group and its equipment. The mandate would be renewed every 3–4 years. There in very brief summary is your answer. A new World Order which would bring Peace to the World. It did not cost $650 billion. Of course there is so much more. I have written pages. It is up to the world. I cannot put my new system to the world until my persecution in the UK stops. But Cameron and Obama have ensured I am not able to put my new systems and ideas to the World . The UK Media will not report me or even acknowledge my existence so the world is not going to have the opportunity to decide for itself. That is without doubt in the hands of the People of the World who do want a World of Peace and Hope. In that I include the Taliban, Al Queada, Boko Haram and Al Shabab. For if we are to have Peace all Terrorism has to stop. We all have to live together.

Do we need weapons for global peace?

Can there ever be peace in Middle East..?

My answer to Can there ever be peace in Middle East..?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes has to be the answer. To suggest anything else would be to say that we are by our own actions destined forever to be in conflict with each other. But I have to say that the people of the Middle East first have to resolve one Question in order to begin the road to Peace. When they die and all go to Heaven – have you ever met anybody from the Middle East who is not going to Heaven? – how they are they going to live with each other when they do die? Today 14 football supporters of Real Madrid Football Club in Samarra Iraq were killed by ISIS or ISIS add-ons . ISIS Add-ons are people who uses the ISIS name for their own agenda and are not directly controlled by ISIS. Now I am not the world’s leading expert on the Quran or the gr8 Prophet Muhammad but I am sure the gr8 Prophet Muhammad never said go and kill Innocent people watching Real Madrid. Of course ISIS will counter with Jesus never said kill 300,000 Syrians. The point is that those who killed the supporters see themselves as God’s worriers as do the Russian Bomber crew who killed innocent civilians as do the Syrian Pilots that kill innocent civilians. Fighting because your belief in God is so strong and so jealousy loyal is not going to win any wars for you. For the more extreme you become than the more extreme becomes the reaction to you. Why is it that Sunni thinks that their Prophets are so rights and Shiite believe their’s is the path to Heaven. So gr8 is their belief that they are prepared to die for that belief. The West and Christianity have fed their beliefs and supported one side or the other to ensure, not Peace, but division. The West dominance of Middle East policy has strangled the development of Middle East Philosophy and natural democratic Government

. This means it has to continue to rely on the only philosophy it has and the now distorted meanings given to it. Read the ISIS magazine. They have a new understanding of the Quran that even could be used for Parking Penalties such is the abundance of new applications of the Quran for every action they take. I know from my own experience with Obama and Cameron, who have stopped me developing my new Process for Middle East Peace, that Western Leaders are simply unable to comprehend that a philosophy can bring peace, and that an absence of a modern philosophy replaced by Ethics Committees, has lead to the consequent decline in morality. A decline so great it has drawn people to ISIS. As long as we have Cameron's and Obama’s who hypocritically condemn ISIS then watch as Russia or Syria kill civilians and do nothing to stop the murders and in front of the world, support my Persecution, there will never be Peace. John Kerry too must realize that a new Syria does not mean an old regime or a group of rebels who too killed civilians. No, for Peace to come to the Middle East there has to be Gods will in a modern world.

Can there ever be peace in Middle East..?

Is global warming the major environmental problem?

My answer to Is global warming the major environmental problem?

Answer by Desmond Last:

No. The lack of a Global Economic System which allows Global Wealth to be equalised not by Government but by economic community is the reason why Governments have failed in their responsibility to their people and the Planet. Because of this we have allowed Global Capital Flows to monopolize capital growth funding and hence Government Policy. We the People have given our Governments all the Power and no responsibility.When Cumbria in the UK flooded this winter, Cameron did not meet with the UK Emergency/Disaster Group until 24 hours after the Flood and then sent 100 troops.That illustrates how unprepared and uninformed Governments are for Climate Change. Why did Cumbria not have the defenses and systems it needed ? Because those who control the economy ie Business and Credit Funds do not want to spend their capital on increasing the cost per production unit by climate change and the UK is broke – it owes £1.6 Trillion . those who oppose Climate Change

continually put forward theories and unverified research saying Climate Change is not a problem. Paris 21 was typical of this. It would have made more sense for everybody to agree on a research method and system of understanding first then when the results were produced put together a mandatory agreement and implement schedule – I did put this forward but Obama and Cameron censored me and the UK Media will not report me. I was not invited to Paris 21. Cameron is not the only Prime Minister whose hands are tied by somebody elses’s economic agenda. In an ideal world and unlimited funds Cameron would stop us all using cars, shutdown any non-neutral climate production or supply systems, buy huge vacuum cleaners for the Ocean and send warships to Japan to declare war if they clubbed another dolphin. Climate Change is going to dominate our lives. In fact it will soon be the only nightmare in our lives. We cannot apply ourselves to it when a $100 billion a year Climate Change Fund is going to be in the hands of the same people who are the Charity and Umbrella Research Groups who also organize my persecution and the so-called social experiment. So in summary until we make sure that we have a verified secure system of funding for a priority system of mandatory project allocation by community and government in partnership, so we are all involved,we are heading for Climate Change Hell.

Is global warming the major environmental problem?

Why do all governments not work more assertively to have peace with finatical extremist muslim factions?

My answer to Why do all governments not work more assertively to have peace with finatical extremist muslim faction…

Answer by Desmond Last:

Because they do not know how to. It is too hard. That would mean that they would have to accept that any ‘extreme’ they began a dialogue with them had a valid reason for waging war against them. I want to begin a dialogue with them and I believe I can. But I also cannot accept the killing of innocent civilians and suicide bombings. However I also cannot accept the killing of innocent civilians by Syria or Russia and Obama’s Drones. So, is it possible to achieve both? Can we stop both sides ie the Western Alliances and the Terrorist Organisations ( to their followers – Freedom Fighters) from killing innocent civilians? We can but Human Rights Lawyers showing off their $000′s dresses at Cannes, is not going to make it happen. We will need to get tough with Governments. We will have to use the Laws that exist to make sure innocent civilians are not killed and at the same time insist of the same to ISIS, Al Queada, the Taliban, Boko Haram and Al Shabab. How tough with Governments? The Charge of Crimes Against Humanity which still carry the death penalty but would be more likely be commuted to a life term. The Security Council is required by International Law to stop conflicts. China, U.K, USA, France and Russia have the responsibility to ensure that Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya and all the other of the 70–90 conflicts that exist in the world aree stopped. Between them they have 5 million military personnel and the budget it to ensure that they can bring the Peace that so evades us and is slowly destroying us – thank God for Climate Change – now we have a choice of misery and Hell. My development of the United Nations would have ensured that we were on the right path to World peace ask Obama and Cameron why they have censored me? I know I can speak with ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda Al Shabab and Boko Haram and I know they will speak to me. They know I will not sit there and say nothing about the killing of innocent civilians but they also know I do not trust the West. They also know my evolvement of the U.N is to enable all of us in the World to have a voice for our differences and that evolvement has as its foundation the Word of God – I would not be alive were it not for God’s intervention. Which is why the Archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster will one day face a court of God and Hell will be their Judgment.

ISIS et al know that if I achieve the aims of UN2 that a Global Defense Force will do whatever is necessary to bring any conflict to an end. However we have to remember that they are prepared to die for their cause and we can never defeat them. We can stop the conflict and contain it but that alone will not bring peace. We must address why it is they feel so passionately about their cause. When I wrote poetry for Mullah Omar and Afghanistan it was because he would not let first the Russians and then the Western Alliance take his country – would any of us be any different? But also because he was once a Teacher and a man who punished those who abused children – in that same poetry and song that came from the poetry ‘Somewhere in Afghanistan’ I also mourned the deaths of Marines in Georgia. I also wrote a poem for Ayman Al Zawhwerwi when I read of the loss of his wife and children from an American missile – because he was once a Doctor who saved lives and I wanted to reach for that – to build a bridge.

It is strange that Kerry and Putin will talk ot Assad and the rebels they have killed more innocents than Ayman Al -Zawahiri – However the question you must all ask is why I have been so censored by the West and its media? Al Queada ISIS Boko Haram and Al Shabab will read this and make the hypocrisy of Obama and Cameron known and it will give them more support.

Cameron and Obama are the radicalizers not ISIS.

Why do all governments not work more assertively to have peace with finatical extremist muslim factions?

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