The Winds of Change

In 2011 I rode a Harley-Davidson from Los Angeles to New York and then onto Canada and finally to Denver Colorado. Today I found some poetry that I had written on my journey. I was going to copy into this page – instead I wrote this. For you America.

America you have always endured and within that endurance is your perseverance and optimism.

That is who you are America.

Never have thee failed that which is sought of thee,

Always to the fore your best, never to the rear do you flee

Now America an evil stalks your every shadow

Each sorrow of death a mighty blow as if you to strike you down

But no, not America – a land blessed with the heart of the mighty

The soul of the free and a trojan spirit of democracy

Stand as one and there is nought that can defeat thee

Your pride to be a Nation United never a Nation Divided

Godspeed America be as one do not let Evil defeat thee

For God gives blessing to those who stand beside him.

Desmond Last 3420

How can one survive in a ruthless world where there are only so many seats at the top, and innumerable people fighting for it?

By creating your own world in which you can enjoy your talents and abilities.

Those who forsake humanity in order to achieve supposed greatness are usually unhappy in the knowledge that they can trust nobody and befriend only those they can buy.

What is the point in being all powerful if you are powerless to make people like you unless you buy them.

Being ruthless means being greedy and selfish. Sure I want to be rich but not by the bodycount.

By ensuring you maintain ‘Principle and Integrity’ people will want to know you. Your words will be desired for their ‘ring of truth’.

When enough people want to know you because of your honesty and search for Justice and Equality then your World will have more value than that of the richest man in the World.

Being rich is no doubt better than being poor but being rich and dying alone – is that what life is all about?

What are some harsh life lessons the corporate world taught you?

The harshest and most important for me has been that Corporate Globalisation is a threat to Nation State Economic Sovereignty.

The prostitution of economic ownership to the highest bidder has to all intent and purposes made Eunuchs of many of our Governments.

Global ownership of the movement of investment funds by powerful self-interested domineering groups who decide the how and when of Politics and Policy has created digit Labour that can be made non-existent at the press of a keyboard button.

I do not blame the Corporate. I blame the Government(s) for being weak, ineffective, intellectually challenged and lazy.

Instead of working to create dynamic vibrancy within their own economic systems they have sat back and watched the Globalization coup take over their countries.

I know I live in Australia. We were bought and sold a long time ago.