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Me (Desmond Last) with the ‘Best Professional Security Team’ in Australia’ having a pre-shift coffee at Liverpool Hospital Sydney.

Me (Desmond Last) with the ‘Best Professional Security Team’ in Australia’ having a pre-shift coffee at Liverpool Hospital Sydney.

Why are pregnant women who have an addiction to harmful substances, alcohol and chain smoking not taken into mandatory care to ensure the ‘right to life’ of the child?

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Doing Nothing is easy. Being somebody is up to you. Are you a Robot?

We are becoming automated lemmings. Man’s destruction of himself is becoming a reality show. We are all aware of the increasing destructive effects of Climate Change – yet we watch doing very little. Relying on Governments who will not agree on how to reverse climate change before its too late to prevent an irreversible destruction.

Many will not be able to live in the areas they have lived in all their lives. We will be forced to mass migrate. Food shortages will kill as will water shortages.

What do we do lol lol? We let the same Governments who gave us Climate Change sit and dawdle whilst literally the Planet burns. Do not give me the global carbon credit con – as if planting trees in exchange for mass pollution and environmental destruction is going to save the Planet.

Anyway here is my contribution – I am a Liverpool Hospital Sydney Security Officer I do not have a global audience nor an excess of $. However, I have the will to want to improve our World. To make it a World we can be proud of not one we are ashamed to have destroyed.

This is my music and video. My contribution.


When it’s all said and done, will you be happy with the life you’ve lived?

Absolutely. Why? I have never given in to those who live life’s that prey on my happiness, my abilities and my joy of life and those of others.

I give no time to those whose lives are petty, meaningless with little ambition other than that of the need of greed.

When I wake up I say ‘what can I achieve today’?

The petty say ‘what can I get for nothing today’?

Let them desire that which I have and they want but will never attain – the fullness of soul and spirit. For their desire is naught but a withered vine of selfishness which rots their very being and torments their minds.

When I die I can say I ‘never gave up’. When they die they will not even know they are dead for they always were.

Me – Desmond Last. A Security Officer AT Liverpool hospital Sydney.

President Biden’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity – Why it is not enough.

When a tree is rotting a bandaid will not stop the tree from dying. The Internet is dying. President Biden’s Executive Order and that of President Trump’s before him are bandaids.

To be Continued……………………

Scotland, United Kingdom, Nicola Sturgeon and the Union.

We all have a moment; a period be it a minute or a year in which the combination of all that is part of our life and that which we are evangelical about come together with those whose mindset is in tune with ours. Sturgeon’s time is over.

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