Counter-Terrorism Perspectives Ignored by the CIA and MI5/6.

I write for the Peace of the World and the respect we must want to have for each other if the World is ever to be at Peace with itself. 

I have called my Development of the World of God ‘The Epiphany’. These are my words of the winds of change sailed upon by thousands of years of God’s hopes for that World in which one day we will all live in Peaceful Harmony. 

Mankind has yet to understand that which God has so intended for his Creation. We are the seed unwatered and still in the shadows of the soil from which we came. Man seeks to destroy himself in order to obtain that which he desires. The Epiphany has no end for Mankind has yet to understand that which God has so intended for his Creation. If this were not so than the selfish desires of Man that seek to destroy all that is a creation for him in order to obtain that which he so greedily desirous of would not be the developing Evil that it is. The atom of necessity has become not mankind’s plantation of diverse energy but instead a destruction of creation.

This is my beginning of the ‘The Epiphany’.

The journey into the soul of a ‘World of Peoples’ is lost in a darkening reflection of the shifting sands of their own corruption and wasted principle as it begins with one voice alone and powerful. The voice thunders with an angered emotion as it sits astride the bucking fearsome steed of God’s own Justice. As a constant tremor of fear and treadaption it richter shudders through all those who have transgressed that which God has hoped for. It is the amplification of God’s own Philosophy – Proud, defiant and just. Striding through the shifting sands of a humanity tossed against the winds of its own inability to combine in a united direction the Word of God gales against the storm of mankind’s torment.  God’s will stalks the conscience of mankind and seeks by demand of each of us a respect for each other. The People’s gnaw at their pained souls as if their soiled and stained minds were laid bare for all the Evil contained within to be seen. Mankind cowers in its apathy as the Evil that now shadows it’s every thought strikes at the very soul of God himself.

God defies all and submits to none. Who are we but chaffs of wheat without true purpose and an idle that taunts God with our worthless desires. We dare to mock ‘The Creator’ with a worship of all that can destruct as if we were God himself.

Who? God doth demand of us are we to decide that which has been given to us as a direction from which any other path will lead to our own destruction. What is it that we as a Peoples have done which God would stand in awe of ? We dare to stand before God and give judgment on that which that there can only be praise. We stare each morning into the colours of the heavens a majesty to behold then toil to destroy that which beholds the hue of glorious day. 

Mankind is as if a  seed blowing in the wind. So much time is spent wasting all that has been given freely by God in our effort for selfish ownership that the winds of mankind’s need to confront all that is good have become a tempest of Evil that pursues mankind in its quest for greed and ownership. Mankind then does devour itself as the greed blinds itself with pleasures that are momentary and the tempest becomes a gale which encircles all of mankind so that it is unable to wrest free from the shackles of selfishness it has bound itself with. Where there then does the need to strike fear for God into another stand in taunted justice as a revenge for all that is not achieved?

There is no justice with injustice. We walk each of us alone and not as a collective of purpose. God seeks that we should stride forward with purpose as God has done for his Peoples. But are we his people? Or are we merely empty casks of dreams imaginations and hopes. Are we to merely feed from God as selfish desires? Are we never to provide God with the gift of our own dawns of horizons ready to grow with a new energy of endeavour? God gives no time, has no fate of destiny for those who seek to stifle their own minds with a slavish attention to that which has passed. For God is not a history. The Creation is a future. A development upon which mankind must progress its humanity not as a doctrine but as a philosophy of new thought, of unselfish desire to seek that which has an equality for all…………….

This work has a destiny and a fate. It will one day be published in its entirety (this is only an extract). On the day it is published somebody somewhere in the World will put down his or her weapon and pick up the book these words shall be contained in.

If we are to ensure Terrorism is not a daily part of our lives then we have to ensure those who seek its Evil must be able to understand God as a humanity and not as a punishment.

America and its allies do not deliberately kill innocent civilians. That statement does not excuse indiscriminate or mistaken bombing. It does not excuse the support of corrupt Governments. It does not excuse supplying weapons to regimes you know will use them to kill children and it does not excuse the Gaza Blockade. But it does say that America and its allies will fight terrorism because it is a deliberate Evil.

America and its allies (accepting that all Nation States and indeed terrorist organisations have extreme elements) have a progressive view of the World in that they uphold democracy and Justice to all as means of providing the parameters of our World based on equal rights.

Terrorist Organizations seek a World in which they decide the inequality and not the equality – if that were not so they would not deliberately murder innocent civilians. I believe that a New Perspective of how the ‘Word of God’ from both the Bible and the Quran seeks to interact with the reality and experience of our World is needed.  Why? Because ISIS have produced an Instruction of the Quran which has purposely removed the blessing which is given to us by God – the ability to use the imagination he has blessed each of us with in order to inspire our Dreams, fulfill our hopes and protect life.

Those who are disaffected by the actions real or otherwise of the West should be able read of how God’s Word can be used to create a World which contain all of God’s Principles which seek to protect the gift of life and illuminate the pathway to Heaven.

One day I will continue this work. I have never received any support from any person in Government. Until I do so then it will remain unfinished……

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