Do you think breaking up Arctic Ocean ice in exploration, is affecting climate change? Ice will melt faster in small individual chunks, much quicker than the sheet as a whole.


This is my answer to this Question from Quora.

No not really as the scale of the exploration is too small to have an effect on our Climate. But it is becoming easier to explore the rapidly diminishing Arctic Ice-Pack.

The Arctic, the Antarctic, Greenland, the Amazon Forest are all the great ‘car radiators’ of the engine called Planet Earth.

The absorb hot air and after heat transfer they provide cooled air.

The problem of Climate Change is now one of rapidly extrapolating acceleration.

Less Ice more heat, more heat less less ice, more more heat and less less less ice and so on. A rapidly accelerating ‘accelerating rate of change’.

Therefore, the rate of change to our Climate is being accelerated by its own accelerating rate of change.

Unfortunately, the only response from our intellectually challenged World Leaders is the Paris Agreement which is not mandatory.

If we are to save our Planet the Paris Agreement in revised form must become mandatory for every Nation and person on the Planet with a no-disadvantage test.

Who can make sure the World Survives? The young people of the World.

It is their future which is melting away. Perhaps our Governments are not quite as concerned as they should be because their water and heat-proof bunkers are all fully-stocked and prepared for them.


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