Desmond Last My True Account of the last 12- years of my Life since 2008.

A Short and Provable Summary of the last 11~ years of the life of Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. I am currently living in Sydney Australia. I was until February 2018 living in Bicester, U.K  where from 2013 to 2018 I was caring or my mum who was 90 on June 6 this year. I am 63 years of age.  Sadly mum passed away on the 3 October 2019.

What follows is my story or at least the parts that I am able to prove. Until I started writing to improve the World with original new ideas and systems my life had never been subjected to the events I have had to endure. Some of which are listed below. I  have no criminal record and I have a letter (see below) from a UK NHS Consultant Psychiatrist which states very clearly that there is nothing wrong with my Mental Health. You will read why the letter was necessary.

The role of the Media.  QA views on Quora stand at over 2.3 Million. Yet not Journalist anywhere will report any of the provable events I have been subjected and will not report any of my writing. I will never trust the Media. They were bought and sold a long time ago.

My Story a Short Summary.

Some 12~years ago whilst living in Sydney I decided I would sell my very successful business Sydney Boat Sales on Sydney harbour at Gladesville Bridge Marina Drummoyne and instead begin a new business to work for a ‘better world’. 

See Sydney Boat Sales on YouTube 

also Archive Copy of 

This is a copy of my the boats I had for sale on my website in 2009. 


I decided I would use the money from the sale of my business Sydney Boat Sales and the money I hoped to earn from my writing, singing and innovative new ideas and fashion designs to produce the revenue I needed to begin and sustain my new business. In addition to being a good writer and poet I am able to produce new ideas for a better World. I have also produced a new fashion style and designs.

I would then work with communities that would benefit from my new ideas for a better world.

I planned that with the money earned from my work and marketable ideas I would form a Global Investment Bank to replace Government Donor Aid and work with economic communities to be self-sustaining. 

But I could not sell my business Sydney Boat Sales. The Sale of my business Sydney Boat Sales never happened. Nobody wanted to buy my highly successful business with a marina on Sydney Harbour. I had just been granted a new 3 year ×3 year  lease. I rented a 15 berth marina at Balmain Sydney with a transferable lease. I had berths as required at Gladesville Bridge Marina where I was based with a waterfront office. I also had 7 commercial moorings and 2 workboats. I had 12 years of Chartered Accountant audited books which showed a very healthy well-run profitable business. I was asking the same price I had paid for it 12 years earlier – it was a ‘good buy’ 

Then suddenly almost overnight the phone literally ‘stopped ringing’. People stopped coming to buy the boats I had for a sale. My marina in sight of Sydney Harbour Bridge at Balmain which until this all began had a waiting list suddenly emptied of boats. 

Somebody had undermined my very successful business. The only reason that it could have been was to get my business for nothing. 

It got worse. The ANZ Bank evicted me from my home. However, I was never told in any form legal or otherwise I was to be evicted.

Fact: The NSW Sheriff and Police who evicted me will be able to testify in Court that I had no idea I was going to be evicted. The ANZ have stated I had to be forcibly removed. That is not true. I left calmly and without any fuss.

Then the New South Wales Trustee and Guardian retained Guardianship of my Investment Home for over 2 years because the ANZ said I was a missing person. When I contacted the NSWTG they said they could not return my home to me until I attended the Supreme Court in Sydney to revoke the Guardianship Order. I was in the U.K caring for my mum and still am. After over 2 years of protest I received a  letter of apology from the NSW Attorney General’s Office and my home has now been returned to me. Scroll down to the ANZ Events to read the letter. The NSWTG sent me a letter entilted ‘to the late Mr Last’. People were told I was dead. By whom?

If all that was not enough contrived attempts have been made to question my Mental Health – all have failed. It is unbelievable that Government Agencies could act so illegally and/or abuse their legal power but yes they did and do. The  letter below clearly and explicitly states there is nothing wrong with my Mental Health. But I have had to endure 6 attempts in 8 years to say otherwise.

What is consistent is that each time it was my writing that was questioned. Each time nothing was found wrong with my Mental Health. The letter below is clear and explicit. There is nothing wrong with my Mental Health.

The last U.K Government Agency attempt to question my Mental  Health who again are The Fixated Threat Group report to the UKGOV Home Office. They are part of my Parliamentary Complaint to the U.K Parliamentary Ombudsman supported by my U.K M.P.  I have received an apology from Oxford NHS for the letter on the left below for its assertion from the Fixated threat Group (the Public Body not named in the letter) that I was any sort of threat. The letter forms the subject of my Parliamentary Complaint -letter on the right. Theresa May the then Home Office Minister never responded to any of my letters to her Office regarding this matter. The Home Office did, but unbelievably only to say they have no responsibility  for the actions of the Fixated Threat Group. Who have if not the Government? The Home Office allowing the Fixated Threat Group to have little or no accountability is also the subject of my Parliamentary Complaint.

At that time I was questioning the fact that Direct Energy Weapons, Microwave Weapons and associated technology (which are available in handheld size) are able to be sold to Criminal and Terrorist Groups (and still are) – there are no controls or licensing  systems. Below is the reply from the Thames Valley Police and the reply from the Scottish Government on behalf of Nicola Sturgeon Scotland’s First Minister when I asked for their Policy on Direct Energy Weapons. Nobody will take responsibility for what are very lethal dangerous weapons. I wrote to Fallon the Minister for Defence. He never responded. I should add that members of the Opposition Front Bench of the Labour Party never responded to any of my letters regarding this matter.

Why would anybody question the Mental Health of a person who is concerned about Public Safety?

What is more unbelievable is that not Journalist in the U.K and in the entire World will report any of this. Why not? When I have wriiten to the media I never get a response.

Chronological Order of  some of the Circumstances I have had to endure over the last 12~ years.

I woke-up one morning in Sydney and suddenly without reason my life became Hell. These are just some of the events that have occurred over the last nine years. It all began when I started writing.

I was out on my motorbike in Sydney City not far from where I lived at 23 Boundary Street Darlington Sydney. I was being very badly harassed by a group of car drivers. It was an organised harassment. I have been riding motorbikes since I was 13. I know when I am being harassed. A group of cars were cutting me up. It was very dangerous. I had had enough. I stopped at a crossroad. One of the car drivers shouted out of the window “Game Over”. It was not a game for me……….. The Police  arrived and I was taken in for questioning first at Redfern Police Station and then by a Doctor at the Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown. The open room I was put in had a mattress on the floor and the air smelled of chemicals. There were various people watching me. After about 30 minutes of questioning I was allowed to go home.

I was making a video about Sydney Transport. I was videoing the Station Clock outside Central Station Sydney. I was forced off the premises by 2 Sydney Transit Security Guard because Sydney Transit would not let me video the clock that was on the outside of their building in the area where all the shops are!! I was heavily slammed into a wall by 2 Security Guards and pepper-sprayed by the NSW Police. A Clock!!!

I decided to seek a change to the law that would allow emergency vehicles in Sydney to use the outside lane in an emergency whilst with commercial or emergency channel radio notification any other vehicle by law would move to the inside lanes (Sydney’s Main road are narrow and often fenced). A blue line would indicate the lane to be left for emergency vehicles. I prepared flyers and posters. With about 12 attractive and well-dressed models from a business acquaintance  who had a model agency we marched on the NSW State Parliament. We all stood in a line outside the Parliament. Not one politician approached us or spoke to us. We had marched past a major TV Channel – Channel 9 or 7 – they would not interview us. I was on a loud hailer. It was unbelievable  that nobody spoke to us. How often do attractive models protest outside NSW State Parliament about the difficulty of emergency vehicles using roads in an emergency!!!

I was on a Qantas Flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. I was on a single seat by the exit where for the past couple of hours I had been writing a ‘Strategy for a Cease-Fire Process” in Afghanistan. Nobody had objected to me using the seat.  I was then told I could no longer write there. I objected. But went back to my seat. I sat down and them went to the Loo. When I came out I was leapt on by somebody then a group wrestled  me to the ground. My wrists were tie-wrapped and I was not even allowed to go the loo. When I arrived in the U.S the tie-wraps were so tight they had difficulty cutting them. I was allowed to enter the U.S.A

I was at home having a shower when 6 armed NSW Police came in through the back door and stood watching me having a shower. The reason they said was because I was shouting in my own backyard. I am a singer/songwriter and was singing. Nobody had ever complained to me about my singing and it was not loud. Since when does singing result  in 6 Police in your home?

They took no notice of what I had to say. I dressed and walked outside the house with them.  As soon as we were outside they slammed me into the back of a waiting Police Van. I was taken for a Mental Assessment. Nobody told me why.  After about a week they said you can go – that was  it. No reason was ever given, no apology and no documentation. They did not find anything wrong with my Mental Health.

In 2013 I had just booked into a hotel in Albany Western Australia and was on the bed relaxing when 2 Western Australian Policemen burst into the room, handcuffed me and said I had been loud and ‘out of control’ or words to that effect– I was in the Hotel room on my own and being quiet. The radio and TV were not on.

When I say ‘burst in’ I mean just that. No knock on the door. It was full-on. If I had resisted it would have been the Taser. They never asked me anything about what I was doing or took a statement. They said I had to go for a Mental Assessment! They put the handcuffs on me whilst I was still on the bed.

They were very very aggressive both verbally and physically. They made no attempt to talk to me it was all very abusive and threatening. They threw me handcuffed into the back of a Police Van which was very uncomfortable as it was not a smooth ride. I was rolling around handcuffed in the back of the Police van. I had to jam my feet up against the side of the van cell in order to stop myself being injured by the rough ride.Even if I was making a noise which I was not, since when do Police burst in handcuff you and take you off to have your Mental Health assessed for being noisy?

When we arrived at the Albany Hospital nobody interviewed me or even spoke to me. I was put in a bare room with just a bed and one cupboard. I was injected with a drug twice – despite my objections. I never raised my voice or struggled as I knew that they would sedate me and who knows what else.The injections made me very tired. I struggled to put on even a pair of socks .After a couple of days I was put into a room with furniture. They continued to give me oral drugs. Why, I have no idea. I did not swallow them. It took 3 days for the red welts and bruises from the handcuffs to go down and several days for the large lump on my arm from the injections to dissipate.

Initially the legal advice brochures were taken off the stand in the hospital making it impossible for me to get qualified legal representation. The day after I was illegally detained and for the first 2 weeks I was allowed to go out on my own and wander around Albany – which makes a mockery and a lie of why I was detained. I even went horse riding. I went to the local radio station but they expressed zero interest. The local court Clerk of the Court said what had happened to me was very wrong and said she would demand I be released. Then the next day she said that there was nothing she could do and that I had to get a solicitor.

The local solicitor said she could not do anything. It was like being in a horror film. I had to pinch myself to be reminded that I had rights. I went to Albany Police and made a complaint but was given the brush-off. I was only interviewed once by two psychiatrists who seemed obsessed with my views on how to improve the World. They would not discuss why it was I was there in the first place. Then suddenly I was told I could not go out and wander around so I was bored senseless walking up and down in a little yard they had. Nobody spoke to me.

Finally after 3~ weeks they said I could go. No explanation and no apology were given. LOL. Apparently I was delusional because I wanted to write to improve the World. They found nothing wrong with my Mental Health. Now what happened to me is to be the subject of a serious complaint. It was a very unpleasant experience and I still have no idea of why it occurred.

Both the West Australian Crime and Corruption Commission and the Western Australian Mental Health Commission indicated that they will carry out an investigation into what happened. Then without even asking me any questions about the Albany events the Crime and Corruption Commission said they were not interested in investigating my complaint.  So I made an initial complaint to the Parliamentary Inspector of the Western Australian Crime and Corruption Commission. This is the reply.


What occurred does fall in line with other UK and Australian Government Agency efforts to question my writing and opinions. All of which have failed to find anything wrong with me and my writing. I have written to all the major Australian Media about what happened to me in Albany but they do even reply back with an acknowledgment – which is strange as it is a very newsworthy story. It also raises the question is the Mental Health Act being abused by those who seek to use it for their own purposes? 

I was at my mum’s home in Bicester when 3 Metropolitan Police from the Fixated Threat Group came unannounced and uninvited into my mother home to tell me the 14 emails I sent to David Cameron the then P.M (and never received a response to any of the ), were considered to be a threat because they did not like the ‘tone’ of the emails. The emails had been interfered with as they used phrases I would never use. Again another Mental Assessment. Again it was my writing. I was told and I quote by the NHS Physiatrist – ‘You should not write letters of protest to important people’! Again nothing was found wrong with me.

A local Doctor in Bicester who I went to see about a pain in my right hand and we discussed very very briefly some of the events in Sydney said I needed a Mental Health Assessment because and I quote ‘it is strange to want to write to make the world a better place”.  I made an Official Complaint. He did not get his assessment.

The White House did not think that my writing was other than productive when they sent me a letter signed by President Trump thanking me for my response to his ‘Made in America Day’. Perhaps when Theresa May and Malcolm Turnbull next speak with President Trump they can explain to the President why it is my work has been the subject of so many attempts  by U.K and Australian Government Agencies and why do the Media suppress my work? Particularly as I am now writing a Strategy to deal with the ‘Drug Crisis in America which I hope will be of sufficient  interest to the White House and President Trump that they will want it to be finalized. Since I received a reply from the White House with President Trump’s signature I have received another. Why then do not even receive a acknowledgement from May, Turnbull and the Media?


In 2016 the same group who wanted my Mental Health assessed when I wrote to David Cameron  tried again to do the same when I was campaigning against Direct Energy Weapons. They did not succeed.

By then I had enough of being harassed. It had gone on for too long and as nothing was ever found wrong with me I wanted the harassment and contravention of my Human Rights stopped.

With the permission of the Interviewing Psychiatrist I videoed the Interview and told the Interviewing Psychiatrist NHS Oxford Doctor I wanted a signed  letter saying there is nothing wrong with my mental Health. He agreed and provided it. It the letter copied above. Since then I have no longer been subjected  to what have been an obvious harassment by Government Agencies(s) acting on behalf of the Government or some other Group.

What should be of concern is that U.K Government has in place Laws and a Group who can lock you away without you being able to stop the process – until you are locked away. It is apparently not of concern to anybody including  Jeremy Corbyn in his fight to stop Injustice and of course of no interest to every Journalist in the U.K. I appear to be only person concerned – and my M.P Victoria Prentis who is supporting my Parliamentary Complaint.

One day in the not too distant future  I will exert the full force of all the legal remedies et al available to me to those who have been involved in what I believe to be a series of organized events to stop me writing. I could of course be wrong.

To be subjected to such painful and unpleasant circumstances for the past 9 years when my life until I had started writing was completely  ‘harassment  free’ is just too much of a coincidence.

I am still writing and I am still going to change the World for the better.  I wait patiently for my ‘Day of Justice’.

The ANZ who Evicted me without any Notice or Warning.


My Boycott ANZ Facebook Page

I was evicted from my home at 23 Boundary Street Darlington Sydney without warning or notice by the Australian Bank the ANZ.

The Australian Media have deliberately not reported the ANZ eviction and will not report my work or anything to do with me.

Fact: The NSW Sheriff and Police who evicted me will be able to testify in Court that I had no idea I was going to be evicted.

I totally dispute and reject ANZ’s Statement to the Australian Government’s Federal Regulator – The Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the NSW Supreme Court and the Federal Government’s Financial Services Ombudsman that I was served a ‘Notice of Demand’ and that I quote from the ANZ that ‘several payment arrangements’ had been made with me by ANZ Staff.

I had no idea I was going to be evicted from my home at 23 Boundary Street Darlington Sydney for a default of only $5849 AU$.

Why would I sit at home waiting to be evicted for a default of $5849.00 on the home I was living in at 23 Boundary Street Darlington Sydney and from my investment property?

When they evicted me I was not even allowed to pack a bag. I had to leave my life’s possessions in my home.

Fact: The NSW Sheriff and Police who evicted me will be able to testify in Court that I had no idea I was going to be evicted. The ANZ have stated I had to be forcibly removed. That is not true. I left calmly and without any fuss.

I have no conviction for Fraud I do not have a Criminal record. I was a Justice of the Peace. The ANZ has been fined millions of $ for contravening the Financial Services Act.

Gadens Lawyers wrote to me (I never received the letter as I am unable to access the Gmail account it was sent to) telling me I had considerable funds owing to me after my home was sold. The amount was $72,667.30. However, only $12,696.74 was deposited into the account of the NSWTG. I am still waiting for the ANZ to provide the details of the settlement in regard to the expenditure of my funds.

I discovered the letter when in October 2017 I carried out a Freedom Of Information request of the Australian Financial Services Ombudsman. In all my communications to the ANZ the amount of the surplus has never been provided to me – they have previously provided other detailed sales information by email.

I have no conviction for Fraud I do not have a Criminal record. I was a Justice of the Peace. The ANZ has been fined millions of $ for contravening the Financial Services Act. Yet when I say I was never given any warning or notice of eviction it is the ANZ who are believed.

Then the New South Wales Trustee and Guardian retained Guardianship of my Investment Home for over 2 years because the ANZ said I was a missing person.

What is strange is that no attempt was made to contact my brother, mother and sister in the U.K. which is where I was in early 2013.

What is even stranger is that the Australian Federal Police knew where I was as they had reported me having a sum of cash on me which I had withdrawn legitimately from my bank and questioned me at Melbourne Airport. When my sister asked the Australian Federal Police where I was they said they did not know.

Incidentally if I had known as I was to be evicted I would have used the money I had in shares to pay off the default – further proof I had no idea that I was going to be evicted.

When I contacted the NSWTG from the U.K Lismore NSWTG said they could not return my home to me until I attended the Supreme Court in Sydney to revoke the Guardianship Order. A Lismore Legal Aid Solicitors said the same.

The first letter letter below is from the ANZ Lawyers at the time who were Gadens. They state that I had considerable funds owing to me – funds which were $71,000~ of which I only received $12,000~. As of 30 November 2017 I am still waiting to find out what my funds were spent on. The other letter is from the Leader of the NSW Opposition stating that he would ensure that enquiries would be made as to why the NSWTG kept my home when they had no legal reason for doing so. I am still waiting for the result of his enquiry.

I was in the U.K caring for my mum.  After over 2 years of protest I received a  letter of apology from the NSW Attorney General’s Office and my home has now been returned to me. I have requested I be compensated for the retention of my home by the NSWTG and am awaiting the decision of the Legal Section of the NSWTG. If I am not compensated I will make a formal complaint to the Commonwealth and NSW ombudsman’s and make reference to the matter to the Australian Royal Commission into the Australian Banking Industry.


Despite initially refusing to do so the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) have now in writing agreed to investigate the actions of the ANZ in regard to my Eviction by the ANZ from my home at 23 Boundary Street Darlington Sydney. They will do this when I provide the documents to prove that the ANZ never gave Legal Notice to do so. This I will be able to do on my return to Australia as certain documents are retained by the NSW Supreme Court. I will also provide ASIC with Statutory Declarations made by the NSW Sheriff  and NSW Police who evicted me and which will state that I had no idea I was going to be evicted.

The ANZ have been offhand, rude and abrupt in their dealings with me. It is unbelievable that the ANZ Board of Directors and those directly involved should risk their positions over this but I have always maintained that I was never given notice of Eviction. We must all face the consequences of our own actions.

ANZ Latest 15 10 18


The ANZ Customer Advocate awarded me $5000 as a ‘goodwill gesture’. What the ANZ did to me was wrong. The ANZ Customer Advocate heard my side of the whole sorry tale but he wasn’t listening. The ANZ state they did nothing wrong. I disagree . The ANZ have to abide by the Law. A failure to do so can result in the loss of their Financial License.

My Advice to Anybody Using an Australian Bank incl Overseas Investors from China.

It is your decision to make regarding which bank you should use when obtaining a mortgage or placing Investment Capital.

If you are investing or lending with the ANZ and any other Australian Bank including Westpac, the Commonwealth Bank, and the National Australian Bank you should ensure that any Agreement will state that in the event of any Dispute the Australian Regulators will act independently as required by State and Federal Laws.

I submitted my complaint about the ANZ to the Royal Commission into Banking and offred to speak at the Public Hearing. This was the only response I received. BankingRoyalCommissionSubmission.PNG

622815dd9d-23 boundary street darlington sydney
My Home in Sydney at 23 Boundary Street Darlington from which the ANZ evicted me without any notice or warning.


My life still has its painful moments and at times is subjected to particularly unexplained difficulties. I find the Internet is subjected to gross intrusion. I record the many instances of hacking I have to endure. There is little point in taking them to the Police as as in previous instances no action will be taken.

However, I am no longer harassed by State Agencies acting illegally. I am in full-time work in Sydney and when not working I write and sing/song-write. I return to the U.K every 6 months to visit my mother. 

I continue to protest where possible the circumstances of 2008 – 2015.

Any complaint made by me regarding any of the events 2008-2015 to any Australian Government Agency is ignored or fades away and in the case of the Albany Police and the Western Australian Crime and Corruption Commission is rejected out of hand.

I continue to be completely censored by the Media and in particular by the UK and Australian Media.  However, that is becoming more apparent to those who follow me and my writing.

Anne Stanley the Federal MP for Werriwa has agreed to address my concerns about the actions of what was the Financial Services Ombudsman.

Victoria Prentis  the UK MP for Bicester supported my complaint regarding the abuse of my right to freedom of speech by a group of U.K State Agencies – which forms the base of the complaint currently being investigated by the UK Parliamentary Ombudsman. I have been completely stonewalled by the Public Health Service in the U.K in my quest to find out who it was that had me submitted for a Mental Health Assessment- the result of which was that there is nothing wrong with my Mental Health.  It is illegal to hold medical information form a UK Citizen.

There is of course a lot more but until I am able to prove what I believe to be ‘a complete corruption of out trust by Government(s)’ I will leave it for those who genuinely uphold Law and Democracy as well as Human Rights to unearth the truth.

I still write but I only put short summaries on the Internet. I do not want my work copied.

The U.K Government of Theresa May continues to ignore my writing – and its benefits to the U.K and the World. The CIA/MI5 ignore my warnings on Bio-Technology and my work on Counter Terrorism to the extent that I do not even get an acknowledgement when I copy my work to them.

I will get my day of Justice – of that there is no doubt.

Desmond Last 10 April 2019.

A Criminal Group who say they represent the International Community.  I believe the events of the last 11 years of my life are not a coincidence. I could of  course could be wrong. However, until I started writing my life had not been subjected to any of the circumstances I have had to endure. It could all be a coincidence – you decide.

Note: I received an anonymous letter (which I still have) in Sydney. It stated that all of my writing and new ideas, systems and designs have been illegally copied, reproduced and profited from without my consent by a criminal Group. I have never met anybody to whom I have given consent to copy and profit from my writing(s).

Apparently the Criminal Group say they represent the World Government’s and Institutions in all types of research; particularly in the Behavioural Sciences and Medical Research. Their impersonation of the International Community with the International Zones they impose on people to act out Social Experiments is a criminal fraud and lie. They may also be committing financial fraud  in conjunction with a ‘Charity Umbrella Group’. I have never met them or heard of them publicly and until I can prove such a Group exists it is only a ‘possibility’.

See also

My campaign against Energy Weapons and Associated Technologies for which the UK Government had my Mental Health assesses and of course failed to prove there was anything working with me has been vindicated by the USA Government. The USA Government have issued a warning to American Citizens about Energy Weapons and associate technologies. See below. It is the same warning(s) I have been stating. 


Of course I was right to protest in the UK as I did – Direct Energy Weapons are becoming mainstream (See above).

Why then was I deemed as Mentally unstable in the UK by the so-called Fixated Threat Group for protesting about and them and then declared as mentally stable with nothing wrong with me when interviewed by a senior Mental Health Doctor. See Doctor’s letter above.

Why did the UK Parliamentary Ombusdman take up my complaint about the harrsment by the UK Fixated Threat Group which was supported by my MP Victoria Prentis and then give me such a run around it became too much hassle to continue?

Why did BBC Radio Oxford agree to interview me regarding my campaign and UK Goverment Agency harrassment and then tell me that could not?

Why is it that the UK, Austrlaiana and USA Goverment take no action to protect their citizens from the  use of Energy Weapns by criminal / Terrorist groups?

Further Information regarding Direct Energy Weapons

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