Summaries of Writing of Desmond Last.


Subjects. (Under Construction)

Climate Change – Awareness, Adaptation and System Management. To read about my views on Climate Change go to

Desmond Last Q&A Climate Change

My Q&A on the Environment

U.N Reform. To read about my views on the United Nations go to

Desmond Last Q&A United Nations

Countering Terrorism and ISIS with the a New Epiphany and understanding of the Word of God.

My Q&A on ISIS and Counter Terrorism

Climate Disaster Forecasting, Preparation And Response.

My Q&A on Disaster Response

My Q&A (2) on Disasters

My Q&A on Emergency Preparation

Ending Third World Dependence on $Foreign Aid.

‘Evolving Economics’ to deal with an Evolving World.

A ‘Bill of Rights’ for Creatures Gr8 and Small.

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