Why does the US keep fighting in Afghanistan when no war to conquer it has ever been won?

Desmond Last, I have been to the USA 4 X and written a Perspective on USA.

 The U.S. is prepared to risk the lives of its Military Personnel in order to stop Terrorism becoming an unchecked military force.

Russia and China who play political games with the lives of Afghanistan civilians and U.S military personnel are quite content for Americans to lose their lives. Thus ensuring they can sell their products into the markets of the Western World which are able to operate with the current level of terrorism.

President Trump and Nikki Haley are one hundred percent correct. The United Nations needs urgent reform. It is not right that the security of the World should be ensured by the deaths of American Soldiers in the area where terrorism is centred.

However, President Trump also needs to appreciate that the Taliban are not going to be defeated. The Taliban do not want ISIS in Afghanistan nor I believe do Al Qaeda.

Ayman Al Zawahiri of Al Qaeda has made a public pronunciation that the deaths of women and children should be avoided wherever possible.

ISIS have never made that statement. Therefore, we need to engage both the Taliban and Al Qaeda in dialogue from a position of legal military strength.

We must also stop supporting corrupt Governments and Organisations.

We need a Philosophy to counter that of ISIS – mine has been totally and deliberately ignored by the U.K Government and U.K Media.

ISIS cannot continue to be allowed to use murder as proof of their followers allegiance to them and God.

I look to President Trump for leadership and direction in the defeat of ISIS because from the U.K Government there no positive action or policies to defeat the rapid growth of ‘National Terrorism’.

In my opinion the actions of the the U.K Government and its security forces are a security liability to the rest of the World. The actions of the U.K Government and the inaction of its Security Forces to ensure the law is enforced to everybody equally in the U.K. only serve to produce more radicalism.

I can foresee a time where the travel of U.K Citizens will be restricted due to more severe visa requirements – particularly to Europe and the U.S.A. This will affect U.K Business and Government.

In summary until there is a world combined legal military response independent of National vested interests ( which is U.N reform) a legal combined security system with border control including in the E.U and a philosophical response to ISIS misuse of the ‘Word of God’ then America has no option but to remain in Afghanistan.

What could be done to end the War in Afghanistan?

What is needed for Peace in Afghanistan is an honesty to the reality

This is my answer to this Question on https://www.quora.com/profile/Desmond-Last

A recognition that the Taliban will never be defeated is an absolute prerequisite for an end to the Conflict in Afghanistan.

Nothing ever stays the same the only constant being a state of change and that applies to the Taliban as much as it does to anybody else.

The Taliban now control 40 per cent of Afghanistan. They have a civil justice system, schools and a health system. They even have a Climate Change Policy. They know that to be a credible Governing Body they must accept social justice in all its many forms.

They also control and have always controlled the mountains. The military Holy Grail in any battlefield is the high ground and it is a military reality that some in the Senior American Military need to remind themselves about.

Over 1.5 million civilians and military personnel have died in Afghanistan since 1979. Now another 4000 American Soldiers are on their way to a land that has given them nothing and taken everything. They will face a battle-hardened Taliban who have not stopped fighting for nearly 40 years – that is a lot of experience

Both Russia and China are talking to the Taliban. China manages to duck every hard decision instead leaving it for American Soldiers to die. China have the Taliban protecting their mineral interests in Afghanistan.

The Taliban do not want ISIS in Afghanistan and neither does President Trump. That is a common ground and one which President Trump should consider as a potential starting point for Peace negotiations.

The Taliban want Peace. If it is to be achieved it is down to one man – President Trump. That is the only way there will ever be Peace – when America accepts the reality of a Taliban who will never give up.

That does not mean giving Afghanistan to the Taliban on a plate. The Taliban cannot force their people to accept them. They too must face the reality that to be part of the World they must allow people to decide for themselves their fate. Just as God has and does.

Now that ISIS has been defeated in Syria, should Syrian refugees be sent back to their homeland to rebuild the country?

This was my answer to a question on Quora.

ISIS may have suffered a military defeat but they will not consider it to be anything other than part of their necessary path to a final victory for God. Unless that is understood then we will never be able to produce a strategy to defeat ISIS.

Al Qaeda have had the full military might of the West thrown at them and they are still a relevant force.

The Taliban have endured the Russians and American since 1979 and they now control 40 per cent of Afghanistan.

The conflict in Syria is not over and it is unlikely to ever be over as long as Assad remains the dictator he is.

However, the question raises the subject of why refugees should be allowed to stay in the country who is hosting them should a permanent and secure Peace be achieved in the Country they left.

You cannot keep accepting refugees without considering the effect on your own economic system and culture and you cannot keep avoiding the need for Peace.

There are 65 million refugees in the World. The number is growing. Europe cannot continue to take the increasing number who are fleeing poverty, war and climate change without incurring excessive cost and civil discontent.

Therefore, we must as a World look to a new system of Peace enforcement and management and that means reform of the U.N.

Unfortunately the only person who is able to stand up to the political individual members of the Security Council of the U.N is Nikki Haley – and she is the U.S Ambassador to the U.N.

In summary, yes a longer-term solution is needed for the refugees but unfortunately the war in Syria will keep bouncing back in all its forms of insurgency.


Why did David Cameron call Donald Trump “a nut job”?

Why Cameron was mistaken in his criticism of President Trump

This was my answer to a Question asked on Quora. No doubt because he does not really understand a man who as a President has not invaded Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq or fostered the ISIS movement by funding the rebels to benefit Israel and not the people of Syria.

Then he would be confused because President Trump wants to make America’s economy less dependent on Globalisation and its labour placement whims whereas Cameron gave the U.K the doomsday of Brexit because of selfish political ambitions.

Yes I can see why Cameron who laughingly was once the joint saviour of the World with Saint Obama has retreated to a shed at the bottom of his garden. It is because it is the only world he now has any influence over.

Cameron could also have called President Trump a nut job because Trump does not want more U.S Soldiers killed because the Middle East Governments are incapable of working together and China as usual slithers its way out of any responsibility for World Terrorism. Hence his demands that the funding of NATO be less dependent on the U.S.

Cameron may even have called President Trump and Nikki Haley the American Ambassador to the U.N nuts because finally they have said ‘enough’ to North Korea who instead of building an economy for his people who need U.N food aid is building nuclear weapons. Whereas Cameron did nothing.

Cameron is now alone in his garden shed and President Trump is President I know who I think is the ‘nut job’ and it’s not President Trump.

Cameron would also find it hard to understand President Trump’s response to the fact that Cameron paid £25,000 for his garden shed.

It would be impolite of me to record what I believe would be President’s Trump’s response when he was told how much Cameron had paid for it.camerongardenshed

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