How can you ensure that peace and security are achieved and sustained?


By providing a ‘World Legal Unified International Organisation’. This would be given a renewable mandate by the World to ensure any conflict which immediately puts at risk the safety of civilians and related infrastructure is immediately brought to an immediate end by overwhelming force.

It would be comprised of the relevant region military and would be under one command which does not take any side in the conflict.

If we cannot reform the United Nations to provide a Peace Mandate and the organization to enforce it then we should disband the U.N and form a new Organisation which will ensure Peace in the World.

The Organisation that will be required to enforce the peace Mandate would not be a massive military force that spends all its time marching up and down.

It would be a leadership and logistics organization which would use the relevant military.

This is the only way we will ever get World Peace and an end to terrorism.


Is world peace possible, or just a fantasy?


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For me personally World Peace is a practical achievable state of World Affairs.

My solution for World Peace is simple and available;

To achieve World Peace we either reform the United Nations or replace it with the following Mandate.

‘To achieve World Peace a renewable World Mandate is required for a Legal Unified Overwhelming World Force, under a single command and without taking sides, to bring to an immediate end by all means available any conflict which immediately threatens the people and stability of the Country and Region involved’.

However, we live in a World where Governments do what is best to keep them in Political Power and not what is best for the World.

Therefore, until such times as such a Mandate exists without the veto then World peace is a fantasy.


What are the problems of culture of peace?


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There is a problem and that is that Peace can not be obtained by Peace. I wish it were not so but unfortunately Peace will only be obtained by the use of a Democratic Unified Legal Overwhelming Force – in effect what the United Nations was intended to be and has seldom ever been.

It is a parallel as to why true Socialism will never exist except as a dream for those who seek to achieve it. Not everybody is honest, unselfish, principled and loyal to a cause. In order to co-exist we must rid the World of Evil and that as God, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad know is not an easy task.

Before we can achieve Peace, as otherwise mankind will destroy itself, we must first ensure we all want Peace.

To do that the enforced promotion of the culture of Peace must begin in the place which has in modern times sought so hard to bring Peace; the United Nations.

If we cannot achieve Peace through a Culture of informed dialogue then we must obtain Peace by force.

We must remove the barriers to Peace that exist to further Nation’s vested self-interest and promote instead a Conflict resolution that has the world’s mandate to stop any conflict by any means available and without taking sides.

Until we are able to stop all conflicts with the World’s Mandate for Peace then there can be no culture of ‘Peace for Peace’.
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How do you envision your role in building an international cooperation to promote a more peaceful world?

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I would like to meet with President Trump and Nikki Haley the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

I would like to present to them my proposal for the reform of the United Nations.

The founding principle of my reform is that:

‘All and any conflicts are brought to an end by the United Nations without taking sides in any conflict which requires the physical resources of the United Nations to bring to an end any such conflict’.

This would also require the ‘veto’ vote to be removed from the voting procedure of the United Nations Security Council whose membership should be expanded to include all regions of the World.

The only United Nations process that will bring World Peace is one which is unilateral in its independence from any conflict that the United Nations seeks to end.

That would be my role. A part in reform of the United Nations.


Can we ever have peace?


Yes we can. The majority of us live in peaceful co-existence. Yet our lives are made to the order of a few who want the World their way without sharing it.

The United Nations will not work together for Peace. The current structure and voting preferences of the United Nations allow their resources to be used for vested self-interest.

The United Nations requires urgent reform. It is causing more conflict than it is Peace with its inability to take positive action.

Any conflict must be resolved by the United Nations Member Nations without taking sides.

That is the only way we can have Peace.

The only person in the United Nations Security Council who will be able to bring reform is Nikki Haley the U.S Ambassador to the United Nations.

Her speeches to the U.N Security Council are a continual reminder of what is needed to be done if the World wants Peace; Actions not ‘me me’ speeches.


Is Donald Trump popular in the UK?


He is with me and many others too. Why? Because he leads not follows. He will not be swayed from his vision to ensure every American has the opportunity to achieve greatness in his or her own way.

I and many others have had enough of Governments who manage their Countries through expensive International Organisations and forums with which they make countless ‘look at me’ speeches and little else.

It is time our Governments remembered why they are our Governments and that is to ensure the economic prosperity and security of each and everyone of its citizens.

Nikki Haley the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N has through the force of her own and President Trump’s commitment to World Security put the U.N on notice that they are the U.N to unite in their efforts for World Peace and Security – not disunite. Many have had enough of the U.N.’s meaningless speeches and soft options.

I will campaign in 2020 as I did in 2016 for President Trump and I hope Nikki Haley in 2024. Donald Trump has been President for nine months and in that time has not invaded any countries, has not bailed out any banks, has not signed a meaningless Climate Change Accord, has not walked away from his Election Promises and has sent me a letter thanking me for my input – something the U.K Government has never done.

President Trump will always have my support because he has given me his.


What do you think of President Trump’s idea to have a big military parade in DC on Independence Day?

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Good idea then America can see that $600 billion a year does not bring Peace to anywhere in the World.

President Trump is right. The U.N requires urgent reform. It is not too difficult to envisage a North Korea solution that results in a Trade Deal with Russia and China in exchange for a nuclear arms freeze whilst America pays for the 30,000 troops in South Korea. Nice one America say China and Russia. Now we have Afghanistan and the South China Seas whilst all you have are body bags.

It is time World Peace was applied equally by all the Nations of the World -independent of Vested Nation State Interest.

It is not right that predominantly America and the U.K risk and lose the lives of their Military to ensure Peace for the markets that China and Russia export and sell to. It is not America or the U.K the emerging post-Syrian Conflict Middle East is going to do business with – it will be Russia and China.

I have written a very detailed proposal for a reform of the United Nations – a lot of effort has been made to stop me presenting it to the World – all the more reason to seek reform. A lot of money is corrupted on its route through and with the U.N and that has to stop.

As for the actual Parade – why not. They are prepared to die for their Nation. We should celebrate their allegiance to their Country.

Why does the US keep fighting in Afghanistan when no war to conquer it has ever been won?

Desmond Last, I have been to the USA 4 X and written a Perspective on USA.

 The U.S. is prepared to risk the lives of its Military Personnel in order to stop Terrorism becoming an unchecked military force.

Russia and China who play political games with the lives of Afghanistan civilians and U.S military personnel are quite content for Americans to lose their lives. Thus ensuring they can sell their products into the markets of the Western World which are able to operate with the current level of terrorism.

President Trump and Nikki Haley are one hundred percent correct. The United Nations needs urgent reform. It is not right that the security of the World should be ensured by the deaths of American Soldiers in the area where terrorism is centred.

However, President Trump also needs to appreciate that the Taliban are not going to be defeated. The Taliban do not want ISIS in Afghanistan nor I believe do Al Qaeda.

Ayman Al Zawahiri of Al Qaeda has made a public pronunciation that the deaths of women and children should be avoided wherever possible.

ISIS have never made that statement. Therefore, we need to engage both the Taliban and Al Qaeda in dialogue from a position of legal military strength.

We must also stop supporting corrupt Governments and Organisations.

We need a Philosophy to counter that of ISIS – mine has been totally and deliberately ignored by the U.K Government and U.K Media.

ISIS cannot continue to be allowed to use murder as proof of their followers allegiance to them and God.

I look to President Trump for leadership and direction in the defeat of ISIS because from the U.K Government there no positive action or policies to defeat the rapid growth of ‘National Terrorism’.

In my opinion the actions of the the U.K Government and its security forces are a security liability to the rest of the World. The actions of the U.K Government and the inaction of its Security Forces to ensure the law is enforced to everybody equally in the U.K. only serve to produce more radicalism.

I can foresee a time where the travel of U.K Citizens will be restricted due to more severe visa requirements – particularly to Europe and the U.S.A. This will affect U.K Business and Government.

In summary until there is a world combined legal military response independent of National vested interests ( which is U.N reform) a legal combined security system with border control including in the E.U and a philosophical response to ISIS misuse of the ‘Word of God’ then America has no option but to remain in Afghanistan.

Now that ISIS has been defeated in Syria, should Syrian refugees be sent back to their homeland to rebuild the country?

This was my answer to a question on Quora.

ISIS may have suffered a military defeat but they will not consider it to be anything other than part of their necessary path to a final victory for God. Unless that is understood then we will never be able to produce a strategy to defeat ISIS.

Al Qaeda have had the full military might of the West thrown at them and they are still a relevant force.

The Taliban have endured the Russians and American since 1979 and they now control 40 per cent of Afghanistan.

The conflict in Syria is not over and it is unlikely to ever be over as long as Assad remains the dictator he is.

However, the question raises the subject of why refugees should be allowed to stay in the country who is hosting them should a permanent and secure Peace be achieved in the Country they left.

You cannot keep accepting refugees without considering the effect on your own economic system and culture and you cannot keep avoiding the need for Peace.

There are 65 million refugees in the World. The number is growing. Europe cannot continue to take the increasing number who are fleeing poverty, war and climate change without incurring excessive cost and civil discontent.

Therefore, we must as a World look to a new system of Peace enforcement and management and that means reform of the U.N.

Unfortunately the only person who is able to stand up to the political individual members of the Security Council of the U.N is Nikki Haley – and she is the U.S Ambassador to the U.N.

In summary, yes a longer-term solution is needed for the refugees but unfortunately the war in Syria will keep bouncing back in all its forms of insurgency.


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