The Light Darkens – For those who have been in the Darkness

It shall never be without you 
You shall seek to challenge its depravity 

That which has been done to thee
Shall shadow thy life and darken thy day
It shall never be without you
You shall seek to challenge its depravity
You shall find the innocence that was taken
But its stalking fears you must face
None can assist you
For only you will know the abyss of your pain
Do not let it envelope thee
Instead set it aside
Until the day of Justice

Desmond Last Fear the Justice (Legal Justice). 5219

How a Van slamming into me yesterday made me feel good.

Yesterday I was hit by a van. I was cycling along a wide pedestrian way when a van in a petrol station driveway accelerated and hit me as I was cycling past the front of it when on the driveway.


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