Isn’t Donald Trump’s loud verbal admonishment’s strong indications of Munchausen syndrome?


This is my answer to this Question on Quora.

No not at all. Speaking your mind in relation to your beliefs and views is not any indication or syndrome of any form of mental incapacity.

When Presidents Trump’s state of mind is compared to say Blair, Bush, Cameron and Obama who invaded Iraq and Libya and then walked away from any form of positive solution to a problem they were part of I would say he is acting perfectly normal.

I could of course compare his state of mind to all the World Leaders who when faced with mankind’s destructive effects to our Climate signed a non-mandatory agreement which favoured certain countres over others to give away $100 billion a year to some of which will go to corrupt governments. We need a ‘no disadvantage enforceable mandatory agreement’ if we are to save our Planet.

Even more so I could compare his state of mind to that of the U.K Government who are about to walk away from the best trading partner the U.K has or will ever have.

Angela Merkel’s state of mind must also be questioned for allowing 1 million refugees into Germany without asking her citizens if they agreed. Merkel also never prepared for those who were prepared to die in the Mediterranean to get to Germany – their watery graves a testament to her inability to understand the effects of her actions.

Or even the state of mind of the U.N Security Council which allowed children in Aleppo to die day after day after day and did nothing.

Speaking your mind is an honesty we all need. He speaks and somebody is able to object and he gets a barometer of what people are thinking. What exactly has he done other than raise debate and cause us all to question the sanity of our own Governments.


What would it take to change the Constitution so that we could elect Trump as king, orb and scepter and all that?

This is my answer to this Question on Quora

As America has its own Saint – ‘Saint Obama’ – who according to his disciples can no wrong I doubt if there is room for King Trump as well.

Legally it is not possible as America is a Republic. A Republic that is defended both by its Laws and its People. Unlike the U.K with its diminishing democracy and increased Police Powers the People of America always display a strong defence of their democracy. Should President Trump overstep the line they will get rid of him – and he knows that.

President Trump was elected on a manifesto of change. So far all he has done is carry out the pledges in his manifesto. He has not always been right, unlike Obama who according to his supporters was and is perfect – except 300,000 Syrians killed in Syria and thousands killed in Libya might disagree.

I will also mention Obama’s non-mandatory Climate Change Agreement that took 8 years to sign and is not worth the paper it is written on. If you want to stop Climate Change then you make a ‘no disadvantage’ mandatory agreement.

President Trump is doing what he believes to be the best for the People of America – all of them. Which is what he said he would do.

Whereas here in the ‘Land of Diminished Democracy’ the U.K. – our Government does what is best for themselves to remain in Power and what is best for the People hence ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

President Trump would not want to be King but he does want the People of America to become ‘Kings of themselves’ by each of them having the opportunity to do so.

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