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  • Is it worth it to sacrifice one million people to create everlasting world peace?

    There can be no everlasting Peace that comes about with the death of a million people. The deaths of one million people and more occured in 1914–1918 and 1939–1945 with no everlasting Peace.

  • How can you ensure that peace and security are achieved and sustained?

    By providing a ‘World Legal Unified International Organisation’. This would be given a renewable mandate by the World to ensure any conflict which immediately puts at risk the safety of civilians and related infrastructure is immediately brought to an immediate end by overwhelming force. It would be comprised of the relevant region military and would […]

  • Is world peace possible, or just a fantasy?

    This is my answer to this Question on Quora. For me personally World Peace is a practical achievable state of World Affairs. My solution for World Peace is simple and available; To achieve World Peace we either reform the United Nations or replace it with the following Mandate. ‘To achieve World Peace a renewable World […]

  • What are the problems of culture of peace?

    This is my answer to this Question on Quora. There is a problem and that is that Peace can not be obtained by Peace. I wish it were not so but unfortunately Peace will only be obtained by the use of a Democratic Unified Legal Overwhelming Force – in effect what the United Nations was […]

  • How do you envision your role in building an international cooperation to promote a more peaceful world?

    My answer on Quora I would like to meet with President Trump and Nikki Haley the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. I would like to present to them my proposal for the reform of the United Nations. The founding principle of my reform is that: ‘All and any conflicts are brought to an […]

  • Can we ever have peace?

      Yes we can. The majority of us live in peaceful co-existence. Yet our lives are made to the order of a few who want the World their way without sharing it. The United Nations will not work together for Peace. The current structure and voting preferences of the United Nations allow their resources to […]

  • Is Donald Trump popular in the UK?

    From He is with me and many others too. Why? Because he leads not follows. He will not be swayed from his vision to ensure every American has the opportunity to achieve greatness in his or her own way. I and many others have had enough of Governments who manage their Countries through expensive International […]