Is it worth it to sacrifice one million people to create everlasting world peace?

There can be no everlasting Peace that comes about with the death of a million people. The deaths of one million people and more occured in 1914–1918 and 1939–1945 with no everlasting Peace.


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If I were the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, which is a country with nuclear weapons, which you would have to be equipped with in order to answer the question I would state this:

“Nuclear weapons have only one purpose and that is to kill in the millions. The only deterrent they have been is to ensure those Nations with Nuclear Weapons do not make a sudden decision to use them on other Nations with nuclear weapons.

They did not stop Al Qaeda killing 3000 Americans at 911 and they did not stop the Vietnam War or ISIS invading Syria and Iraq. I would use them at the negotiating table to provide a framework with other countries to discuss and achieve a planned and phased reduction in nuclear weapons. Which is a forum much promised but lacking in delivery.

However, if my only option to end an immediate threat to the United Kingdom from a nuclear military force was to use them specifically to bring an immediate end to the threat I would do so. It is highly unlikely that such a threat would involve one million civilians. It is also highly unlikely that such a situation would occur without any of the United Kingdom’s allies being involved. Therefore the question is too hypothetical to consider a more detailed response”.

I would also state that the United Kingdom as an Island is at much more of a risk from a hostile force than the majority of developed Nations. An island is a strategic target and one which is between Europe and the United States even more so. Unless we are able to ensure we know where every Nuclear Weapon in the World is there can never be a complete nuclear disarmament.

Theresa May did not give that answer. Without thinking May said ‘I would’ to the question by Jeremy Corbyn of would she kill 100,000 with a nuclear strike.

Let us hope that Theresa May is able to ‘think’ when faced with a real situation of a ‘United Kingdom under threat’.

Theresa May does not hesitate to say she would kill 100,000 with nuclear strike

There can be no everlasting Peace that comes about with the death of a million people. The deaths of one million people and more occured in 1914–1918 and 1939–1945 with no everlasting Peace.

1.5 million have died in Afghanistan since 1979. A negotiated Peace for the war weary people of Afghanistan is as distant as it has ever been.

If the World wants everlasting Peace then it must begin with the reform of the United Nations. The Security Council must be expanded, the veto dropped and every conflict dealt with by not taking sides.


Why wouldn’t Jeremy Corbyn form any electoral pacts to oust the Tories in seats where non-labour or non-conservative candidates could’ve won?


This is my answer to this Question on Quora

Unlike the Conservatives and the Lib Dems Jeremy Corbyn has a vision, a plan and a set of Policies for the People of the United Kingdom.

Jeremy Corbyn knows what he wants for the People of the United Kingdom and he will not compromise his Principles.

His vision for the United Kingdom is one which involves all Peoples in a regeneration of a Society that cares for those who are unable to care for themselves.

For too long the United Kingdom has been run as a human balance sheet. Instead of providing Policies that provide a dynamic Economy the U.K has had to endure a very narrow Economic Strategy that cuts spending rather than creates efficiencies and new methods of investment. Cutting Costs is not an efficiency. It often retains systems that were and are inefficient and become more so when starved of optimum resources.

Anybody can cut costs by reducing services and spending on much needed social infrastructure. We do not need a Government for that.

What we need is new ideas. However, Theresa May and her Cabinet are spectacular in their ability to ignore new thinking – they have made it into a Olympic Sport for which they have the Gold.

I do not support all of Corbyn’s economic ideas but what I do support is an end to the thinking that it is the people who must suffer the failure of economic policy and not the Government.

The Conservatives have torn this country apart. Brexit is a nightmare made by the Conservatives. Their failure to put in place an Economic Plan for Post-Brexit is a testimony to their inability to see outside the Ivory Tower of a Party who to put it bluntly ‘Do not have a Clue’.

Jeremy Corbyn will not water down his Vision for the U.K by forming electoral pacts as that will mean he has to accept a Vision that he and his Party do not want.

What this Country needs today and not tomorrow is a General Election with a result that places Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10 Downing Street.


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