How can one survive in a ruthless world where there are only so many seats at the top, and innumerable people fighting for it?

By creating your own world in which you can enjoy your talents and abilities.

Those who forsake humanity in order to achieve supposed greatness are usually unhappy in the knowledge that they can trust nobody and befriend only those they can buy.

What is the point in being all powerful if you are powerless to make people like you unless you buy them.

Being ruthless means being greedy and selfish. Sure I want to be rich but not by the bodycount.

By ensuring you maintain ‘Principle and Integrity’ people will want to know you. Your words will be desired for their ‘ring of truth’.

When enough people want to know you because of your honesty and search for Justice and Equality then your World will have more value than that of the richest man in the World.

Being rich is no doubt better than being poor but being rich and dying alone – is that what life is all about?

Does loneliness affect peace and happiness?

‘Know who you are then you can be who you are’.

Absolutely. Until you are able to provide yourself with the Powers of Observation necessary to assess the World around you objectively with subjective Parameters then you will not achieve Peace and true happiness.

We can all laugh at a joke or smile at a welcoming comment but how many of us are happy with our lot in life?

In order to be so you be able to stand alone in a crowd and be able to observe those around you with an inquiring mind and not need their emotions to enliven your own. Loneliness is a terrible state of mind which can lead to depression, addictions and finally suicide. It is a state of mind that is like a swamp which devours all it encounters.

It takes an act of conscience will to move yourself out of the cauldron of mankind and into the vast choice of humanity. But by doing so you will find a world of enlightenment which will see you never alone.

That means you must absorb all that is around you and not let those who seek to block you out from the world feed off your emotional state.

So if you are lonely then begin tomorrow by observing the World around you and assessing your own needs and wants against that which it has to offer you not that which it has to take away from you. Being lonely is a state of mind. There is always somebody who will talk to you.

It is not somebody you need it is something to be part of that does not remove all your emotional well-being you require.

Observing the World around you is the first step towards creating your own World and one in which you are part of. Trying to be part of a World as complex as ours now is without an anchor for your reality is loneliness.

‘Know who you are then you can be who you are’.