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  • What’s an opinion that you will stand by until your last breath?

    That we have allowed intellectually starved stupid Governments to create a future in which we may not survive.

  • Are we living in a dystopian nightmare?

  • President Biden’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity – Why it is not enough. When a tree is rotting a bandaid will not stop the tree from dying. The Internet is dying. President Biden’s Executive Order and that of President Trump’s before him are bandaids. To be Continued……………………

  • What is your philosophy or outlook on life?

    What is your philosophy or outlook on life?

    Mine is ‘do not invade my space and I will not invade yours’. Respect is a necessity and its evolution into a cohesive society with a capacity for an abundance of cultures and views will only occur when we each respect each others right to non-discriminatory individual views and ways of life. Too many seek […]

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    The Risings Unite by Desmond Last

  • We The People – we know who we are but do our Governments?

    Change is constant in any organisations including Governments ; legislation develops and changes, social attitudes mature or are developed in line with cultural emergence and increased social diversity and as education levels increase expectations become more questioning and demanding. Organizations must evolve with change. That evolvement is managed by the organisations control structure – the […]

  • Ethics?

  • We The People

    We The People

    Without exception we are led by men and women who care little for ‘the dream’….

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  • My Latest Music By Desmond Last

    The Risings By Desmond Last