We The People – we know who we are but do our Governments?

Change is constant in any organisations including Governments ; legislation develops and changes, social attitudes mature or are developed in line with cultural emergence and increased social diversity and as education levels increase expectations become more questioning and demanding. Organizations must evolve with change. That evolvement is managed by the organisations control structure – the management team. However, sudden unexpected change is not always ‘on the horizon’. Yet it must be anticipated, planed for, and costed for and this includes allocating appropriate resources.

Organizational Resilience is the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond, and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions so that it will survive and prosper.

‘You cannot be who you want to be unless you know what it you stand for’. Any organisation that is prepared to adapt to change and provide resilience for unexpected and unforeseen events must have a set of values to ensure that the organisation is a dynamic fortitude of interconnectedness that has resilience as part of its system and not a component to be brought in as needed.

Those organisations that put resilience into a bunker that is never to see the light of day until the unexpected occurs are the organisations most likely to display a dysfunctionality when the unforeseen occurs. If I ring 000, I expect an answer. If I do not get an answer than either the fault is deliberate, or it is not foreseen. Any organisation or Governments that waits for the unforeseen to occur and then unwraps the Disaster Manual is an extrapolation of incident damage waiting to happen. The process of accepting the unforeseen as part of the day to day to should be embedded in the organisation rather than drag it out when it is needed with all the problems to suddenly connecting a separate system to the daily managed system.

A staff member burns her toast in the microwave and then the smoke alarm goes off. Far better to ensure that the system of resilience trains Manual’ on a regular basis which includes using the microwave – i.e. a regular training of all the on-site unforeseen that can occur. This way the unforeseen become the foreseen.

Covid is the best example of a complete absence of resilience. Pandemics are not new; they are not unforeseen and the HIN group of viruses was known to be able to transmit from animal to human. Yet the ‘resilience’ to a pandemic did not sit within the system it sat outside – in neglected stores of PPE. In manuals of Disaster control gathering dust on shelves. It lay beside terrorist exercises as a sort of afterthought – the 2012 UK Olympics Risk Assessment stated a pandemic was unlikely. Even now the Australian Government is falling back into the same old habits – Australians will be allowed to travel interstate without being tested. The resilience (testing) sits there to be used when? Too late.

For any Organisation and Government to accept that it must be dynamic if it is to exhibit a resilience to unforeseen events rather than be a process formal structure which has very ‘stiff’ boundaries of authority and ‘soul-destroying’ bubbles of responses that do not provide for any continuous development both of the organisation and the staff/people there must be a road for that travels upwards and onwards for people involvement. If not the resilience will be limited to the ‘dusty Disaster Manual’ which when opened asks more questions, then provides answers. Today more than ever organisation must be involved with their staff if they are to be resilient.

However, so too ‘We the People’. It is disheartening to have to state the obvious but we can no longer trust our Governments or the Media to be honest. To reflect what it is that we the people aspire to and hope for, to tell the truth, to care for those who cannot care for themselves, to lead and not to follow. Covid should be the redline of the People. We were and have been failed. Let that be a warning of what is to come – Climate Change.

What are some harsh life lessons the corporate world taught you?

The harshest and most important for me has been that Corporate Globalisation is a threat to Nation State Economic Sovereignty.


The prostitution of economic ownership to the highest bidder has to all intent and purposes made Eunuchs of many of our Governments.

Global ownership of the movement of investment funds by powerful self-interested domineering groups who decide the how and when of Politics and Policy has created digit Labour that can be made non-existent at the press of a keyboard button.

I do not blame the Corporate. I blame the Government(s) for being weak, ineffective, intellectually challenged and lazy.

Instead of working to create dynamic vibrancy within their own economic systems they have sat back and watched the Globalization coup take over their countries.

I know I live in Australia. We were bought and sold a long time ago.



The most important are ‘trust and respect ’ with their application being asserted with ‘Principle and Integrity’.

As citizens we endow our Governments and their Agencies with our ‘trust and respect’.

When they fail to ensure that they ‘listen and act’ on our needs and desires with an impartiality that ensures our democratic choice and safety is maintained then we question their ‘Principle and Integrity’.

Should our trust and respect of the State be such that we consider them to be no longer transparent and accountable civil disorder will become so prevalent that it will be the constant state.

That is what is happening around the World today and more so in the future.

In increasing numbers we no longer trust and believe our Governments and their Agencies.

The current constant state is that ‘Governments believe their own lies’ and we no longer can rely on their Principle and Integrity to safeguard our lives.

These ‘state of actions’ will lead to physical ‘things in society’ not being available and thus lead to total World chaos.

Food, water and shelter the basic components of any society will become so under threat from the extremes of Climate Change that Government will be unable to maintain its position in society without the use of force.

Energy weapons leave a trail of evidence when used continually against a person.

Energy weapons leave a trail of evidence when used continually against a person. This evidence can be used in conjunction with the United Nations Istanbul Protocol in any case against a Government or Government associated agency ot third party group who have allowed and participated in the development of energy weapons without any legislative or practical control over their manufacturing and use. This could also include any corporations who if they have allowed third party development, manufacturing and use of such weapons know that such weapons are being used to harm defenseless civilians. Any successful civil claim can lead to a criminal conviction by both National Courts and the International Criminal Court. Widespread consent which leads to mass harm by virtue of ‘Government absent legal care and enforcement of laws so intended to protect the defenseless can be said to be ‘crime against humanity’. Whilst the International Court can issue arrest warrants under the treaty of Rome for signatory heads of state it cannot do so for the heads of non-signatory states but they can be arrested when within the borders of a signatory states as ‘Crimes against Humanity have no diplomatic immunity. Governments should ensure that they have sufficient legal and practical controls in place to ensure that energy weapons are not used by any group against defenseless civilians.

What is the most important thing you have done?

It is ‘standing up to the monolithic power of a Government(s)’. I have had to stand firm in the face of extreme abuse of power by UK and Australian Government Agencies who condemned my right to write of the World as I saw and see it.

It is not easy to do so when you are alone with no help. Governments are ruthless and completely non-transparent and even more so when they are able to bully a person who only has his self-respect and belief in himself as protection.

The ‘contortion of circumstance’ they manufactured in an attempt to silence me was an Oscar deserving ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Being threatened with the possibility of being put into a mental institution when there is nothing wrong with you is an absolute derogation of human rights by a system designed to scare you into silence.

I survived – and I have a letter confirming from a senior UK NHS doctor that there is nothing wrong with my mental health.

By attempting to silence me they have exposed their hypocrisy and total lack of accountability – that will change. That is what I have learned from their absolute failure in attempting to me stop me writing that they ‘must be held to account’. They are not as they believe they have become ‘God on Earth’.

It is important to me because one day I will face those Government(s) in a court of law.

On that day Government(s) will be taught a lesson. That lesson will be ‘There is only one legal system and it applies equally to all of us – including Prime Ministers and Presidents’.