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  • Why does Satan hate God so much?

    Evil is growing like a twisted withered vine and it needs to be stopped. Even our Governments have accepted the lowering of moral standards, the Government sponsored killing of Children in wars and by malnutrition bolstered by their hypocrisy as they lecture us all about human rights.

  • What does selling your soul mean?

    Your soul will be sent to Hell for an eternity for God knows that you did not stand for Good but you laid down for Evil to run its searing rake of corrupted religion over the stinking mire of false human rights you proclaim to the World.

  • Will there ever be peace in the Muslim world?

    However, May is so unable to understand that the only group developing the ‘Word of God’ is ISIS. My own development of a new Perspective of the ‘World of God’ is ignored by both May and the U.K’s security services – with tragic results.

  • I’m an evil person who has done very bad things. How can I become a better person?

    However, you can ensure that you bring a form of Peace to your tormented mind by seeking to do good wherever possible and by defending those who are unable to protect themselves from Evil. Maybe God will judge you with compassion.

  • Islam is said to be a religion of peace, what’s your opinion?

    When over 2 billion followers of Islam wake-up every morning their only thought is that they follow the Peace written in the Quran and co-exist with the rest of the World. When I walked through Auburn Sydney, which is an Islam Community in Australia to visit their mosque I was not mugged, robbed, beaten up […]

  • What can I do to bring value to this world?

    This is my answer to the Question which is on Quora. Be Honest, be of Principle, be of valour and good humour, be upstanding and protect the weak. Never give support or assistance to Evil for it will destroy you. Never let anybody harm a woman, a child or a defenceless man. Stand up […]