What is learned from solitude?

Solitude is the most important transition from being a digit to a person. As digits we are enumerated, categorised, accounted for, lectured to and charged to.

Vast developing AI systems cater to our physical needs and pay no attention to our need to be treated with respect. We pay for everything and we get the absolute minimum in exchange.

Solitude is the beginning of your personal revolution.

It is where you look yourself in the eye and say ‘I am not a digit to be trod into the binary highway and pimped for my data’.

‘I am a human being with the right to respect. I mean something to me and I will damn well ensure I mean something to those who trawl the cyber highway to capture my digital soul’.

You need absolute brutal honesty from that solitude. You must own up to the fact that you have become a footpath to wealth for the cyber lords and why that is so.

That is solitude – the space and time to hear yourself. A sort of personal Hong Kong Protest – you are not alone.