I’m an evil person who has done very bad things. How can I become a better person?

However, you can ensure that you bring a form of Peace to your tormented mind by seeking to do good wherever possible and by defending those who are unable to protect themselves from Evil. Maybe God will judge you with compassion.

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Once you have committed true Evil you can never return to the same state of mind that you were subject to before the act of Evil. For example if you know a child is being abused and you have nothing to stop that child being abused or you are the abuser you have in effect taken away a life. Your act of Evil will haunt you forever and you will become even more Evil in order to suppress your guilt.

The life of that child will never be the same once his or her innocence has been taken away and his or her trust of mankind destroyed. I use the example of child abuse because here in the U.K it is ‘out of control’ and has been accepted by the People of the U.K as a manifestation of modern society.

Apathy too is an Evil. Perhaps the worst of all. We must never let Evil do its worst and watch with selfish pleasure. We must defend those who are weak, protect those who are vulnerable and seek Penalty for those who seek to do Evil unto others.

Once the act of Evil is committed you in effect will spend the rest of your life trying to ignore your guilt and watching over your shoulder – which is why Evil people are never happy. They also seek to justify their Evil by drawing in as many innocent people as possible to also become Evil – hence the Cults of Evil that exist.

In your case God will say ‘What of those whose lives you have destroyed. They are destroyed for evermore’. So Hell will be God’s reward for you. Once an Evil act is done it cannot be undone. Hell is an eternity of Pain. Just as the pain of an Innocent lost will never leave an abused child the Pain of Hell will never leave those who seek Evil as their companion.

However, you can ensure that you bring a form of Peace to your tormented mind by seeking to do good wherever possible and by defending those who are unable to protect themselves from Evil. Maybe God will judge you with compassion.

If your question is asking I am Evil how do I become good then only you can answer by deed.

When you do something good even as simple as helping an elderly lady across the road the feeling of goodwill and respect is instant. It stays with you and helps you to justify your place in the World. When you commit an act of Evil its pleasure is selfish. It cannot be written about, sang about or used to further humanity – It sits alone. As you do too. For those who are Evil have to buy their friends.

One day you will be on your deathbed knowing God awaits you and you will say ‘Is that what life was all about – me’ ? Whereas should you do acts of good you will know that you have left a legacy to the World – happiness and compassion.

I can laugh at myself and the World as I never seek to commit acts of Evil. My happiness is infectious and has no price. Evil always has to be paid for.

Even though my own Governments have allowed the supression of my writing to better the World I know that I have done everything possible to seek to help those who cannot help themselves. Governments do not last for ever. But my writing and its benefits will. The acts of a Government to suppress an individual who can do good is an act of Evil. As are the acts of Governments who support those who commit acts of inhumanity against their own peoples.

God will allow you to sit on the sidelines as long as you care for your family. But do not impede those who have the ability to improve the lives of others – for that too is an Evil. Seek first to do good for your family and yourself for only then can you do good for others.

Evil people are never happy. They know they have done nothing to make others happy. Their laughter is only at the expense of others.

I find pleasure in the smallest deed of compassion. I wake everyday to the possibility of achievement and the accomplishment of a good deed. Whereas you as Evil will not welcome the day. Only the night where you can hide in its shadow. There is no fulfillment in Evil only the certainty of self-destruction.

Become good and enjoy the moment and the legacy you will provide. Remain Evil and know that the misery you have caused will one day be your own.


“It’s okay to be white.” Does this phrase make you mad?

This is my answer to this Question on Quora.

No not at all. However, ‘White’ is responsible for many of the problems of the World.

I do not see white children in Africa starving to death abandoned by their absolutely ineffective Governments whilst equally ineffective White Western Governments provide money they have to borrow to give to the ineffective Governments.

It is not ok to be a White Political Leader who openly stated that he is about to meet a corrupt African Government so he can give them more AID to corruptly use – as David Cameron did.

Afghanistan and Nigeria ‘possibly most corrupt countries’, Cameron lets slip

It is ok to be White and as I do want to seek to change the system of corrupt aid.

What is not ok is for the Government of Theresa May and the Opposition of Jeremy Corbyn to allow the U.K Media to suppress my work which will one day help alleviate absolute poverty.


Islam is said to be a religion of peace, what’s your opinion?

When over 2 billion followers of Islam wake-up every morning their only thought is that they follow the Peace written in the Quran and co-exist with the rest of the World.

When I walked through Auburn Sydney, which is an Islam Community in Australia to visit their mosque I was not mugged, robbed, beaten up or told that being a Catholic was a reason for me to die.

When I have been to a mosque to pray nobody questioned my right to be there.

Wherever I have been in the World from Australia to the U.S and in the U.K nobody from Islam has ever sought to question my beliefs with the threat of violence.

When I read that civilians deaths in Afghanistan in 2017 have increased by 50 per cent from U.S Air Force bombing I note that most of the aircrews are Christians.

When I watched with horror the children in Aleppo being killed by bombings I noted that the Russian assistance and bombing was not of the faith of Islam,

When I write about the ‘Word of God’ to improve the World it is my Prime Minister Theresa May and the entire U.K media who deliberately ignore my work. I note they are mostly Christians.

When the U.K supplies weapons to Saudi Arabia which are used to bomb children in Yemen I note that the U.K is predominantly Christian.

When President Trump met with the King of Saudi Arabia to supply even more arms with which to bomb children in Yemen I note that he too is a Christian.

When ISIS distort the World Of God for their own Evil purposes and I counter their words with my own I note it is a Christian media who will not report my work. ISIS too attempts to own God and yet no attempt other than my own has been made to counter their development of a ‘religious rhetoric’ with a new development of the understanding of the ‘Word of God’.

I have written part of ‘The Epiphany’ which is a journey through the soul of man and woman as the magnitude of God’s achievement and the possibilities of faith both as a torment and an enlightenment. My attempt to explain its value in the fight against ISIS was lost to both Theresa May and MI5 who ignore all my writing. They are Christians.

It is not Islam that is Non-Peaceful it is the religions which seeks to own God for their own purpose. God belongs to no man. He is the guidance the World seeks and has ignored – hence Evil.

Evil has no religion it encompasses all and devours in its entirety.

It is Evil we should be defeating not each other. There is only one God and we as a People are either Good or Evil. It is a choice we each have to make.

Evil is the common enemy and we must all act as one regardless of our faiths to defeat it.


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