Will Amber Rudd Conservatives & Diane Abbott Labour Party publically confirm U.K Social Experiment and Medical Research Groups are monitored to ensure they are not endangering Children.

Will Amber Rudd confirm that in the U.K there are no Social Research Groups involved in Social Experiments who are funded and supported by the U.K Government and have access to Government Facilities that are involved in the sexual abuse and exploitation of U.K and foreign nationals including American children, men and women?

Is Nigel Farage considered as an idol in England?

My Answers to World Affairs on Quora¬† This an answer to a Quora Question. Farage like the majority of Politicians and in particular U.K politicians is another failed representative of the people who does not listen to anything other than the sound of his own voice. What is it about economic planning and industrial strategy … Continue reading Is Nigel Farage considered as an idol in England?