Does God exist?

My answer to Does God exist?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Why does it matter? Are we so unable to learn from ourselves the mistakes of the past? I believe in God, if were not for his intervention I would be dead. However as one who has been developing the writings of Jesus God the gr8 Prophet St Muhammad and their followers in the 'Epiphany 'so that we can better live with each other,  I know God wants competition. When we pray to God and ask for him to bless our fighter aircraft before they rain missiles down on defenseless children do we really think he is listening? When we pray to God for World peace and then shake hands with World Leaders who wage war on innocent people or perpetuate wars for their own interests – do you think he applauds us.? When Desmond Tutu stands up in the United Nations and lectures us all on why we should feed Africa and then heads off to a five-start restaurant with his millions in then Bank sitting down with the delegates whose own bank accounts could feed thousands (and where did the money come from?) and the starving still starve. Do you think God blesses him? When I write and almost destroyed for writing to improve the World and the Archbishop of Canterbury does nothing to stop my intersection do you think God Blesses him too?

God is not a drive-in or a Vending machine into which you put your prayers and out comes your winnings. He wants new ideas. He wants me and you to say to him; Thanks God for the Planet, for our minds, our imagination but we can take care of it from now on. He is not a nanny, and now here we are. The world is at its most Evil. There are more conflicts, more poverty, more inequality, more greed, more corruption and everyday we do more and more to ruin that which was given to mankind as a gift. So what do we do? You all watch and pray to God. But what do you actually do? Nothing. I smile when I hear ISIS request  God protect them, then hear the murderous e Syrian Air force do the same, then hear the Russian Air Force do the same, then hear the French Air Force etc etc.  Who the hell do they thin the are. GOD is not somebodies property. He is imagination, he is emotion, he is pure reason and logic and most of all he is truth and respect. I do not agree with all that God does and I am sure he does not agree with all that  I do. But God knows I will not give in to Evil. He knows my ideas to better the Woerld are not for me but for thsoe that need them. He knows that I care and he knows I would die for that care. He also knows those that are Evil. God sees everything, he records every single blade of grass growing, he knows who has crossed the line and has an eternity of Hell waiting for them. He knows that I do not agree with his method of punishment as I can't yet see all those who have tried to blind me screaming in Pain as angry Hell's Eagles peck out their eyes – he knows I think it would make great Prime Time TV.

God is at he end of his patience with us. I had to laugh the other day – Gates wants to send little transmitter into Space to see if anybody is out there…… Mr Gates for a bright man you are sometimes stupid. If they were out there (which they are) they would contact us. But why would they? What can we possibly give to another World – Evil. That is mankind's currency. It exchanges Innocent and life for corruption and death.

Of course God exists – watch the sunset, the birth of a new day, two lovers arm in arm. Listen to laughter, cry with joy, clap in sheer amazement, cuddle your son and kiss your wife. God gave us goodness and he gave us the means to enjoy that goodness – and it was not with artificial Intelligence.

But now we are day by day, pornographic page by pornography page, corrupt man by corrupt man, Innocent death by innocent death replacing it with Evil. What happens when somebody comes along to make the World better – the World kills him or her.

If we want that which God has given us we must rise above the Evil, we must stand eye to eye with those that govern us with theri corrupt ways, we must be Guardians of our own souls, and we must do it now before it is too late.One of my sentences when I started writing 8 years ago was – it is all about God – and it still is.

Does God exist?

What is Donald Trump’s program for making America great again?

My answer to What is Donald Trump's program for making America great again?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Simple. He wants Americans to want to be Proud of themselves as contributors to a Nation that once again wants to be America first and everybody else's second. He like many American's has had enough of America being blamed for the faults of its President and Government. When Obama decided not to get involved in Syria and as a consequence 300,000 Syrians died did I blame the people of America – no. But the people of America felt as thought they are the butt the World has to kick for the failings of its leaders. When China decided to become a Market Economy, pollute the Planet, move people off the land to feed the factories with cheap labor and dumps its production all over the World – the Western leaders including Obama declared it a miracle economy – and then they took Products manufactured in America, built them in China , and sold them to Americans. Were the people to blame for that?  No . It is the Fed who wanted the credit that China offered to keep America's  growing deficit afloat.  There is no such thing as a level-playing field in economics – not when a dominant economy pays slave wages and does not have the environmental costs of others.

Now China is in Afghanistan providing arms to the Afghanistan Army so it can get a good deal on its resources – it did nothing as over 2000 Marines died. Trump wants the World to take its fair share of military enforced peace and China is long overdue in playing its part. Americans want to spend some time in their own backyard and Trump knows that. Spending over 500 billion a year on the Military has not bought peace to anywhere in the World ,but it brought plenty of body bags home. Trump is a business man, his approach will like none other before. For Trump it will be what the cost and what is the benefit – and that is America.

Americans like many of us are fed up with funding corrupt governments who let their people starve and Trump will not let good American money go to waste whislt at home people are homelss and jobless. He will also not stand for Federal Government delays and think tanks and report after report and consultant after consultant – it will be hard times for the freeloaders – again that is what Americans want. They want to be the priory not some suits who say they can form an umbrella organisation for charities and research and then pocket all the money. I suggest that the Secret Service give him good cover because there are many who will want him gone – we have that in common.

It is  damning indictment of the American and Canadians failure to deal with the preparation for Bush fires that with hundreds of thousands of troops between them only 200 firefighters were fighting the fires in Alberta – only now they are bringing  in troops, after a whole town has been engulfed in flames- Australia is no better. Trump is a planner and will want Americas backyard ready for bush fires even if it means bringing troops home. Trump has my vote and recommendation. He may not have all the answers but he has the heart of America -and you cannot get stronger than that. His father Fred Trump built social housing ( sure and made money) and some of that principle still lives  within Trump

What is Donald Trump's program for making America great again?

Does God know himself as God?

My answer to Does God know himself as God?

Answer by Desmond Last:

He used too. God knew exactly who he was and stood for. I mean it all appeared to be so easy. Create an incredible Planet, provide its People with brains, imagination, ideas, dreams and then walk off saying ' Job well done'. What could go wrong? It is not as if they are all going to kill each other and pollute Paradise he said to an amazed Heaven. After all the odds on 7 days were 100 to one but then God did always like a Challenge. Anyway he was stirred from a well earned million year sleep by Angel the the guardian of Mankind with her accompaniment of Humanity. Crying with fear for mankind she told God that mankind had began its path to its own destruction. Greed had replaced charity and compassion, despair had replaced hope. Power had overcome democracy. God looked at Angel and said who am I? Am I not the word that gave love, the voice that commanded respect and the actions that created a heaven for mankind's existence? No obviously not – they are not taking any notice of me. With that God left mankind to its own devises – you know the rest…

Does God know himself as God?

Why are there so many homeless people in developed countries like the US?

My answer to Why are there so many homeless people in developed countries like the US?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Because Obama goes off to Hawaii to play Golf so that he does not have to think about cost-effective and innovative ways to house the homeless. That is what is so good about the capitalist system: you are free to die for your country, you are free to come back with no legs and you are free to be homeless.

It is truly unbelievable that those who seek to educate the students of University actually teach an economic system (Capitalism or so-called Economic Liberalism) that does not work. It controls liquidity flows, centralises capital and then monopolises it. I have written the basis of a new system, but like my gun-laws for America, Obama was not interested.

Capitalism  is not a system, as it does not embrace all its users and it allows an economic bubble to be built around those who control the system, thus protecting them from the negative flow of failed labour as they walk past the homeless in the street.

These owners and controllers of our Capital go to a Charity Ball and feel good about handing over a cheque that they can then use to offset against their taxes and also use as a loan against a trust in Panama where they keep the surplus production of the man in the street they just walked past, from when he had a job.

Don't get me wrong, I want people to be rewarded and rich. I too, want my yacht and please do not expect me to hand my money to the starving people of Africa. I want them to stand on their own two feet, with a loan, a market and a economic system. My name is not Mug Obama or Cameron. I am not going to hand over my hard-earned cash to some rap talking Mercedes driving African Government who is going to equip his army so one day it can turn on the West, kill Marines and their own citizens or buy their next executive jet.

Neither am I mug enough to hand it to the U.N who will write yet another waste of time duplicated report costing hundreds of thousands and make sure the delegates at the UN have the best 5 star hotel and a free seat at the Casino. Obama and Cameron have two very large prison populations, yet they seem to think that nobody in Africa is corrupt. I also wouldn't  hand a penny to any Umbrella Organisation or Milliband 5 star Aid Organisation so he can wear the latest drive the most expensive and fly with champagne.

In summary there are two reasons. The system we have of directing capital allows it to become too concentrated.  Those funds should be available for investment in projects which benefit all us, instead  become  the ownership of a few who use it to have power over us. The second reason is Political will. If I were a President or Prime-Minister, I would not be able to sleep knowing that there were people sleeping in the street whilst I waited for news of the Mars Probe landing – which housed nobody. There are many ways to house the homeless and yes it has to be paid for. But what is the cost of maintaining the homeless on the street? Police time. Hospital time. Court time. Prison Time. Social Services time. Ghetto no-go areas time.  These are the hidden costs to society of homelessness.  I often wonder why it is that the Church does not let them  sleep in the Churches at night – GOD would!

Why are there so many homeless people in developed countries like the US?

Why do british migrate to australia?

My answer to Why do british migrate to australia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

To get away from the British and find some decent fish and chips. As history will one day record, the downfall of the British Empire came about when curried prawns made their way on the menus of Fish and Chip shops around the U.K. That of course and Polish sausage. No longer could an Englishman recognise his whereabouts after a night of drinking by the blurred menu in front of him. Not sure of where he was in his drunken state, he would look for a ferry to take him back to the UK . This is how the high-vis vest came into being. It reduced the accident rate outside fish and chip shops on Friday evenings. Now the high vis vest it is even worn  on the rare occasions the UK male has sex. His bloated beer belly makes sex difficult. These are the main reasons the Brits go to Australia. To remind them of home before Poland conquered it and to spend all their time in Australia complaining about Australia so they can feel homesick .Which is why in Australia they are known as Whinging Poms.

Why do british migrate to australia?

How soon will the Antarctic ice melt due to global warming?

My answer to How soon will the Antarctic ice melt due to global warming?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It will not. It will never melt. That is the implied statement given to us by our Governments and scientists.  The Paris 21 agreement does not begin until 2020 and its non-compulsory wording, which has as many get out of agreement clauses as is possible, is set to continue past 2050  and allows any government to withdraw from the Agreement with one years notice. This means that something as catastrophic as the Antarctica completely  melting with the consequent climate change effect is not going to happen. This is from our World Leaders who have not managed to solve any of the World's Problem's and gave us Climate Change in the first place. What these 'fountains of improbability' our World leaders appear to be saying is that " Yes, we have a problem but its not too bad and $100 billion a year from 2020 to every trough feeder  and corrupt government , false research group and umbrella organisation should fix the problem. As all the scientists are at home watching the football or at their local x event and not in the middle of organising a revolution so they too must agree it is not a problem. Just like the 100,000 people in Alberta who right now are being chased by a raging bushfire made worse by our climate. They too must think Climate Change is not a problem. Well there they were in the middle of a Canadian Forest with only 200 fire-fighters fighting the fire – so not too much to worry about! I however, who have been writing about Climate Change for 8 years have foretold all that is happening and had systems to deal with the negative effects of Climate Change – but as we know Obama has censored me. When the Antarctica melts it will raise Global sea-levels by some 200' (nicola jones 05.05.2016 Environment 360). That will mean in some areas a lot more than 200' . Yet if you read the Paris 21 agreement is seems to have lost the Antarctica – as it is not mentioned. Just in case Obama reads this let me make it nice and simple. Every-time we lose surface area of the Antarctica we lose an area which is cooling air. The Antarctica and the Arctic are like car radiators they allow Global Air Currents to be cooled as they travel the Planet. Each time some of that area is lost there is more heat to cool and less area to do it with. The other factors are underwater temperature and the speed of the air. Those who state new ice is being formed do not say to say that it will not have the same density and hence heat absorption factor as older ice. So the accelerating rate at which the ice is melting speeds up as it has to absorb more heat. As time goes on the factor of heat absorption to area able to absorb heat will be multiplied by 2 3 4 etc. Which is why so many predications have underestimated the rate of ice loss. Paris 21 does not take this into account. Just as it does not take brushfires into account and the consequence deforestation or droughts and the change to our pressure systems. I find it amazing that Paris 21 to John Kerry is a done and dusted deal for climate change. The very first project the world should have completed before even beginning  to put an agreement together is a Global Model to map for real-time simulation.

So the answer to your question is A) Obama and John Kerry – it never will. B) Me less than 10 years. Why do I say that. Because why would you try and understate the biggest threat to mankind ,other than the stupidity of our world leaders ,in its short but destructive history.

How soon will the Antarctic ice melt due to global warming?

Are the Fort McMurray wild fires a direct result of global warming and therefore human caused?

My answer to Are the Fort McMurray wild fires a direct result of global warming and therefore human caused?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It is time we stopped using Climate Change as an excuse for incompetent Government. Climate Change is a causal factor. But more importantly, why we were  so few fire-fighters initially fighting a fire in an area with so much potential for a raging Inferno. On that point we as a World cannot let Canada fight this fire on their own – the smoke and heat generation will affect the World's Climate and destroy so much more of Canada. Can somebody wake-up Obama and tell him to mobilise his 500 billion dollar Military and send them up there. Perhaps there is something Obama is useful for.

We cannot continue to wait for climate change disasters to occur and then use a hose to put out an inferno. So much in the way of training and resources allocation needs to be improved. I have written a whole system for dealing  with Climate Change disaster and in particular bush-fires; all totally ignored by Government. Here are some factors which are ignored by Government when allocating resources for Bushfire.

We continue to pour chemicals into our air, land and water. This increases the flammability of our natural materials. Where do you think all the chemicals we put into the Planet go – into Space?  There are about 4000 chemicals in the air we breathe. Many of these chemicals are flammable and will remain in the air which circulates our Planet. Eventually they will be deposited on trees undergrowth etc  leading to an increased flammability. Chemical compounds such as nitrous  oxide are able to form sub groups of chemicals with residue that remain in our atmosphere for a long time – acid rain is a chemical which stays in the ground to be released in a bushfire

and on hot days – which is why so many brushfires seem to start so easily now. The difference between a bush fire ignition point and no bush-fire is .1 of a degree and as our atmosphere heats up that .1 becomes more critical.

When a bushfire hits a house the average flame temperature is 1000 Kelvin, or 727degrees.

The high temperatures create a fire-storm hurricane sucking in more and more oxygen adding to the heat of the surrounding air. I have watched a fire jump a river, so hot was the air.  So your question has two answers; the cause and the method of dealing with the outcome.

Apparently the cause was dealt with by Paris 21 – which means incompetent World Leaders have not  dealt with the cause of brushfires and we can expect bushfires to get so much worse. Paris 21 allows countries to pull out of the agreement, it is not mandatory, it does not have any specifics and it does not start till 2020 with five years before it is the first report back – that is 2025 and 500 billion dollars later and still no real action to stop bushfire ,and the Canadian government agreed to the sham that it is.

We cannot leave brushfires  to be dealt with by local governments who have no qualifications in allocation of resources and disaster management. These bushfire must come under military control. There is no other option. The Fire Services, despite their bravery and dedication cannot deal with fires on the scale of Fort McMurray. Perhaps if Canada was a little less preoccupied with Iraq and Syria its Military might start caring about its own backyard.

I am highly critical of the Worlds senior Military commanders from all countries. They have sat  back for climate change, as they have for 300,000 Syrians dying in a unnecessary prolonged conflict. Yet a major bushfire or flood even food riots caused by drought are ideal conditions for an armed force to seize control of a country.

It is time the World's Military Command became unified in dealing with Climate Change and my new System(s) do just that. So in summary I lay the blame at the feet of the Canadian Government. I bet they have spent more fighting ISIS then spending resources on bushfire prevention and equipment. The time, and the only time ,to stop a bushfire is right at the beginning. That needs planning, systems and resources and Political Will. We the People must be prepared to sack Governments who are not able to deal with the Climate Change Disasters to come.

Are the Fort McMurray wild fires a direct result of global warming and therefore human caused?

What percent of homeless people are drug abusers?

My answer to What percent of homeless people are drug abusers?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Probably about the same as the traders on Wall Street. I often wonder what would happen if Wall Street had mandatory drug testing on a Monday morning. I doubt if there would be a Bull Market that day. I wonder when it is we are going to get serious about drug abuse. I know that in America it is taken so seriously that whole squads of LAPD highly trained Police, hide in wheelie bins waiting for grandma to get her next snort of cocaine so she can get high before the bingo. Why is it that the Police spend so much time at the bottom of the drug ladder and not at the top? When I was in Sydney I took drugs for a short period and what an eyeopener that was. It was easier to get drugs delivered than to order a Pizza. In fact several of the Sydney dealers lived in apartments right next to the Police Station behind Oxford Street. I gave up drugs despite efforts by known criminals to get me back on them. The homeless are no more drug users than the rest of society. Go to most nightclubs on a Saturday night and the dealers will be doing their trade just as on a Friday night dealers will be on their way to the A listers and their followers. To deal with drugs requires a regime. A regime that starts with your rich neighbor with two kids and a look at me wife who brings  in drugs through UK Customs in a truck to sell to 15 year olds who onsell to kids at school. I have said before we have 80,000 troops in the UK and if I were Prime-Minster my troops would at Dover et al and not one vehicle would come into the UK without being searched. The EU open borders policy is a magnet for drug dealers. It does not help that we failed in Afghanistan – as they have no economy (despite America spending 100 billion there) heroin is their economy of necessity.

I had never experienced  the drug world until that time in Sydney and it is a hell-hole for those who are vulnerable to drugs. I have had to intervene when I saw a young girl so high she would have done anything for another hit. I spent one Christmas with a woman who was in full psychosis trying to get her clean. In the end I paid for a plane ticket to get her away from the drug inner circle.

Governments have been so busy making an absolute mess of foreign Policy that drugs have not been high on the agenda. They need to be. Poverty does lead to drugs as a source of income and despite Cameron's and Obama feel good talk many people are now worse off than 1o years ago. We must start by proper border controls. We must start carrying  out more workplace checks. We must control the supply. That mean helping economies Mr Trump , not building walls. It means using new economic methods to help communities that rely on drug production and it means drug-testing the A listers on a Saturday night – which LAPD do not do. Yes some homelss take drugs but no more than the rest of society. I met many homelss in Sydney and most just wanted a roof and a job.

Drugs are a huge hole in the economy and such a waste of life. I have written so much more about ways in which we can reduce the drug supply but Obama and Cameron have made sure that for 8 years I have been censored. Why? My ideas are those they do not have. One day, with the whole world watching, I will ask them. The reason I have put a photo of Hogan-Howe on the page is because in the UK the Global Criminal Group who organise the persecution I am subject to are selling a very addictive drugs and he will not arrest them.

What percent of homeless people are drug abusers?

How do you see climate change and Sino-US relationship?

My answer to How do you see climate change and Sino-US relationship?

Answer by Desmond Last:

China has never participated in the Post War World. The Emergence of its  market economy has been with little regard to its industrial pollution. Instead of seeing the  World Economy as a Partnership it has instead choose to try and monopolise it. It has allowed corruption to distort the internal effects of its new economy and has had scant regard for any long-term effects of its race to control world demand through an excess of supply. Now we are all suffering the consequences of an ideology which would seem to want to conquer rather than share. But then is China any different to America or Europe? We are about to enter a new era of International Politics. It could have been very different but Obama and Cameron have ensured my development of the United Nations will not be put to the World or China or for that matter to Russia – United Nations 2  is a development which would have brought Peace and co-operation. Instead we are now going to have isolation. Countries will guard their water, store their food, fight for their power and if necessary invade  for it. If that means making the first strike in order  to ensure that they can maintain supply they will. Countries like the UK ,who do not or will not have enough water to supply industry and domestic need, who import 60 percent of their Power and who are a nett importer of Food are very vulnerable to Climate Change – but they have a head in the sand attitude. China has already displayed it is not shy to seize what it wants – take the building of the Island Reef near Taiwan to gain territorial space. Nobody has stopped them. The West is weak. Obama was a walkover and never really came to grips with the Middle East or Asia China. Cameron who sees himself as a Statesman has become a World Joke. Only Russia is able to stand eye to eye with China. The co-operation between China and Russia in Afghanistan is a clear indication that China views America as a customer and Russia as a Partner. Merkel and Europe are closing the Borders of Europe with its emerging European Army. It is obvious from the increase in Military spending that World Peace is an ideal as far as World Leaders are concerned. I see it as a reality but then who am I? The post war era is truly over. America will need to protect its Fuel Supplies and bring its Troops home – Brushfires, Drought, Earthquakes and even possibly nuclear accident will require civil law enforcement and hands to drive Earthmover's.  China and America will still talk but when the time comes each will do whatever it has to in order to protect its citizens. That is the difference. America has protected its interests and many of those interests have been about money – now it will have to protect its citizens. The Paris 21 Agreement is a joke. It is not mandatory, it does not start till 2020 , it gives away 100 billion dollars a year and nobody reports back till 2025. It will not stop one bushfire till 2025 or drought or flood. It  is obvious China and America have very different agendas or they would have agreed to a much more enforceable agreement. The inferno in Canada has shown how ill-prepared the West is for the increasing  negative effects of Climate Change. China will not follow through on its promise to reduce pollution  even though its want to. It will be too busy dealing with floods, drought and an increase in air and water borne virus. It would be nice to say that China and America were going to build a Solar Plant in the Middle East and Africa to supply all the Power the World Needs – but as they are not, it kind of backs up my answer to you.

How do you see climate change and Sino-US relationship?

How does global tourism increase global warming in the world?

My answer to How does global tourism increase global warming in the world?

Answer by Desmond Last:

When you light a match where does the heat and carbon-dioxide go? When you wash your clothes with  the chemical cleaner sold in the supermarket where do the chemicals go. When you drive your car where do the exhaust gases go? When you sit in your aircraft to go on holiday where does the unburnt kerosene go?

When a bushfire such as the one in  is raging in Alberta where do all the toxins that are released go?. Where does the heat go? When there is an oil-spill where does all the oil go? When the 4000 chemicals that are now in the air we breathe in are in our lungs where do they go? When you spray an aerosol where do all the propellants go? I can go on…..

When you land in your country of destination you set into play a series of actions which I am afraid to say do nothing to help the environment. But they could and that is the tragedy of climate change – we could have created jobs, international co-operation, new technologies, in fact a bright new World. Instead Governments got scared and listened to greed. Big tall air-conditioned buildings, huge amounts of water consumption, economies geared to profit by overseas multi-nationals and hand outs to greedy corrupt governments. All while Al Shabab or Boko Haram watch

as they come in by the plane load whist the people of their country starve and live in absolute poverty. You see not only does tourism provide so much to the rich it takes away so much from the poor. Go to any major city in the  Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia. Look at the poor in their millions with so much effort centralised on rich Western tourists. Those poor have little in the way of sanitation and clean water – that then spreads disease – another negative of climate change. Zeka is carried by mosquito but its cause is stagnant and de-oxygenated water which in cities is also polluted. Spraying a insecticide in the air is not going to stop the spread of Zika but clean running water will – but we have less and less water. How many of these 5 star hotels in tourist cites dump their rubbish and fouled water on the poor.. I put forward in my new economic system of climate change neutral cities where tourists would go to marvel at the people and new technology but as we all know Obama and Cameron have silenced me for 8 years and the scum UK Media will not report anything to do with me.

How does global tourism increase global warming in the world?