Angel By Desmond Last, Copyright.

ISBN: 978-0-646-87292-6

This is the opening Chapter……………………………..

Angel slowly lifted her head………………It felt heavy as if she had been asleep for a very long time. She felt the World beneath her as if it were a cold fear felt from deep within her beating heart of humanity. A heart that harboured both the soul and spirit of mankind- for Angel is the Guardian of mankind – Humanity. A Humanity that defies all Evil, that seeks all Justice, is the beckoner of dreams, the provider of hope and the protector of the weak.

Appointed by God Angel is the Guardian of all that God has bequeathed to the spirit of his creation; God’s own dream of a Universe of Peace.

Angel was puzzled. A puzzlement that came from that which was about to take the World below her into the black caverns of mankind’s own Evil. Deep twisted caverns which shine no light and give no hope. She thought back and tried to remember what it was like when the earth gave her the glorious smell of the wet grass as it was woken by the sun sending out its golden message of hope. Angel stirred slightly to see if she could hear the singing of the earth’s chorus. She had got used to the ‘oh’ so colorful charming birds who would wake her gently and brush their wings against as a welcome to the new day. Angel closed her eyes tight and wondered if the cold unwelcome earth was the World or was it her mind refusing to accept that the earth she had so lovingly breathed of its buds of daily hopes and expectations had suddenly changed. It was a dry acrid choking smell as if the Earth and all its people were ablaze. Angel felt stiff and cold as if she had been laying in the chill of mankind for a very long time. Angel shivered with a suddenness. She looked below. Angel could see mankind now dark and grey with a blackness on the horizon that sought to cover all the hope that a new dawn could bring. The sun seemed a distant memory; only the harshness of this new dark deep Evil now existed.

Angel opened her eyes fully. Angel cried out with the sudden pain. She was blinded not by the dazzling hope and dreams of mankind which sought to prosper its future but by the flashing muzzles of a greedy advancement of man’s power to cause selfish death. An artillery of Hell was bombarding mankind with all the salvos of Evil that Satan’s new archangel could use as a battery to stifle the hope and innocence of Peace and replace them with hate and fear of oppression. Angel suddenly realised she was no longer astride the chariot of mankind’s dreams but was now surrounded by a raging stampeding blitzkrieg – causing a torrent of mankind’s confusion with the cold wave of a coming storm breathing on her shivering neck. A storm that would shake mankind to the very foundations of the blessing of a creation that sought to seek a path for a future – now perhaps no longer. Instead the blackened shriveled seeds of an Evil were being formed as gargoyles of a twisted doctrine that sought hate as its epiphany of fear. Mankind would be taken to an edge of despair from which it would see the reflection of its most sickening evil aspirations.

Angel lay silent, still, trying to understand what had happened to mankind whilst she slept. Angel sat up – in the far far distance of the future to be she saw a flash of a sword and the dazzling light of creation. Angel shook her long blond hair which sent light beams of strength into a people who would be God’s battlements; defiant against this advancing wall of Evil. Angel knew now that those blackened shriveled seeds were not just a germination of this Evil that now faced mankind but also of an Evil in the far future – but for Angel and mankind there would be no future unless the twisted axis of Evil was defeated. Angel stared down into mankind. The World was awash in the blood of Nations. Mankind was covered in a blanket of Evils need to sow fear as its weapon and death as its gift.

Angel remembered. She was walking through the streets of Warsaw laughing at the street singers and smiling with the couples as they walked hand in hand with the rustle of the wind as it brought the first hint of the golden autumn to come. A carpet of red roses entering the young couples into the buds of eager young love and a carefree world. Suddenly a barrage of red fear swept across the happy vista as clouds of smoke from the very nostrils of Hell itself sought to blind that happiness and replace it with the tyranny of twisted hate. The swastika of death carpeted the once happy city of youthful studied ambition and laid before it the twisted deadly entanglement of imprisonment to come.

Angel gasped and shook with a tidal wave of concern as mankind lost its golden rays of hope to be replaced by a shouting angry viciousness mix of red black and white. Angel twisted in pain as the swastika tore deep into humanity.

Angel heard the voice. The storm of the voice swept aside the young couples and trod their love into the gutter. Leaving only dashed hopes behind. The sky ablaze and burning long into the night from the fields of hay set ablaze as the advancing march of thousands of unstoppable boots sought lives and not hopes. The voice demanded. It did not offer. For Evil is not a negotiator it takes whatever it can as for its contract of fear and despair. Angel watched with a growing trepidation as the screaming banshees of ugly victory swooped out of the sky and tore their billets of death into the men on the beaches of Dunkirk. Angel laid down her first salvo of a containment to this cowardly flight of Hell and sought to seek of Neptune a calmness that would save so many.

The voice swept all that was good into a huge pit and filled it with blood and twisted limbs – each body now a lost aspiration. Each aspiration a soul of endeavor and within each soul the spirit of mankind. All of no value to the strident command of Evil. Angel watched as the voice formed into the shape of a man – and in his shadows were many more specters of Evil. Each snarling and foaming at the mouth as they gave form to a hate so violent that it could only be appeased by the deaths of millions…………………

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