Your Governments Abuse of Legal Power

These are just five of the abuses of Legal Power I have been subject to over the past 9 years. There have also been many criminal circumstances which I have been subjected too which are far far worse. I wait for my Day in Court.


Case One. I was in the my bathroom having a shower in what was my home at 23 Boundary Street, Darlington, Sydney until the ANZ Bank evicted me without warning legal or otherwise.















Without prior notice or warning 5 Armed NSW policeman burst into my home and all stood the bathroom watching me whilst I finished my shower.

Case Two. The Western Australian Police and the Albany Hospital.

Case Three. Emails to David Cameron and the Metropolitan Police

Case Four. The Fixated Threat Group and Theresa May.

Case Five. The ANZ Bank and Malcolm Turnbull.


None of what has happened to me has been reported by any media anywhere in the World they will not report me and my work for World Peace.


On this page I have described five illegal acts that I can prove were illegal but on which no Police or Government will act on. This will change when the current circumstances I am subject to end.


Case One: I was in the shower at my home in Sydney. Five NSW Policeman burst in and said I was going to be taken to a Mental Health Facility. I have no criminal record. I had no warning. I was sane rational and in control of my life. I did not argue. When confronted with the full force of Government and Police opression you must be ice calm.

As soon as I was outside they rammed me very hard into the back door of the Police van. I was handcuffed. There were two people watching who came to my door once and wanted to speak to me about my mental health. I had told them I did not want to speak to them. I was not interviewed at the Sydney Hospital. Nobody ever spoke to me. After 2 weeks they discharged me. They never said why I was detained.



Case Two:


I was in a Hotel Room in Albany, Western Australia it was about 5 years ago.


It was my first night. I had just arrived.


I was lying on the bed reading and talking quietly to myself, no radio on no TV no music.


The door burst open and two WA Police from Albany handcuffed me ( the bruise on my writing wrist lasted for three days).


They did not even ask my name or ask me what I was doing.


I was not given the opportunity to say anything.


They were very aggressive and very abusive. Both physically and verbally.


I was thrown into the back of a Police Van. It was a painful drive.


I was taken to the Albany Mental Facility. Copy of Order.

Copy of Order 2


I was not interviewed.


Not one member of the staff asked me why I was there.


They put me in a room bare room for violent people.


I was not violent. They gave me 2 injections against my will.


The arm that was injected swelled up. I went to the doctor - they were not interested.


They eventually moved me to a more civilized room.


The oral drugs they gave me I spat out.


They even took all the legal information off the display stand.


I went to the local court who said it was wrong then the next day said they could do nothing.


I went to the local radio station - they were not interested.


I went to a local solicitor she said she could not help me.


Nobody in the Facility ever spoke to me.


Everyday I went out and walked around the town.


They interviewed me and said I was wrong to think I could ‘change the world’ with my writing. This is the common theme. My writing.


Then after 4 weeks they said you can go.


I am going back to Albany after I return to Sydney. I will demand a full investigation. I want want those concerned to be charged.


The Media have never interviewed or reported me. Why?




Case Three:


I had written to David Cameron to telling him about the events I had experienced in Australia and a very brief reference to my new ideas for the World.


(This took place about 3 years ago)


Over a period of about 4–6 months I wrote 14 emails to Cameron’s Office. Not one email contained a threat.


Why would I send an email with a threat?


Cameron (His Office) did not reply to any of the emails.


I was at home with my mum who was then 85. She is now 87.


There was a knock at the door. There were 2 men and a woman who identified themselves as Police officers from London.One was actually a Psychiatric Nurse but did not say so.


I have no criminal record and in Australia was a Justice of the peace.


They more or less forced their way in. I did not want them in as it could have upset mum.


They said (in summary) I was considered a physical threat to Cameron because of the ‘tone’ of the emails. They did not have a copy of the emails with them.


They left.


Then a received a phone call telling me I had to attend a Mental Health Review. If not the Police would come and take me there - a Court Order had been obtained -this is for 14 emails that contained no threat.


I attended 2 interviews and was told it was not a good idea to write to people who were important. I was asked if I heard voices in my head.


No interest was shown in my work.


The questions were intended to provoke me and to be honest if that is the standard of mental Health care in the U.K it is not a system I would recommend people use.


Their systems are based on control not involvement. The syntax they use, both written and spoken, is very confrontational.


I was also told I had attended the Redfern Drug Center in Sydney. That’s strange I said, I have never been to any drug center or received any treatment for drugs.


There is no Redfern Drug Center. I asked who provided the information - I was given a vague reply. Somebody lied. Who and Why?


As there was nothing wrong with me they never contacted me again - till last month.


No letter of apology was sent. I made a complaint about the Police - it was whitewashed. When my circumstances have changed I will want a criminal investigation into The Fixated Threat Group who referred me.


I asked the BBC Radio Oxford to report it - they said they would. Then they contacted me and said they would not.




Case Four.


The Fixated Threat Group are the same people who last month (June 2016) referred me again for an assessment of my Mental Health - for campaigning about Direct Energy Weapons - a matter I had raised with my MP Victoria Prentice who said she would consider raising it in Parliament. So I asked the NHS ‘what is your Policy on Direct Energy weapons’ - that apparently to the Fixated Threat Group is a Threat.

They and NHS Oxford said I could be a physical threat. I attended another interview with NHS Oxford - and again I was told there was nothing wrong with me.

The Fixated Threat Group will not respond to any emails. The Home Office have still not provided me with the complaints procedure.

NHS Oxford allocated me another complaints person. The first I complaints interview I attended was with a person who was part of the referral and did not tell me - till afterwards.


The Minster in charge of the Fixated Threat Group on both occasions -Theresa May. Whose Department the Home Office does not know what the Complaints Procedure is for the Fixated Threat Group.


I am still waiting for a response from Theresa May. An email to May's MP address was never replied to. Update: Theresa May never replied.


Both complaints were dealt with. Neither of them dealt with why the assessment was made. NHS Oxford apologised the other from NHS London never addressed any of my concerns.


I am now taking the matter to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.


Not one U.K media will report this. Please circulate to all World Media.




Case Five:


The ANZ Bank, The NSW Police, The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Justice System. 2012.


I was at my home 23 Boundary Street Darlington Sydney. I was writing a trauma Process for Police Officers and Military as part of my development of the United Nations.


There was a knock at the door. They were the Police and a Bailiff.


I was told that they had an eviction notice and I had to leave immediately. I was not allowed to pack any belongings. I left behind everything including 5 years of writing.


I had not been served a court order or any court documents.


I had not made any payment arrangements with the ANZ. I had only ever met with one ANZ person and she came to my house and said could I catch up with my mortgage - which I did.


I was only £3500 in default. Who would evict somebody for a default of £3500?


I was also evicted from my home in Suffolk Park which was £7000 in default. I was not told that I was being evicted from Suffolk Park.


They had an estate agent there in front of me that same day - with all my belongings in my home.


My car was worth $20,000 I could have sold it. Now I own the home in Suffolk Park outright but the ANZ said they could not find me and the NSW Guardian and Trustee took charge of it.


The NSW Guardian will not return my home and belongings to me unless I go to Court in Sydney to prove who I am. They will not provide me with any accounts and have rented my home out.


I made a complaint to the FOS who said I have to go to court - even though the ANZ lied and said they had made payment arrangements with me. The FOS never replied when I said within their 30 day reply period that the ANZ had lied.


Why would I sit at home waiting to be evicted when I had a car I could have sold and made other payment arrangements? Why have the ANZ been allowed to act so obviously illegal? The ANZ also said I was forcibly removed. An outright lie- I left calmly they never even entered the house. Why lie?


I wrote to Malcolm Turnbull the Australian Prime Minister- who replied - 'There was nothing he could do'.


Not one Australian Journalist has ever responded to my emails about any of the events I have been subjected or for that matter any Journalist. Why?


Not one Human Rights group or lawyer has ever responded. Why?


Just in case there is anybody out there who doubts my Mental Health. This is the letter which states there is nothing wrong with my me. In the 7 years I have been subjected to the Australian and U.K Governments questioning my work with the Mental Health Act I have not changed my views, my writing and my behaviour. So why was my Mental Health ever questioned?