The People’s Daily Truth. Some writings.


Some Writing to Remember. One Day in the not too distant future a Prime Minister (s) and a President(s)will be asked by the People and the Court of the People – Why did you ignore him and let him suffer so?

A Legacy that May hath made of naught.

No man or woman doth feel the stirring of their Nation
Nor do they rise to the call of a Leadership.
For Downing Street be entombed in a past that it be not their future.
Prime Minister May each promise a rust of deceit a power to grasp
The steps of hollowed pride now darkened by the stain of hypocrisy.
Once a Remain till the greed of Power blinded a logic
A crown May so desired that a Nation’s fortune she set aside
A Europe so easily swept away instead a selfish ambition grasped.
No Pride displayed, only a willingness for any way to bend.
Like Lords and Masters Europe did demand
That a once proud people say Yay to each new command
The People from mine to steel too weary of the Political bent
Unaware of the Wolves they be thrown to
Be it Social or Economic expense
They raise no voice they march no step
They too blinded by a compensation of lies.
The pavements of London no longer of Gold
Only wretched of policies failed now for all the World to see.
Where be that once proud Englishman and woman?
May through stealth and a spin of words
Has taken that which was once our Pride
‘A life to lead and a lead to make’
Now who do we lead?
Only ourselves into an oblivion which hath no end.
Desmond Last February 2018

A message for the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Governments must protect Human Rights not abuse them.

We the People are the United. 
We are the Nations.
Many are the suffering. 
We have allowed our destiny to become a shackle,
Our democracy to become a trade,
Our fears to become a prison to our expectations
Our hopes to become a barter to the reality of poverty
Human rights abuse the rate of exchange
The World is of us all
God is for each of us
We must never cease to make it so.

Desmond Last 2017

A Message to President Trump of the United States of America.

At times be too loud they say

But never loud enough

For those who yearn to silence thee

A need for you to bellow

For you have become the most unlikely of person

‘The champion of the People’

For too long now

 Corporation Government hath been a wall of indifference

 Its own importance

trampling the needs of the people

A desire for work both present and future

Yet Corporation Government deaf to them all

The homes they took

The cars factories they sold

The jobs they traded

The countries  they played

At you they laughed

A serious mistake they made

Still not understanding it is the People you are.

The News it lies

Itself bought and sold

By the Corporation Government

Now with rising malice

Corporation Wolves do stir

But never fear Mr President

For the People

Are with you always.

Desmond Last Sydney 11918.

‘That very British rising anger of discontent’

It did beat against the closed gates

Of a Government lost in its own fool.

Howling past a Labour

its Momentum now stilled

What then of that anger of discontent?”

They have done as they were told they cry.

They say. We have toiled, we have bled and we have died.

Yet now we are being told that we ‘live beyond our means’.

But have we not been obedient economic serfs they cry?

We have accepted the zero hours contracts, the loss of overtime,

the weekend working, the over crowded trains and the Ethiopian Spice Girls.

We were silent and mute when you sold our Steel, our car and truck manufacturing and when you closed our Coal.

We gave you our Pride. What have you given us but a shame; our mantle to the World.

We do not complain about paying for the Queen who is the richest woman in the World to refurbish Buckingham Palace for £365,000,000.

Our 8000 London homeless sleep nearby.

Is there any further we can bend for whomever wants to take what was once ours they cry.

Now you take our schools, our hospitals, our elderly care.

When will we get it all back they ask.

Yes the embers of discontent glow with confusion and anger.

Stoker May fans the flames and footplate Corbyn adds to the fuel of a resentment.

You all promise much yet say ‘stand and deliver’ it is I who shall take and rob you of what little you have left.

Desmond Last 020117


Are a Prime Minister and an Opposition Leader who will not listen to the rising anger of the People fuel for the furnace of rising discontent?

How much more economic enslavement can the People of the U.K take before they snap at the leash? Is the U.K is a lot closer to a revolution than no uprising?

The citizens of the U.K have less and less democracy in the U.K each time there is a change of Government. Of more concern is that they also have less access to the diminishing amount of Government censored democracy they are allowed to participate in.

The muted discontent and the rising angry tone caused by this is the result of a continual erosion of both the individual and community ability to change both local and national policy. The politicians of the U.K may act for the people but they no longer speak for the people.

The average U.K citizen pays £800,000 in tax in his or her lifetime. Where, they are asking as they reach the age when they are in need of the services they have paid for has all the money gone?

For a modern evolved democracy these are the symptoms of a failure to produce progressive solutions to a diverse and increasingly aware people. It is a complete failure to calculate the optimum safe working load and capacity of the Government and Social Systems of the U.K. For Corbyn that means the U.K is full.

What does it feel like to be homeless?

You walked as as if you are were on a conveyor belt with only one direction. You could not go left or right.

You had no control over your fate.

You were invisible to those around you. You had have forgotten what it was like to see into another eye’s.

None would look at yours.

You had only just began the automation of your day but already your mind had leap-fogged ahead as if you could see the dark cold floor you were going to sleep on.

The floors have a smell of their own. It wraps around you and freezes your senses.

The smell never leaves you. The floor is always cold. Cold like the world you live in. You see them but you are not one of them.

It is as if you are in another world.

They walk past joyful in their endeavour and heartless in their selfishness.

You try to forget that you too once had what they own.

But they cannot take your pride or your dignity. That belongs to you.

It is sacred and must be guarded with your life.

That is why you are now in the Prison Cell.

No copper was going to treat you like trash. He was young enough to be your son.

What did he know. Iraq was just a news item for him.

For you it was your life, your comrades, your reason for living.

You had believed him. He said it was a war of the Just.

He said it was a war to end a tyranny. Instead it began one.

You never felt the noose. You never felt the pain. You had stopped feeling the pain a long time ago.

I answered it this way to make it mean something. I have been homeless and I have walked the streets. This is for those who serve their country and are let down by those who choose our wars.


No Prime Minister or President can seek to divert its Course

Justice is not for Governments to ignore,

Nor is it for the Law to set aside.

Justice will always seek the righteous
It has no bounds
Nor will it be shackled by those who seek to blind it
Justice is for all
Both in its expectation and its realisation


Words For those Dark Moments

How can it be

that you know not that which you wish to be

But that which you really are

How can you be for another

When it be so plain you are for yourself

Seek not the serious but the art of the knowing

For therein will be your true knowledge

And the only satisfaction

Else you will be like the wind

Naught shall anchor you

Freedom to be shall allude you

For you will never rest from that which you seek

Little do we know

that those who seek to know us

seek themselves

We the seekers of the Truth

must be those who seek our own honesty

To be other than that

is to hide from that which you are

The art of discovery

is to understand the expression of oneself

The action of illumination

is to let not it be your all

But part of your being

When that

which is thy Holy Grail of trust

is stolen

Then that which gaveth life and light is taken

The sky doth darken

The sunset is bleak

The dawn unwelcoming

Those you see are not there

Those that see you find nothing

You are that which you want to be

A cauldron of bubbling boiling anticipation

Kept calm for that sword of revenge

An ice of legal Justice

Anything other and you walk their line

They fear you

They stalk you

But they will never know that which you have

That innocence still inside you.

The Light Darkens – For those who have been in the Darkness

That which has been done to thee
Shall shadow thy life and darken thy day
It shall never be without you
You shall seek to challenge its depravity
You shall find the innocence that was taken
But its stalking fears you must face
None can assist you
For only you will know the abyss of your pain
Do not let it envelope thee
Instead set it aside
Until the day of Justice


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