Why do people dislike people who tell the truth?

Honesty is brutal. We all are guilty of hiding from the truth. To confront the unbelievable as the believable is to examine one’s own reality of the World.

We build our reality of the World around us as a cocoon to absorb the shocks and keep out that which we do not want to hear.

That is why is so hard to get real change to the way we live our lives in order to reduce the negative effects of Climate Change.

We laugh off the warnings and shrug our shoulders in careless indifference.

We all know what is coming. It will be terrible; a Hell on Earth for so many.

Do you want to know that you will be willing to sell your soul for water or have to leave behind a whole lifetime of memories as you flee the x disaster.

Nobody wants to have to consider the unthinkable. We do not like the doomsters they confront our realisms, our hopes and our dreams. I know because I am a doomster.

https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-dislike-people-who-tell-the-truth/answer/Desmond-LastGood luck.

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