What has become of our right to self-determination?

We have allowed our lives to be taken over by Government and Corporate. Governments have removed our right to act out our decisions and Corporate have shackled us to their strangulation of our economies.

We have allowed our lives to be taken over by Government and Corporate. Governments have removed our right to act out our decisions and Corporate have shackled us to their strangulation of our economies.

Governments believe they own our World. That they alone have the right to make decisions and act them out. Even more perverted is their total lack of responsibility for anything that occurs in our World that is to our detriment.

They have also increased the ‘Evil’ in the World by allowing and in some cases ensuring that children die or war, poverty and child exploitation in its many forms.

Aleppo was a revelation to many of the way in which Governments abdicate responsibility. Day after day we witnessed children screaming in the conflict of pain and misery whilst the 3,000,000 men and women of the Armies of the United Nations sat in their barracks polishing their boots. The United Nations were impotent – yet they were founded in 1945 to ensure Aleppo would never happen. Our hypocritical Governments stand in rows of moral decline on Armistice day and make solemn ‘look at me’ speeches and then turn their backs on the Aleppo’s of the World. Yet another infringement of the memory of so many individual sacrifices that stand to remind us of what the empowered collective of individuals can achieve.

Climate change is now the cliff-edge of people’s decision. You either act or you die. It will be as simple as that. Already the Governments are showing their teeth – the mass of Climate Change protesters arrests in London are proof of that.The Paris 21 Agreement which was Obama’s ‘Custer’s Last Stand’ is nothing more than too little too late and a dollar bonanza for the endemic corruption that exists and thrives in International Politics.

By allowing our Governments to take over our lives we have stifled our own development and thus are sinking in a quagmire of selfish self-centered abstraction in a World where we no longer exist as the individual.

There is hope but as yet it is not even stirring as a dawn. Climate change will be end of central Government. Central Government will not be able to provide for all the Climate disasters that are yet to come. Many cannot cope now.

My own Country Australia will be the worst affected Continent by the ravages of Climate Change in the World – yet both the Government and Opposition are selfishly pathetic in their policies of Climate Change preparedness. Despite increasingly more harrowing bush fires the Military sit in their barracks whilst overworked volunteer fireman and women fight raging bushfires. The whole state of NSW is in drought and the agriculture industry is in rapid decline yet the Government does not drive renewable energy powered desalinated water inland.

We have lost the will to make the World a dynamic progressive community as an empowered collective of ambitious individuals. Instead we are smothered by the ever-growing bureaucracy of Government and selfish mediocre Politics. Even President Trump who has been a beacon of rebellion against the Establishment has become self-centred and petty worn down by the Corporate who have lead him by the nose to a daily hound of media strangulation from a ‘free press’ bought and sold a long time ago.

Corporate owns us. It shackles us to its cyber chains where who we are becomes their property – Facebook now rule the right of free speech whilst making money out of what we own.

Corporate is the cause of Climate Change along with its minions the Governments who pay homage to its political donations. There is no democracy – only for those who can buy it. Our votes each political term are only a hiccup in the Corporate road to total ownership of our Governments. Our lives as individual citizens are destroyed in total by corrupt local Council decisions, vested interest Central Government policies and a total and absolute lack of accountability and transparency at the International Government level. Do you think Brexit is the will of the People? Think again it is an engineered gift to the European dream of a centralised state and a salve to Corporate Europe.

Government and Corporate are the World. We are mere slaves to its wishes. Yet, as I have said Climate Change will see the end of Central Government. What New World Order emerges will be up to the young people of this World. Those that survive its total destruction of the existing World Order will have the ability to create a New World Order – provided of course that a new more dacorian Order does not emerge.

The fear of Government also prevents us from seeking change to the existing World Order. To confront a Government you must be prepared to be destroyed. For that you must be able to hold to your Principal and Integrity – which for many has been sold to the consumer machine of Corporate. A Government under siege will do anything to remain in Power and many know that, which is why the Individual has become so self-centred – as a protection not as a need.

The question seeks the need for self-determination. In order to regain the ownership of ourselves we must become self-determining individuals again. ‘Do it not watch it’ should be our motto.

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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