Will peace ever exist?

Desmond Last A Writer for World Peace

Yes there will be Peace but not in the immediate future. There can be no Peace whilst we allow Evil to co-exist with those who are not Evil. We also cannot live in Peace with each other whilst children starve to death and die in conflicts.

To rid ourselves of Evil we must fight, defeat and vanquish those who live by Evil’s Doctrine.

I will explain it this way; Many of us would agree that our elected Governments have made a mess of our World. The majority of us would hope that eventually we will elect Leaders who have the ability to work together to produce a World at Peace. But what of those who do not believe that mankind in total can be harmonious and that Governments are not able to govern because the electoral system gives away too much choice.

They too want a World at Peace but for them that most come from Domination not Democracy.