Is Australia a good travel destination?


Yes it is but you should ensure that you learn a little about the geographical differences which promote cultural diversity and historical association.

Australia is so much more than the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Surfer’s Paradise and the Melbourne Casino.

In order to enjoy Australia you should travel through it rather than over it.

The train system from Adelaide to Darwin and Melbourne to Perth is an excellent comfortable method of enjoying the country and its people.

So too is a drive from Sydney to Melbourne via the Coastal Roads.

To enjoy a holiday in Australia you need a minimum of 4 weeks. However, if you are limited to a couple of weeks then ensure that you visit the areas that are inner city as they are full of cosmopolitan shopping and historical experiences. The photo is of King Street Newtown. The architecture displays the influence of immigrant groups on building design. It is similar in historical association to Brick Lane in London.

If you enjoy solitude and vast open spaces then the Northern Territory must be on your agenda.

Australia’s vastness is perhaps its most hidden appeal and one that should not be ignored during your visit.

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