Thankyou Theresa May for the U.K An Internet Nightmare

U.K originated Cyber Crime is out of control. Theresa May who is the most dangerous liability to the Economic Security of the U.K that the People of the U.K have ever had to endure is totally to blame.

May was Home Office Minister for 6 years and did very little about Cyber Crime. The National Crime Agency did not produce its first major report on Cyber Crime until 2015.

What does May believe new Business is going to use for connecting to the Internet? May has obviously no idea of how modern business is dependant on 24/7 uninterrupted Internet connection and transmission.

I am hacked non-stop everyday. Writing my Strategy for America’s Drug Crisis is getting harder every day.

May do all of us in the U.K a favour and go and destroy somebody else’s Economy.

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