What is it like to work with Theresa May?

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This was answered by me on Quora.

This is not a conventional answer but it is an appropriate one. I am answering it as a U.K Citizen who has sent new ideas to the Prime Minister via the Cabinet Office and MI5.

I tried to work with Theresa May as first the Home Office Secretary and then as Prime Minister.

I sent Theresa May new ideas and systems for improving the U.K and the World.

I sent warnings and new systems for how to deal with Counter Terrorism.

My warnings about the increased terror threat to the U.K were unfortunately ignored and proved correct.

My new perspective on how to deal with radicalism and ISIS were also completely ignored.

May has also completely ignored my warnings about U.K based cyber-crime which will drive business away from the U.K.

In fact it would seem that whatever you send as a concerned citizen to Theresa May is completely and utterly ignored.

From my experience I would say that Theresa May does not know how to and does not want to listen to anybody outside her own inner circle.

You only have to watch May on TV answering questions to see that she gets annoyed if anybody dares to question her views.

That is my experience of trying to work with my Prime Minister. A Prime Minister who has yet to produce one new original new idea for the improvement of the U.K and the World whilst ignoring those that have new ideas.

From my Prime Minister and her Government Agencies I have never received an acknowledgement or a thank you.

However, when I sent my views to President Trump I received a signed thank you letter.

Good Government is one that works with its Citizens not one that ignores them.

From the White House on Behalf of President Trump. From 10 Downing Street – The silence is deafening.

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