Can Britain still technically manage and survive outside of the EU, as if you read David Cameron’s resignation speech below, he said that we are a special country with incredible strengths and could always ‘find a way’ outside of Europe if necessary?

This is my answer to this Question on Quora.


Yes the U.K will be able to survive and that is the word ‘survive’. Cameron is the last person in the U.K who anybody should listen to. He created the mess of Brexit and then ran away crying to his £25,000 garden shed when he could not get what he wanted.

Being a Nation is not about ensuring you can cut your services in order to make up for structural deficiencies within your Economy. Nor is it about allowing a Government who should not be allowed to meddle with the Economy ruin your lives.

If I were able to I would sack the whole Cabinet. Never in the history of the United Kingdom has there been such a lack of intellect, imagination, leadership and honesty in Government.

I do not know how the entire Cabinet has the nerve to believe they have the ability to manage the United Kingdom.

I have been back in the U.K from Australia for nearly 5 years. I am caring for my mum who is 88 and should be in a care home – but our Oxfordshire County Council only cares about the cheapest option.

I am still waiting to hear one new idea from a Government who have none.

From Boris Johnson wasting £947 million as Mayor Of London to Theresa May saying ‘Brexit means Brexit’ as the self-serving politician she is and an unbelievable £400 million a mile for a HS2 we do not need, the U.K is inch by inch edging toward a cliff edge where the only U.K ship on the horizon is a sinking one – the Economy.

Even more unbelievable is the level of Internet disruption in the U.K. Who would want to open a new business in the U.K? Nobody.

Surely even Conservative Party supporters must be fearful of the future?

Yes the word ‘survive ‘ is a very good description of the U.K’s future – Just survive and not prosper.



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