Desmond Last to Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek. “Bit late mate”.

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek said “When this physical strand was sequenced and processed by the vulnerable program it gave remote control of the computer doing the processing. That is, we were able to remotely exploit and gain full control over a computer using adversarial synthetic DNA.”

‘Brains linked to computers will kill our inner freedom’ - Zizek to RT on biohacking & identity loss

While the researchers led by Tadayoshi Kohno and Luis Ceze admit that at this point, the threat is only theoretical, Zizek noted the sinister side of this experiment.

“The fact that is what possible to break into, to hack a computer through a DNA, means that our identity, determined by DNA is nothing more than just another computer formula,” Zizek said.

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“Our life, human life, our identity is reduced to a series of formulas. So we are effectively entering some kind of post human universe where everything, our inner most identity can be reduced to a formula.”

“I would not be afraid of this [particular experiment], that’s not necessarily a bad thing,” Zizek said, emphasizing that there are a lot of much more disturbing scientific achievements

“What I’m afraid of is a possibility of a direct contact-link between our brain, what we are thinking, and a computer network, because there we lose our autonomy.”

He warned that soon computers will be able to control the human mind, misleading the individual to believe they are still in control of their thoughts and reality. Under this arrangement, Zizek argues, humans will lose their autonomy and will become indistinguishable from the machines.

“What is much more dangerous is… if our brains will be directly linked to computers so we will lose our inner freedom. Even in the worst of Nazism… those in power could not control what you are thinking. You can have your inner thoughts… Now with a direct link between our brain and the digital network, we lose our inner freedom,” the philosopher said.

In order to avoid machines potentially taking over the human identity, Zizek argues that all research into artificial intelligence has to be made public so that people can decide on the discourse of machine learning.

“Make all these procedures, and what is going on, these results as public as possible. No agency which is not transpiring to the public, neither state nor a public corporation should do this outside public knowledge and public control,” Zizek told RT.

Corbyn’s paradoxical victory over May’s politics of scaremongering gives hope – Slavoj Zizek to RT

Overall, the philosopher argues that humankind has entered an era of technological domination.

“Biology as science is totally integrated into a project of technological domination, manipulation and so on. And this technological use is inscribed into how biology functions today… life itself becomes just a technological process,” Zizek said.

But there is still a deeper philosophic problem, which nowadays has growing practical implications, Zizek said. “Is our identity fully determined by DNA? Or are we are not just biological automats? Do we have some spiritual freedom and so on?”

“I think if we are just our DNA. If the interaction of our DNA with environment determines us completely, then yes we should worry. But in a way, we just discovered that we never were free. We were automats [machines] also now but we did not know it. Our freedom was an illusion… So are we automats which just can be controlled or is there hope for our freedom?”

So I said

LOL Zizek – have you been asleep? If you are thinking it your Military and Governments are already doing it and somebody somewhere will be planing to use it for terrorist or criminal purposes.

America’s enemies are going to love getting into the Pentagon courtesy of the ‘virus technology’. Even better taking over computer systems with a viral DNA virus linked to the human brain. The pilot, the computer systems, the nuclear weapons and the control command launch system all bio-virus controlled to the WI-FI bio-network by a criminal or terrorist group – that is where all this is going because our Security Services are not taking active steps to control it. That’s right National Security Agency this one is going to boomerang right back to your doorstep.

Better get ready for the Congressional Hearings NSA because one day this will implode in the Oval Office. What will President Trump say when he finds out how much this is all costing – let alone how many people are involved in it?

The technology which you have described will be or is in the process of being developed ‘real world’ and is no doubt in use somewhere so it can be criminally used to WiFi bio anybody anywhere – even on those with access to America’s Nuclear Weapons Security and the Banking Sector Staff with millions of $ that can be sent anywhere by bio-WiFi connection.

Why? Because you cannot encrypt the brain

America’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency who have publicly stated that they are developing this technology contract their highly classified research out to Private Industry. Who is controlling its use? America’s enemies are going to love hacking into the brains at the Pentagon. Once that ‘highly classified Intel’ hits the brain-waves anybody is able to access it.

Then there is the commercial World. Facebook and Goggle having a business meeting today? Nice one there goes all your commercial secrets onto the bio WiFi network even better when it is linked to a visual system.

Of course this all costs billions – so much better than spending it on schools, hospitals and community infrastructure.

Wake-up those who care about the World or soon there will not have one to care about.

Desmond Last September 2017.

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