President Trump’s G20

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The G20 is always feast of expectation and a finale of last minute promise. How our ‘intellectually challenged’ leaders can solve any of the World’s Problems in between photo shots, guided tours and fat lunches is beyond comprehension. Even Putin and Trump whirled through World Peace as if it were a drive-in. Two and half hours!!

World Leaders take note. Our World is not a game where you throw a dice and hope for the best. It is a highly complex set of systems all interconnected and all involving the lives of your citizens who you are required to serve and protect.

President Trump at the opening of the Three Seas Eastern European Initiative showed many of our ‘intellectually challenged’ World Leaders that Government is a business and he is in the business of making life work for the citizens of America and for those who they have economic and Security alliances with. There is nothing wrong with that provided that in doing so you do not create a barrier to those whom you most need to engage with.

However, we finally have a World Leader who is prepared to draw the red lines and who wants trade and Peace not disengagement and chaos. President Trump is gradually becoming a Statesman who is not afraid to say it how it is – we all need a little of that.

The Three Seas Co-operation is important. It acts as a brake to the Euro Mega State and its bloated bureaucracy and it shows that regional alliances belong to the region and nobody else.

So good. President Trump displayed his future – it is America first. If any World Leaders think they are going to get a good deal it will only be if America gets a better one.

Then President Trump met President Putin. Two and a half hours? No wonder the World is in such mess nobody will make the time to sort it out.

Finally President Trump decided to bend over like all the other World Leaders and take the pain of failed African Governments and extrapolated corruption.

America gave $639 million to African States. You would have thought the business man in Donald Trump would at least wanted to know where all his American Citizens hard-earned $ are going. The third party corruption of Donar Aid is out of control and Donald Trump has just made those who have a career in such corruption a little richer.

When are our Governments ever going to understand that free money has no value and that we have some very very serious corruption at the International Government Level – Global Social Experiment, Charity Umbrella Groups and Global Research Funding all need Search Warrants and HDD seizure as well as bank accounts frozen yes they are all the same corrupt Group.

So President Trump I compare my solution to Africa to yours.

President Trump you do not have a solution. I have a solution and in a World where we did not have a dishonest Press who will not report any of my work you would read of it. However, the Press including the American Press will not report me or my work.

As for Climate Change I agree with President Trump the Paris Accord is not worth the paper it is signed on. But unlike Donald Trump I have an alternative solution.

President Trump you had an OK G20 but you could have made it a much better one.

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