Why did David Cameron call Donald Trump “a nut job”?

Why Cameron was mistaken in his criticism of President Trump

This was my answer to a Question asked on Quora. No doubt because he does not really understand a man who as a President has not invaded Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq or fostered the ISIS movement by funding the rebels to benefit Israel and not the people of Syria.

Then he would be confused because President Trump wants to make America’s economy less dependent on Globalisation and its labour placement whims whereas Cameron gave the U.K the doomsday of Brexit because of selfish political ambitions.

Yes I can see why Cameron who laughingly was once the joint saviour of the World with Saint Obama has retreated to a shed at the bottom of his garden. It is because it is the only world he now has any influence over.

Cameron could also have called President Trump a nut job because Trump does not want more U.S Soldiers killed because the Middle East Governments are incapable of working together and China as usual slithers its way out of any responsibility for World Terrorism. Hence his demands that the funding of NATO be less dependent on the U.S.

Cameron may even have called President Trump and Nikki Haley the American Ambassador to the U.N nuts because finally they have said ‘enough’ to North Korea who instead of building an economy for his people who need U.N food aid is building nuclear weapons. Whereas Cameron did nothing.

Cameron is now alone in his garden shed and President Trump is President I know who I think is the ‘nut job’ and it’s not President Trump.

Cameron would also find it hard to understand President Trump’s response to the fact that Cameron paid £25,000 for his garden shed.

It would be impolite of me to record what I believe would be President’s Trump’s response when he was told how much Cameron had paid for it.camerongardenshed

Author: Desmond Last

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