Why the DUP Theresa May Deal is not democracy.

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An agreement which has the consent of both Parties to co-operate in the Governing of the United Kingdom is not democratic when it it has never been put to the People and it requires an allocation of Public Funding before an agreement is signed.

When May went to the People for the mandate she presented in the Conservative Party Manifesto it made no mention of power-sharing with the DUP.

When May allocated an additional £1 Billion pounds of Public Money to Northern Ireland (and good luck to them) the primary use of the Public Money was to ensure that the DUP voted with the Conservative Party.

That is not democracy. We the people and Parliament have not been given the opportunity to vote on this form and make-up of Government.

The DUP represent Northern Ireland not the United Kingdom. Now they are to be directly involved in the preparation of policies for the whole of the United Kingdom. It is not the same as the SNP being able to vote on Bills presented in Parliament. The DUP will be consulted when the Policy proposal is being formed and they have the Power given to them by May not the people to determine the Policy. That is not democratic.

The DUP will have precedence over the Conservative Parliamentary M.P’s who if a Party Whip is required will have to vote as told. But the DUP will decide what that vote will be for. How can 10 M.P’s have the ownership of decision making for the Conservative Party let alone the Country?

May and the DUP do not represent the democratic participation of the people in the election.

But once again the people of the United Kingdom will take whatever morsel of democracy is thrown at them and further another encroachment of their rights as the result of political selfish ambition.

I would say the same if it were the Labour Party doing as Theresa May has. The U.K’s reducing democracy is what is causing a further divided Nation.

How do we as the people have any say in what the DUP are to vote for? Are we all to get on a ferry and attend their surgeries.

This is democracy to its most selfish by a Prime Minister and Conservative Party desperate to stay in Power.

The only way it could get worse is if Boris Johnson were to become Prime Minister.

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