What if “Hell” is not as bad as people think? What if it’s acceptable?

My answer to What if "Hell" is not as bad as people think? What if it's acceptable?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I had a dream. In that dream was Hell. I am glad I have not committed any Evil in my life because what I say was a man who had developed a method of blinding people from a distance using some form of energy weapon.

He had tried to blind me. He was young say early twenties, overweight with black hair possibly Eurasian. He was screaming. His eyes were being pecked out by two very sharp and angry eagles. He was spreadeagled so he could not move. As Hell is for an eternity then so would be his pain. God had decided that preventing me from doing good was Evil.

Hell is very very painful. So for all those who have acted against the will of God and caused unnecessary pain then that is where you are going.

That would include persecuting a person and causing them pain and suffering, bombing children and allowing the missiles you manufactured to be used to kill and maim children.

If you are a senior Military Officer in NATO or a member of the Security Council then Hell is also for you as you did nothing when for 5 years 300,000 Syrians died. You also let children die of starvation whilst your troops march up and down on parade. As do all Prime MinisterS, Presidents and Kings, Queens, Princess, Archbishops, Bishops, Imams, Rabbis and Sheikhs who everyday ensure that by their actions or lack of action that children die.

It especially applies to anybody who is part of killing children in Yemen.

We have all we need to stop wars and prevent children dying of malnutrition. But we choose not to use our humanity to do so instead we perpetuate our greed and selfishness.

They die because we will not ensure that God’s World is our Will.

What if "Hell" is not as bad as people think? What if it's acceptable?

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